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Everyone can sing / CVT © voice coaching. + song writing

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Vocal Complete Voice Technical Coach (CVT), accompanist of singer-songwriter and vocal trainer.

Course / Coaching singing in Hannut and all over Belgium via Skype.
Practical advice, Benevolence and Listening.
Complete Technical Vocal Method (CVT).

Graduate of the National School of Song in Quebec.
In training at Copenhagen's Complete Vocal Institute (3YearsTrainnee 2018-2021).

Vocal coach, lyricist and professional composer, he can also accompany you in the development of a personal repertoire in French song.

With respect, listening and looking for a result appropriate to your expectations.

Extra information

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For singers, instrumental versions on USB key and printed texts of songs to work.
For the guitarist, be sure to have your instrument, tuner, capo, paper and pencil.


At teacher's location: Rue des Mayeurs, 4280 Hannut, Belgique
At student's location: Around Arlon, Belgium
At student's location: Around Beauvechain, Belgium
At student's location: Around Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium
At student's location: Around Couvin, Belgium
At student's location: Around Virton, Belgium
At student's location: Around Neufchâteau, Belgium
At student's location: Around Étalle, Belgium
At student's location: Around Amel, Belgium
At student's location: Around Bastogne, Belgium
At student's location: Around Beauraing, Belgium
At student's location: Around Huy, Belgium
At student's location: Around Charleroi, Belgium
At student's location: Around Mons, Belgium
At student's location: Around Namur, Belgium
At student's location: Around Liège, Belgium
At student's location: Around Hannut, Belgium
Online via webcam

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Preschool children (4-6 years old)
Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

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30 minutes
45 minutes

The class is taught in:

French, English

About Me

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I am a singer and teacher of professional singing.
Graduate of the National School of Song in Quebec.
In training at the Complete Vocal Institute of Copenhagen (3YearsTrainee).
I use the Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) with the singers that I accompany.
As a songwriter, I can also accompany the songwriter in the development of their repertoire or in stage or studio preparation.


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I am socio-cultural facilitator as basic training.
I graduated from the National School of Chanson in Quebec.
I'm studying at the Complete Vocal Institute (3yearsTrainee) in Copenhagen.

Experience / Qualifications

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I teach professionally, respectfully and kindly, in music schools, at home, on the road and Skype.

Reviews (2)

Très bon contact, prof très sympa qui s'adapte très bien aux objectifs que je m'étais fixés.
Super cours avec un super prof, il met à l'aise et est de bon conseil.

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Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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Beginner and Intermediate rhythm, solfege, singing and piano lessons, based in Fernelmont
Formerly a management student and bank consultant, I am currently reorienting with the creation of an autonomous group home where the practice of improvised arts (music, dance, theater) is an integral part of the project. I study music for 10 years. My approach to music is a bodily approach: from technically new situations for you, find the keys that lead you to achieve what you want slowly and without unnecessary tension. This tranquility in a precise slowness will then allow you to accelerate the tempo if you wish. At the level of the rhythmic work present in any music, it is particularly to find a bodily feeling in the rhythm so as not to count it anymore. This allows you to focus on musical nuances. Many games and tools exist on this subject. Having learned music "late", I adapt easily to beginners or adults.

Vocal Course & Coaching with Maggy (Rock / Metal Special)
- Knowledge of the voice: explanations on its anatomy and its functioning - The importance of breathing in singing - The body warm up - The vocal warm-up - The posture - How to gain power: specific exercises to strengthen the voice in developing timbre and resonance - Musical ear work - Improvisation - Basic theoretical knowledge of music - Vocabulary musical: the inevitable - Tips & tricks: rehearsal, stage, studio, composition ... - And the freedom to ask all your questions!

lyric singing and singing technique for all singers, voices for speakers, actors
Italian teacher, graduated in singing and chamber music, specialist of the old Belcantist technique applied with the knowledge of modern phoniatrics, technique adapted to each student from its morphology and its psychological profile. To know and use one's body as an instrument, in its totality. 30 years of experience, teaches in Belgium, Italy, France, Switzerland. All levels, also singers of variety who wish to deepen the knowledge of their instrument. Specialist in the treatment of vocal problems such as nodules, edema, etc. (adapted exercises).

Professional artists, Semi professional, Passionate, Curious, Lovers, Singers in the shower: this concerns you! With the CVT Method (Completed Vocal Technique) reach your goals quickly! Everything is possible for everyone !!! Make a first session and see for yourself ... Training possible in: French, English, Italian and Danish Singing lessons are for anyone wanting to sing, from all backgrounds, styles and levels, whatever your goal: professional, leisure, simple pleasure or well-being personal development. Private lessons are 100% personalized, we work according to your wish and your personal goal. Everything is done through music and we add the technique when it is necessary. The purpose of the vocal technique is to readjust muscular tension so that you can sing freely, reach dream notes and find exactly the desired sound.

Indian Vocals/singing classes - for beginners Hindustani classical
I am a working professional, living in Leuven area. I am personally trained for over 13 years in Indian Vocals in Hindustani music - and certified from Prayag Sangeet Samiti , Allahabad. I can teach absolute beginners of any age who wish to learn how to sing Indian Classical music.

Singles for all ages at your own pace (pop / jazz / rock, ...)
In these classes, a solid basic technique will be started to discover the voice of your own, to work together to find a sound and to master a comprehensive repertoire. This will take into account the personal preference and style of the pupil himself.

Voice, piano, stage performing, baroque/ chamber music/musical
The lesson will be given with piano :) No matter you want voice training or stage performing. Depends on your current level, I’ll massively “upgrade” your skill and try to find the best ways of getting progress in future. If you want intensively to learn a piece, that’s no problem, we will work on “short term - high quality” mode; but if you want deep diving in the music world, welcome to join me!

Singing lessons by experienced and graduate teacher
Graduate of the Brussels Conservatory in jazz singing (Master), I sing professionally and am pedagogue for 13 years now. I offer private lessons and semi-singing in Watermael-Boitsfort (corner of the broom). Classes are directed to the desires and demands of the student. Here is what I propose ... Voice technique: with vocalizations and other fun exercises, learn to use your body and your voice in an effective and healthy way. Directory (or not): chosen by the student and the teacher. My preference goes to jazz and all its branches and roots (bossa, brazilian, blues, gospel, polyphony, ...) because it's for me the best training but I'm open and I sing myself (almost) all other styles ;-) Improvisation: the best for the end :-) listening exercise, creativity, self-expression, its voice and its musicality. Through very progressive and clear exercises, we will explore (if the pupil desires) vocal improvisation.

international music teacher from London in Belgium
Teacher with education background in Amsterdam and Istanbul conservatoire's returning back to Belgium after 9 years in London. Lots of experience in teaching UK grade systems. All ages well come. Still teaching to some 3-6 year olds in London. Also father of 3-lingual children, so clearly experienced on multilingualism. Vocal students well come and world music styles very welcome. Thanks a lot, Adam

Guitar lessons, Drums, Scenic and vocal coaching
To learn or to progress quickly and not be alone in the face of the difficulties experienced by all guitarists, enjoy the advice of a team of passionate professional musicians who have gone through the path you have decided to take. With their advice, you will be able to forge your own sound and a game that will suit you.

Voice lessons - voice coaching and presentation techniques: More impact with your voice
I am a vocal coach with a passion for singing and presenting. we always start from your personal goals with each lesson. You want to improve your voting technique You want to sing high notes more easily You want to apply voice effects (grunts / growls / distortion) in a healthy way You want to improve yourself as a "performer" I work with singers from various genres, pop, rock, Dutch, musical, metal ... For speakers You use your voice every day, often in a professional context. Your voice conveys the message to the listener. It is therefore important that this message comes across in the right way. Ad hoc guidance with voice problems Preparation for a presentation, including presentation techniques Learning to use your voice as a versatile toolkit Working on loudness, articulation, intonation, breathing, ....

Beginner and intermediate singing lessons based on synergistic singing technique
You want to tame your voice, you are not satisfied. You want to gain confidence in yourself and improve your expression. Believe it or not, everyone can sing and discover the benefits of this art. Whether you are young or old, it's up to you to free your voice. I want to help you, teach you to sing right, to gain confidence in you, to free you from your emotions and your anxieties. Synergistic singing is a wonderful approach that I have been practicing for four years with its founders and I want to put others to help them as I could be.

Singing lessons from beginners to professionals, choristers welcome.
Stage performance, healthy progression, integration of a feasible vocal technique, acquisition of a feeling related to singing, success, benefits for vocal health, here is the essence of what my clients get from a singing class. In this specific sector, I propose courses of pop-rock singing, classical or vocal technique for speakers (speakers, teachers, salespeople). My courses are for beginners or experienced, who wish to acquire a base of vocal technique, develop it and use it during public performances or for personal research. These people are for example amateur choristers, vocal groups, singers of variety, people who prepare a competition or a concert. Singing teacher trained in Europe and the USA, with a clinical training in USA at Renee Grant Williams (teacher of Miley Cyrus and Cristina Aguilera) and training in musical comedy in the USA, I am passionate about vocal technique. My specialty is to train voices that hold a complete concert, voices that work in respect of the body and especially to give specific vocal exercises to solve the problems from the ground up and not their consequences, because the voice works like a domino effect . If a coin falls, the entire system collapses. I receive you in an isolated building which allows you to free your voice, in the Province of Liège (towards Eupen).

Piano Singing Course for all and Musical Awakening Kids
Graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Liege, Soloist, Professor for 10 years, Member of the jury of singing since 2015, offers courses of all levels singing, classical and variety, in-depth work of the voice, preparation competitions stylistic work and languages Also a pianist since the age of 8 I offer piano lessons for all ages. I also offer musical awakening lessons for children from 3 years :)

Gives tutoring of Ukulele accompaniment
Young student of the Royal Conservatory of Mons with a real passion for teaching offers tailor-made Ukulele lessons to allow you or your child to accompany themselves to sing his favorite songs. WITH or WITHOUT solfège.