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    Flute lessons / Flute lessons

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    I offer flute lessons in and around Geneva. (ENGLISH BELOW)
    Flutist of Finnish origin, I spent the last three years in Switzerland where I perfected my instrumental mastery as part of a Master. Thanks to regular work with individual students and several replacements at the Conservatoire Popular de Musique in Geneva (among others) and in several music schools in Finland, I gained a lot of teaching experience.
    In Finland I studied instrumental pedagogy and I am currently pursuing it at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Geneva. For me, the goal of teaching is to always work with a smile without forgetting the objectives, adapted to each student individually.

    I'm offering flute lessons in the Geneva area. Originally coming from Finland, I've spent my last three years in Switzerland while doing my master studies of flute. Teaching a teacher as a teacher in a private school.
    When studying in Finland I already started my instrument pedagogic studies and I'm filling in the High School of Music in Geneva. For me as a teacher, the most important thing is to always study in a good and encouraging atmosphere while still heading towards the waypoints of the instrumental learning.


    At teacher's location: Avenue de Chamonix, 1207 Genève, Suisse
    At student's location: Around Geneva, Switzerland

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    Preschool children (4-6 years old)
    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

    Student level:



    45 minutes
    60 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    French, English, Finnish

    About Me

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    I am a flutist of Finnish origin living in Geneva!
    I already have a lot of experience of instrumental teaching, following my studies of pedagogy, started in Finland and deepened today at the High School of Music of Geneva.
    As a teacher I am always listening to the student, seeking to bring him hand in hand towards his musical and instrumental objectives.
    Classes are given in French, English or even Finnish - as you wish! :)


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    2019- Master in Pedagogy, Geneva High School of Music
    2017-2019 Master concert, University of Music Lausanne
    2013-2016 Bachelor of Music, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki

    Experience / Qualifications

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    2018- Alternate at the Conservatoire Popular de Musique in Geneva
    2018- Alternate at the "Multisite" School of Music (Canton of Vaud)
    2018- Alternate at the Plan-les-Ouates School of Music
    2015- Alternate at "West-eastern music school" in Helsinki

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    • Instructor since June 2019

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    Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

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    Violin lessons for all Fr / Ang (solfeggio included).
    As a violinist: I am currently a student at the Geneva University of Music, after having followed the pre-professional course at the Conservatoire de Musique de Genève. During my career, I won several prizes such as the Vatelot Rampal competition in Paris and the Jeunesses Musicales of Switzerland soloist, and string quartet (alongside Julie Berthollet in particular). I also attended the Indianapolis University Academy summer internship. As a Pedagogue: in addition to sporadically giving individual lessons for 4 years, I was part of the "Jeunesses Musicales of Switzerland" youth and youth internship team for three consecutive years. Overall, my goal is to allow my students to have fun making music, to express themselves as they wish and hear, with their instrument! I adapt the rhythm of my teaching, my teaching materials, the choice of songs to each, according to the requests that are made to me. My classes can also take the status of personal work support; in this case, students can obviously bring me their scores worked with their main teacher, or those they play in chamber music / orchestra. In short: The violin is an art, it learns yes, but we play! :)

    la Clef de
    Classes of guitar, classical, electric, accompaniment, bass for children and adults
    Classes of guitar, classical, electric, accompaniment, bass for children and adults Course adapted to your age and your level, even for children from 7 years old with a small guitar. Still a few free places. By professional. Current music, accompaniment of songs or classical pieces. All this with the basics of musical theories taught with humor and efficiency. Paper and multimedia media. Participation in concerts and auditions. You can also rent from us your instrument or buy at very good conditions. Classes can take place in Sainte-Croix (VD), where I travel to your home in the region of Geneva, Yverdon and Lausanne.

    Private lessons of saxophone / Private lessons of saxophone
    Hello everyone! I have been a saxophonist for over 15 years, mainly on alto saxophone but also soprano, tenor and baritone. My learning shared between classical music or more contemporary (jazz, blues, pop ...) and my experience of music together (Harmonic Ensemble of Bellegarde, Municipal Music of Plan-les-Ouates, African Big Band Swallows, EPFL Big Band) give me a wide range of skills to share, in various musical styles, alone or in groups. I offer home classes for children and adults, from beginner to advanced, a la carte or sessions of several courses. Thank you for reading me and maybe see you soon! Hello everyone! I have been a saxophonist for over 15 years, mainly on saxophone but also soprano, tenor and baritone. My learning shared between classical music and more contemporary (jazz, blues, pop ...) and my experience of music together (Bellegarde harmonic ensemble, Municipal music of Plan-les-Ouates, African Big Band Swallows, EPFL Big Band) a wide range of skills to share, in various musical styles, alone or in groups. I offer home classes for children and adults, from beginner to advanced, "à la carte" or sessions of several courses. Thank you for reading and see you soon!

    PLAY THE GUITAR AT 3 YEARS! Suzuki Method Guitar Class in Geneva
    EVERY CHILD CAN! Learning to play the guitar according to the Suzuki method is more than just music! We learn by the approach of the "Mother Tongue", playing and having fun. Children - from the age of 3 - develop, among other things, listening, memory, musical sense, concentration, discipline, respect. Collective workshops stimulate learning, and children learn to play together. The "Suzuki Triangle", teacher, parent, student, reinforces the parental-child bond. Parents learn with their child and participate in lessons. Music theory is included in the lessons, in a fun way. Professor graduated from the Conservatoire with honors, graduated from the Suzuki method in Turin. Also available for adult classes!

    piano and music lessons for children and beginners
    Currently a bachelor at the High School of Music in Geneva, I offer courses for those who wish to discover the instrument that is the piano, have a first approach with music, learn some solfege and simply have fun!

    Flute lessons - making music is fun!
    Do you want to discover a beautiful world of the flute? Are you a beginner or do you already have some level of play? Graduate of a Master in musical interpretation at the High School of Music of Geneva, I offer flute lessons for all levels. During our meetings (in French, English or Polish) we can work on the technique, the sound and the various repertoire for the flute. The courses are tailored to your personal needs and needs and can take place at your home, all for your comfort. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information and meet us to make music together!

    Music Awakening Music Course, Music repeater.
    A musical learning space that will allow children to experience artistic and sensory experience through self-discovery as a musical being: a musical cognitive approach, the development of expressive practices, and memorization, a place of fulfillment of listening respect, an experience emotional in the search for personality with a differentiated pedagogy. and to remain just as an observer or guide in the natural creativity of the child offers to the children the different tools as well as to know them and the know how to arrive at his researches of his creative being.

    Guitar lessons for all levels (at home or at home)
    Argentine studying guitar in Switzerland, I suggest you to discover the technique of the guitar through different methods and different styles of music. Beginner, I can teach you the basics of the instruments as well as learning to read score. Wanting to deepen the technique, I can offer you a personal follow-up of your skills and help you improve your skills. Course: Spanish, English, French

    Music lessons: trombone / euphonium and music theory
    Beginner or experienced, a musician must consider his passion seriously. Whether on a basic or deeper work, the technical rigor must remain the same to develop or put into practice the musicality of each. The course adapts to each and his desires, but it is asked to provide a regular personal work.

    Cello lessons for all ages and all levels !!
    Professional cellist - teacher graduated with a Master of Pedagogy at the University of Music of Geneva, formerly Master Soloist at the High School of Music in Lausanne - offers cello lessons to students of all ages and all levels! Graduate of the National Conservatory of Music of Lyon, and Conservatory of Paris, already having a great pedagogical experience as substitute teacher in Conservatory of Garches-Paris, Conservatory of Lausanne and current Professor in Music School in Geneva - I offer open courses to all, whether you are a beginner or not in the regions of Vaud-Geneva ... Preparation for international competitions and exams, discovery of the great repertoire. Also improvisation, jazz and ensemble music. I can also integrate solfege, reading and listening lessons for a musical approach theoretical and practical homogeneous - all in French or English, in a relaxed atmosphere, playful approach for the little ones, but always professional.

    Flute lessons and music theory for all ages and all levels
    Higher diploma of teaching of flute and Higher Diploma of Chamber Music at Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris. I have been teaching privately for 6 years. I speak French, Chinese and English. I gave courses to very different profiles (children / youth / adults) with objectives for each very different students (fun to play, preparation for a competition ...). I worked at three music school and the "Tao Yuan Symphonic Band" in Taiwan pandent 3 years until end of June 2018. I approach the subject freely, depending on the level of the student. Practical and individual course essentially. I give lessons to all those who wish to begin, continue or perfect their learning of the flute whatever the age. I stay tuned to the desires and expectations of my students, while offering them and directing them to pieces and methods that will help them to progress as consistently as possible! you are interested? I'm waiting for you impatiently ! Emilie

    Violin Lessons in English in Geneva and Vaud!
    Hello! My name is Michael and I propose the violin lessons in English! With over 10 years teaching experience with a new progressive method offering lessons to students of all ages and ability levels! It's never too late to start! If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me directly on this website, See you!

    Piano in Geneva by graduate teacher and international pianist +10 years of teaching experience
    Specialized in teaching children from 3 years, I offer piano lessons at home. Your children will learn the pleasure of music through the practice of piano and notions of solfeggio, rhythm and writing. My method, simple assimilation and naturally evolutionary, will allow them to make rapid progress. And why not you? Courses are based on the same method, taking into account your ambitions and your motivation, and you will learn quickly to play your favorite works. I have a rich teaching experience in institutions, private schools, masterclasses abroad, preparation for competitions etc. I can therefore follow the students in preparation of competitions, entrance exams of the Hautes Ecoles de Musique, according to the needs of each one (e) that it is on the technical aspect, musical or theoretical. Also a composer, I can make composition work whatever the domains.

    Violin lessons with a professional and experienced teacher. All levels. COURS DE VIOLON POUR ENFANTS, ADOS & JEUNES ADULTES
    COURS DE VIOLON POUR ENFANTS, ADOS & JEUNES ADULTES • Cours particulier, pour tout niveau et tout âge, dès 4 ans • Cours en anglais, allemand, polonais et français (notions) • Cours à domicile, région de Genève et de Lausanne FORMATION DE SOLISTE ▪ Académie Menuhin, Rolle avec Maxim Vengerov (dernière année) ▪ The Royal Academy of Music, London – MA avec la plus haute distinction ▪ Université de Musique F. Chopin, Varsovie – BA et 3ème cycle avec la plus haute distinction ▪ MasterClass : G. Pauk, Z. Bron, W. Marschner, G. Zhislin, M. Ławrynowicz, B. Nizioł, M. Jaschwili ▪ Lauréate de nombreux concours : 1er prix Concours International de violon Wolfgang Marschner, Prix Haverhill Sinfonia Music Award, Prix soliste et Prix spécial du Concours international Max Reger. EXPERIENCE D’ENSEIGNEMENT ▪ Université F. Chopin, Varsovie – Diplôme d’enseignement de violon, reconnu par le système européen de formation de Bologne (pédagogie, psychologie, méthodologie, cours pratiques, répertoire) ▪ 7 ans de cours particuliers, à Londres, Varsovie et en Suisse, enfants et adolescents REFERENCES ▪ I highly recommend Anna as a violin teacher. Anna taught my daughter as she started her violin studies at the Bron School of Music. It was important for us to find a skilled teacher with high standards and also a teacher able to communicate with children and teach musicianship. Ellen Wong ▪ Anna inspired my daughter a love for the instrument and for music altogether. We have no doubt that she will devote the same passion and energy to any musical pursuit she puts her mind to. She has our unreserved recommendation. Nici Audhlam-Gardiner ▪ I learned violin with Anna for around two years. I found her helpful and patient and we made good progress, so I recommend her. Neelan Thanabalasingam Hello, my name is Anna I offer violin classes for amateurs and professionals offered by international concert artist and Master of Arts, graduate at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Currently I am one of the soloists at the International Menuhin Music Academy in Switzerland. I have over 5 years of pedagogical experience with qualifications confirmed by a Teaching Diploma and references. I offer lessons for children of all age, can also help with the preparation of exams or simply discover the great pleasure of music through the violin. All levels. Languages: English, German, French (basic) and Polish.

    Solfege lessons, piano accompaniment, improvisation, singing accompanied by
    Currently a student in the last year of Bachelor at the High School of Music of Geneva in music and movement, I am a violinist and pianist. My classes target all age groups, children, teenagers and adults, who want to learn good music, or need support in parallel with other classes. Any level of solfeggio, and possibility to learn to sing and accompany on all types of songs, with the piano. Possibility to just learn to sing any type of songs, with me as a piano or violin accompaniment.