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    Associate Professor with experience gives dynamic English lessons (IELTS- C2) in Brussels.

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    I propose dynamic and varied courses without sacrificing a basic structuring. These are courses adapted to your level and progressive that will allow you to 'speak' the language quickly and efficiently. The communicative approach of my classes is combined with the reinforcement of the code to understand the functioning and to seize the language with ease.


    At teacher's location: Merode, 1040 Etterbeek, Belgique

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    General info


    English for adults, School


    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

    Student level:



    60 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    French, English, Italian, Spanish

    About Me

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    Teacher (and learner) of languages by passion, after the bachelor in Italy and Erasmus in England, I moved to Brussels to finish my studies in foreign languages and cultures. Always oriented towards teaching, I also took the aggregation in this field. I have always helped my weakest classmates and I have experience in private tutoring with adults, young adults and children (homework help) that dates back to university years.
    In my classes I will offer you the keys of the language and the tips to progress with confidence.


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    High School in Italy
    Bachelor in Modern Languages and Cultures 'Sapienza Università di Roma'
    Master and Agrégation ULB - Free University of Brussels

    Experience / Qualifications

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    Experience in high school and evening classes for adults. Experience in tutoring and homework help for the youngest
    I propose dynamic and varied courses without sacrificing a basic structuring. These are courses adapted to your level and progressive that will allow you to 'speak' the language quickly and efficiently. The communicative approach of my classes is combined with the reinforcement of the code to understand the functioning and to seize the language with ease.

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    • Instructor since December 2018

    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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    English courses for high school students or adults
    My name is Serdane and I offer English classes to high school and adult students who would have trouble developing a work method that suits them. Extrovert and bubbly ... and above all, a lot of humor! I think language learning is primarily about developing a suitable learning method. Some learn the languages ​​intuitively by throwing themselves into the bath of conversation. Others, on the contrary, need to be exposed to the grammatical concepts in a rigorous way before starting the conversation. There are so many ways to learn that there are students ... That's why I adapt my courses to everyone's needs, and most importantly, I try to help students discover what works for them. him so that he can continue to progress independently. A few words about my background: After high school in Saint-Boniface, I did a bilingual double bachelor's degree (law) and economics at Saint-Louis University, then a master's degree in law at UCL (completed June 2018) including an Erasmus in German at the University of Vienna. This varied career allowed me to develop a solid working method. My areas of expertise: - Enhancement - catching up - Grammatical reviews - Conversation course - Method of work (organization, schedule of revisions, etc.) My price includes a complete tutoring (private lessons, the possibility to ask questions outside class hours, writing and correcting questions, etc.).

    Experienced English tutor/teacher in Brussels. Speak!
    Hello, my name is Samuel and I have just arrived from USA and Canada. before that I was an English teacher in Europe for more than 3 years (academies, schools, private lessons and for bussiness at work...) I want to refresh your english and give you a little push. I will be patient with your English if you are patient with my french... We got a deal?

    Chinese teach you chinese language and culture, including Tutoring
    I am a chinese in Brussels, I can teach you chinese language and also chinese culture, if you have plan to China or do business with chinese company ,it is good for you I have a master degree in petroleum engineering, also I have rich international working experience span from Asia, Middle East, North America Europe and Afria, I can share with you lots of stories if you join in my class.

    English for business, pleasure, Cambridge IELTS & FCE preparation, intercultural awareness
    Through the lexical approach, you will enhance your existing knowledge of the language, brush up your grammar and become proficient enough to do your job better, get that dream job or simply pass an exam. I favour A number of memory aids and activities designed to use and retain concepts and vocabulary, focusing on breaking bad, old habits which have to date prevented your English from progressing further. Materials come from a variety of sources.

    English lesson
    With pedagogy tailored to each student, we work together on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation in a fun and dynamic way during interactive sessions. Having experience in teaching English to French students, we will progress in a pace that is comfortable, depending on your particular needs. I love teaching English, and it's my goal to make you love learning English!

    English-Dutch tutoring
    As a language teacher in high school, I offer my help with homework and exam preparation.

    private lessons in Dutch and English (beginner to intermediate level)
    Prof of Germanic languages ​​of training, with an experience of 4 years in secondary, I propose to help you improve your knowledge in Dutch or English. This can be remediation for high school students (grammar explanations, vocabulary training, oral and written development, ...) or a first approach with the language (children, teenagers or adults). The course can take the form of a punctual help (preparation of an examination, ...) or be more regular. I adapt according to your needs. The duration of the course is to be agreed together, the language of instruction also.

    English tuition - Learn English
    Graduate teacher offers an individualized pedagogy, assistance with the preparation of questions or exams. My goal is to advance the student without overburdening him. I have more than three years of experience as an English teacher in schools, English language academies, businesses and private lessons. In general I teach with maximum effort that the student expresses himself as much as possible in English so that he can have a better mastery of the language.

    I know you speak it. I WILL FIX IT! West Coast (California) English. We walk, we talk, I correct! FUN! Learn by playing !
    Hello! If you can understand this message without having to translate then you are ready for my help! I am from California, and have been living here in Brussels since 2012. I am 38 years old. I speak West Coast (California) English. It's the English you hear in your favorite California movies. I love to help friends who already speak "european street English" while HAVING FUN! Did you know that 70% of learning a language is learned OUTSIDE of a classroom setting? So I propose we go to the park, we cook together, we go on a bike ride, we draw, we play. And of course we will talk a lot. When I hear an error I will correct you in a fun way, writing things for you, with FUN AND REAL examples, with drawings, ALWAYS STAYING 100% in English. That's correct, I will only speak English to you, because as you and I both know, you already speak English, and you have understood everything (or maybe 70%) of everything I just wrote. What you want is to improve or perfect your spoken English (we can work on writing, too). Immersion and fun, West Coast Style. And my university degree? Yes, I have two of them, in Languages and Literatures, and I speak 4 fully fluent languages, but for now I want you to learn by HAVING FUN! My friends can tell you how fun it is to learn with me. HOPE WE GET TO PLAY TOGETHER SOON! You can do it! Groups ok.

    TURKISH - speak the Turkish language and discover Turkish culture.
    Motivated? Do you want to learn Turkish? I teach Turkish language for several years, learners evolve despite the complexity of the language. ..... love a language so you can learn it. This course is also an opportunity to address the cultural aspect that only a native person who has lived in Turkey could pass on to you. The courses are mainly aimed at an adult audience. Courses for children can be given as well, provided you contact them before the start of a new school year. For more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Learn English while having fun, according to your demands and your level :)
    Student in English, I love to learn and teach others, I propose an individual pedagogue according to your requests. My goal is to make you progress without overloading you. All this in a relaxed and fun environment :)

    French lessons, English, help with homework and study.
    Hello, I introduce myself, I am 20 years old, I am a law student at the Catholic University of Louvain and I offer my services to give courses of learning, help or development in French, English or other literary matter of the level of general humanities. I place myself at the last international level of English. Being a law student, I have a good mastery in all areas related to literature. I propose to the students who wish it, a stable and serious follow-up. I can also help them with their homework, help them improve their work and study methods. I also want to offer them a more modern and fun approach Do not hesitate to contact me for more information

    Hello, English Private Lessons for all levels!
    Hello, I am masters students in osteopathy, I offer you private lessons in English for all levels small and large. My habits are to always evolve my students by bypassing their dificulter and beginning to facilitate, the keys a certain progression in English. I myself received a bacalaureat with a European mention Anglo-Saxon, explaining my qualities in the matter. Do not hesitate to contact me I will move with pleasure.

    Flexible private lessons in Math, English and Spanish
    Hello, My name is Marco and I am from Chile. I am currently a student at KU Leuven University, pursuing a Bachelor in Science of Business Administration (3rd year). My goal is to help students achieving their goals, by developing their skills, motivating them and making them more comfortable with written and oral skills in English and Spanish, as well with mathematics. I can be of great help with languages because my mother tongue is Spanish and I have lived in the United States for three years. I have been taking all my courses in English up to this date. In addition, I am confident that I can help with Algebraic Mathematics, as I was in the Honor Roll in High School and I am currently following an in-depth mathematical course. I have succeeded my ACT exam in both English and Mathematics, and I have obtained a high grade in the TOEFL (English proficiency test). My style of teaching is flexible and easy-going. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

    English Lessons (Listening, Speaking, and Grammar for all ages)
    I am from Bristol, Connecticut (a native English speaker) and specialize in teaching English as a second language. I have taught previously in the American School system at a middle school (ages 10-14). For the last two years I was a Peace Corps Volunteer living in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia where I taught English to both students and adults. I have experience in teaching all levels (beginner to fluent level speaking practice. I teach using multiple methods and lesson types from visual learning (showing movies) to grammar focused lessons to speaking practice. I am willing to tailor the class to your needs and desires for English learning. Lessons will begin when I move to Belgium in the beginning of September