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Let's Learn REAL Korean with an Experienced Korean Sunsengnim!

Option ONE. 1:1 Online Lessons via Skype or Zoom
Option Two. Face to Face Lessons in Busan

*All my lessons provide customised lessons for each student and their different needs.
*Feel free to message me if you have any question
*Learn Korean with me every day

▶ Customised Korean Lesson focusing on SPEAKING and Grammar
- Practice verbs, adjectives, adverbs + grammar that you will be using on a daily bases
-️ Learning from K drama or show clips (Improve your Listening)
-️ Discuss and talk about different topics every day (Korean culture, movies, songs, history etc)
-️ FREE LESSON SLIDES + Homework will be given in each lesson
️- Lesson materials will be designed according to your needs
- Korean for your Business and Travel

▶Basic curriculum for the absolute beginners
-️ Lesson 1. Korean basic alphabets, how to read and write
️- Lesson 2. Combined consonants and vowels
️- Lesson 3. Basic Korean sentence structure and basic conversation
️- Lesson 4. Present tense verb
️- Lesson 5. Past tense verb
️- Lesson 6. Future tense verb
- Lesson 7. will be planned according to the student's progress
(If you want a particular lesson not all of them, of course, it is possible All my lessons will be designed according to your preference)

Extra information

No books are required. Online lesson will be via Skype / Zoom


At teacher's location: Yeongdo-gu, Busan, South Korea
At student's location: Around Busan, South Korea
Online via webcam

Use ⊞+wheel to zoom!

General info

Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)
Student level:
30 minutes
60 minutes
The class is taught in:English, Korean

About Me

안녕 여러분! 저는 하이디예요. 저랑 같이 한국어 쉽고 재미있게 배워봐요!
Hi, everyone! I am Heidi from South Korea. Let's study Korean with me, it will be more fun and easier than learning on your own!

책에서 보던 표현 뿐만 아니라 진짜 한국인이 사용하는 한국어, 궁금하지 않아요?
모든 학생의 한국어 실력과 관심사에 맞춰 개개인을 위한 맞춤 학습을 제공합니다.
Studying with books is great however, you need someone to actually talk to and tell you what vocabulary and expressions that the Korean people actually use in daily life.

📌 해외 및 국내에서 한국어를 가르친 경험이 풍부해요.
I am an experienced Korean tutor.
📌 귀에 쏙쏙 들어오는 한국어 수업을 제공할게요.
My lessons will be fun and easy to understand (I speak fluent English so if you are a complete beginner, no problem!)


Studied Tourism and Convention in high school (2013-2015) in Busan, Korea
Studied Event Management Bachelor's degree at Coventry University (2017-2020) in the UK.

Experience / Qualifications

Over 3 years of tutoring experience. (In the UK and South Korea)
Currently working as a full-time online Korean tutor
Great communicator

Reviews (5)

Heidi is bilingual and it helps when she gives the lessons. She is patient.
excellent teacher. Thank you!
I really like Heidi’s lessons. They are full of learning points and great for students who like to self-study. She’s helping me to be a better reader (Hangul) and I really appreciate having a native Korean teacher who also speaks native English. Thanks, Heidi!
Outgoing and easy to understand both the lesson plan and her articulation. 10/10 :)
Teacher is great to work with. She tried to correct my mistakes along with explanations. So far so good.

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Send a message explaining your needs and Heidi will reply soon:
The more detail, the better.
Ex. "Hi, when are you available to meet for a lesson?"

Availability of a typical week

14  Monday at 14:00    Wednesday at 14:00  Thursday at 14:00  Friday at 14:00  Saturday at 14:00  Sunday at 14:00
15  Monday at 15:00    Wednesday at 15:00  Thursday at 15:00  Friday at 15:00  Saturday at 15:00  Sunday at 15:00
16        Thursday at 16:00      
17      Wednesday at 17:00      Saturday at 17:00  
18  Monday at 18:00    Wednesday at 18:00  Thursday at 18:00  Friday at 18:00  Saturday at 18:00  Sunday at 18:00
19      Wednesday at 19:00  Thursday at 19:00    Saturday at 19:00  
20      Wednesday at 20:00        
from $15.65At teacher's location
from $15.65Online via webcam
from $24.46At student's home

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.

Online reputation

  • Instructor since January 2021
  • 9 repeat students
  • Phone number verified
  • Google connected

Availability of a typical week

14  Monday at 14:00    Wednesday at 14:00  Thursday at 14:00  Friday at 14:00  Saturday at 14:00  Sunday at 14:00
15  Monday at 15:00    Wednesday at 15:00  Thursday at 15:00  Friday at 15:00  Saturday at 15:00  Sunday at 15:00
16        Thursday at 16:00      
17      Wednesday at 17:00      Saturday at 17:00  
18  Monday at 18:00    Wednesday at 18:00  Thursday at 18:00  Friday at 18:00  Saturday at 18:00  Sunday at 18:00
19      Wednesday at 19:00  Thursday at 19:00    Saturday at 19:00  
20      Wednesday at 20:00        
from $15.65At teacher's location
from $15.65Online via webcam
from $24.46At student's home

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


Private Estonian teaching and tutoring for all levels
Learning Estonian can be quite hard on your own or in a group. As a native speaker I can help you become fluent in Estonian by practicing conversation, writing, grammar or any other subject you would like by taking an individual approach. At the moment I offer private lessons to levels Beginner and Intermediate using English as a base language.

Passionate native Italian to teach you both essential and authentic ITALIANO!
This class is for aiming for confident Italian speakers and practice is the best way to improve language fluency. My students and I love to split each class into two parts: the first half generally focused on grammar (foundations are crucial) and the second always dedicated to speaking activities and conversation. We'll talk about a number of different topics and share content and ideas while having lots of fun. Classes will be in English, hopefully in Italian :) Please contact me for a tailored learning program designed on your needs!

Kickstart your Korean! 1 to 1 tutoring online or in-person (+ bring your friend for a group discount!)
여러분, 안녕하세요? 🇰🇷 Do you want to start learning Korean and do you want to do it in an organised way? 🇰🇷 Did you already get started on learning but you got stuck on a particular grammar? 🇰🇷 Are you aiming for a TOPIK 1-2 language exam and do you want to get prepared in as short and effective a time as possible? As a language tutor with over 10 years of didactic experience and a TOPIK level 5 language exam, I can help you overcome difficulties and reach your goals. My love with Korean language and culture started more than 10 years ago thanks to my amazing Korean friends that I made during my first exchange year in Japan. Fast forward to 2016, I spent one semester in Korea as part of my individual research trip abroad to collect materials for my PhD which later turned into another semester of working holiday as an English tutor. This year spent in Korea was my real motivation to start learning the language properly so that I could connect more to the locals. For me this was a very enjoyable, but at the same time challenging process. As a result, I can completely relate to your struggles. That is why I like to make sure that I teach my students in the way that I wish I had learned when I was a beginner. I can assist you with grammar, pronunciation, and script (but also hanja and cultural notes) up to a TOPIK level 1-2. If you have a favourite vlogger, comedian or song that you want to translate in class, that is also no problem: my classes are very open to your input to turn your progress into a really personal experience.

English class for all levels and all ages by Dominican tutor
I am a native English speaker eager to teach students that are willing to learn. Introduction to the English language: sound system, pronunciation, functional vocabulary related to everyday life, cultural information and basic grammatical structures. Emphasis will be on the acquisition of four skills: listening, speaking, reading and limited writing. I teach the students the ability to carry on a simple conversation and a basic understanding of culture, vocabulary, and grammatical concepts.

Learn English with pleasure and improve your language skills with a cheerful and experienced teacher
Hi there! I'm Ksenija 🖐 A professional English teacher that knows how to learn and how not to lose the motivation along the way. Before you continue reading about this class, it can be helpful if this applies to you 👇 😩I don't feel comfortable speaking English and I think my pronunciation is horrible! 😵I feel confused when to use which preposition and I am not sure how and when to use those English tenses... 🤔I think I speak English good enough but I don't know so many words and sometimes I just don't know what to say. Does this sound familiar? 🧐 Well, then I have good news! 🤗 I can help you with everything mentioned above and I can help you with that from the comfort of your home! 🏡 📑A little bit about my professional background: 🔹 I have a Professional Bachelor's Degree in Education with a specialization English Teacher and I've completed a cool course for teaching Russian as a Foreign Language where I learned new modern tricks and methods. 🔹 I have a life long experience in learning languages! I started learning English when I was 3 in a private group and I continued with learning Latvian, French, Czech and Dutch. 🔹 I am experienced in teaching online (5 years) and offline (8 years). I have taught kindergarten children, teenagers and adults both privately and in groups. INFORMATION ABOUT THIS CLASS AND THE LESSONS: 💝I offer Tailor made lessons/courses where we focus on the skills, issues and topics that interest YOU! Ideal for people who have mastered the elementary level, want to move forward with learning English and want to do it on their own terms 😎 What are these lessons like? 🤔 ▪They can be grammar focused with lots of drilling exercises (that you do at home) and lots of speaking/grammar games that we do together during the lessons; ▪They can be the lessons that help you improve your speaking 🔊 and listening skills. You just need to watch some videos 🎥 and revise some words! During the lesson we discuss these videos and work on your pronunciation & vocabulary. ▪They can include reading 📖and writing activities where we talk about what you read on the Internet or in the news! You choose how YOU want to learn and I help you in the most suitable way 🤗 WHAT ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW: 🔸I use modern teaching methods like flipped classroom and blended learning. 🔸During the lessons I use online tools such as Google Drive, PDF, Power Point, Kahoot and all kinds of conversational games/situations. Plus, materials made especially for the student! 🔸I always strive to make engaging lessons 🤩 as I know how important it is to stay motivated 💪while learning. And I never give big boring homework to my students! Though, if you want to do some extra things at home, I will gladly give you advice and provide you with extra materials! 🙂 I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you with whatever 🎯 language goals you have! See you soon, Ksenija 💖

Croatian for everyone with a native Croatian speaker
This class is for everyone who wants to learn Croatian language with a native Croatian speaker. l can teach you grammar, vocabulary or culture. We can start from beginning or from anywhere you want depending on your knowledge. It's great to speak Croatian! :)

Private French lessons with native French speaker in Co. Mayo
I have been tutoring French and English for the past 20 years to students of various ages & origins and of numerous backgrounds: children, teenagers, adults, professionals, and also sometimes even older seniors (85+). Why am I teaching both languages? Well, I’m bilingual and of American & Swiss/French origins, and... I live in Ireland! This is what makes my teaching strong and relevant because I understand both cultures and therefore I can adapt my classes depending on the language of my students. While I was studying social work in French-speaking Switzerland, I was giving French/English private lessons in order to earn a side income. And I genuinely enjoyed it doing it! After I graduated and started working full-time, I didn’t give up this activity because I loved meeting new people and helping them achieve their goals. My teaching is always interactive in order to hold my students’ attention during the whole length of the classes, using numerous learning tools (photos, newspaper articles, music, videos, etc.) Naturally, I will focus on the priority of each student. Some students will want to improve their pronunciation, grammatical, and vocabulary skills, others will need to prepare a presentation or a speech at school/work, while others just want to learn a new language to enrich their general knowledge. And sometimes too, parents want their younger children to master a new language. Thanks to my education and experience with children, I’m also able to run a class dedicated to them! What you will gain from my course is not only good pronunciation and vocabulary/grammar improvement but also a deeper knowledge and understanding of the culture that surrounds one language! When you speak a language it’s important to appreciate the lifestyle, traditions, and heritage of the nation(s) speaking it. Both French and English are spoken in many countries around the world, as primary languages, and with so many different accents: the learning process is unlimited! Before the COVID restrictions, I was mainly teaching face-to-face and with a maximum of four students, but at the moment, I’m only teaching online (one-and-one) on Zoom. Besides that, I’m also a genealogist, I’m running Spiritual Seminars in the West of Ireland and I have a passion for vegetarian & vegan cuisine. I hold a Degree in Early Childhood Education for many years I owned a private “Before & Afterschool” facility for children aged 4 to 12. I’m looking forward to meeting you

To speak fluently, you enroll in Arabic language lessons and learn it smooth and fun
You only have to register for Arabic language lessons for all groups, in order to speak fluently and learn Arabic in a smooth and fun way. This will help you learn communication skills in this wonderful language with native speakers in all Arab countries without exception. My comprehensive lessons for grammar, grammar and general conversation!

Learn English Grammar And Paragraph Writing for Beginners, Intermediates and advanced ( A1 / A2 / A3 / B1 / B2 / B3 / C1 / C2 )
These sessions are focused on English for people who encounter challenges in writing and lack correct grammar. We would develop situational vocabulary, corresponding verbs and adverbs that help transmit more precision when writing. Our mission would be to see where you currently are in the language, strengthen any weak points and create an awareness about points that need extra attention. These classes tend to take place in a more relaxed yet fun and stimulating environment. I constantly provide feedback to students about their progress and assign homework to ameliorate the practical and theoretical aspects of the English.This class is all about making English accessible and easy to learn to all through a variety of social and interactive stimulus. You may request a full refund and get your money back after your class if you believe that it doesn't suit you .

Individual German seminar for learning in turbo mode. All levels
THE PUPIL This announcement is aimed at both pupils and adults wishing to acquire the German language. I offer tailor-made individual German seminars for levels A1 (beginner) to C2 (perfect mastery). My goal is to make my student independent as quickly as possible. THE METHOD Contrary to popular belief, German is a very tame language. You are certainly familiar with the language courses at school. You are given lists to learn by heart and you are asked to do exercises completely unrelated to the reality of a speaker. We explain grammar to you by confusing French grammar and German grammar. This is why no one manages to express themselves in German having undergone this kind of method which has proven for a century that it does not work. With me, my student has a second chance thanks to intelligent theory and pragmatic methodology. Indeed, I am currently writing a book on the acquisition of foreign languages. THE TEACHER I have 5 years of experience teaching German and an average rating of 5/5. German is my mother tongue, with no particular accent. I master French as if it were a mother tongue. I am fluent in English and Portuguese and have an intermediate level in Latin as well as some basics of Greek. My personal linguistic goal at the moment is to master Latin fluently orally. To maximize the quality of the courses, the sessions take place by video call in combination with Google Drive: - individual tailor-made course - interactive text document - interactive whiteboard - photos or scans can be imported - readable writing - instant written feedback during speaking - very flexible schedule - no time-consuming trips If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me to arrange an appointment or to ask me your questions. I look forward to meeting you.

Private lessons of French, grammar and English for middle and high school students
Hello, I am a student who is heading for teaching competitions. I want to give Grammar, English and French lessons to middle school or high school students in difficulty, who need academic support. I am in Montreal, I can give face-to-face lessons in this city only. I can also give private lessons at a distance, if the student does not mind. Note that there is a six hour difference between Quebec and Europe. My lessons will be based on the student's expectations. I will follow his schedule closely so that he understands his course well and does not feel in difficulty when he is in class. These private lessons can be accompanied by homework help and a deepening of the subjects covered in class. I listen to the student and the family to understand the specific needs of each.

teaching Arabic for non native speakers also teaching Greek
Hi there I am Ahmed, a professional Arabic Teacher I have experience in teaching Arabic and also Greek i speak three languages Arabic (native) Greek (native) English(fluent) also i am a Greek instructor i work in translation field i interpret at conferences thanks in advance

Private lessons in English for all levels.
I offer English language courses for all levels. If I am asked for academic support (from primary to university), it will mainly be a question of reviewing, with the pupil or the student, the points of the subject which pose a problem to him (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.). If I am asked for a general learning of the English language, it will be mainly, but not exclusively, a learning by dialogues in English language, which will allow the student, as and when, to acquire vocabulary, understand grammar and fix linguistic structures in your head. I also offer oral conversation classes for anyone who wants to express themselves in English more fluently and improve their oral comprehension of the language. Serious guaranteed. The course is given by videoconference (Skype, Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.)

⭐ English Classes With an Experienced Tutor for All Levels ⭐
✅ Very experienced in teaching English language - 5 years of experience ✅ TOEFL, AIELTS, ELTiS tests preparation ✅ Prepared, systematic self-created lessons for all levels in the English language ✅ Using advanced methods for memorizing words and keeping track of students' progress If you book a lesson with me, you can expect: - self-created lessons involving reading, writing, grammar and critical-thinking skills. - tracking your progress, finding your strong and weak points - my full dedication; I will always be there to help you with anything that you are struggling with - implementing every-day life examples into our conversation; we can also work on some specific topic that you like, so the lessons could become more fun and interesting A very friendly and patient tutor that really enjoys passing knowledge to other people. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them. :) Looking forward to work with you!

American politics and its impact in the world| Comparative approach
Do you want to understand the Trump phenomenon? Does the Democratic Party have a chance for a comeback? The focus of this class is to learn more about American politics and the pressing challenges that they will face in the next decade. Is American society becoming more capitalistic and conservative or is there something else going on? How can we address the polarisation in national politics? Is the local government the solution? What is the role of lobbyists, think tanks, and interested groups in all this? These are some of the questions that we will address. I can be flexible about the schedule so let me know if you are interested but cannot make it due to conflicting schedules. I will try my best to match your schedule.