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    Economy Bac Lebanese all the program for the official exams

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    All the official program for the Lebanese baccalaureate ECONOMIE in French.Programme adapted and organized for the official exams according to the themes of the books, course well prepared, with experience of more than 5 years with the terminals bac Lebanese

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    Book, notebook, calculator


    At student's location: Around Beirut, Lebanon

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    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

    Student level:



    60 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    French, English

    About Me

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    I have been a teacher for a long time in a reputable college. The results are always positive and at the right level. The topics are separated and revised one by one so that the student learns the course easily.


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    11 years teacher
    PhD candidate
    The course of economy is given again not only as revision but also explanation and demonstration very effective and reliable

    Experience / Qualifications

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    5 scientific papers already accepted and published

    Bachelor and Master in the field

    Experiences and studies approffondies.

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    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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    Learn the subjects of Sociology and Economics
    Teacher of Economics and Sociology. I have already completed my degree in economics and my master in banking, financial market and stock market. I am able to give private lessons for secondary classes, and for university students.

    An introductory course for undergraduates / general readers
    This class is for either new students of economics or people from different backgrounds who needs an introductory course of economic way of thinking and economic theories.I have 3 years of teaching experience in which I learned that the best way to teach a subject is to make the student think about it. When it comes to economics, real life examples and showcases are everything !

    economics, finance, marketing, HRM accounting
    Professor of mathematics in secondary school, graduated from a master of the University of Mons, gives private lessons in economics: from the first to the sixth secondary (CE1D, lower secondary and higher, high school, school support, homework help , pedagogical evidence provided with large numbers of students. First contact, student / teacher acquaintance and discuss the failure causes difficulties, problems in order to remedy together. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

    I propose courses of micro economy, macro economy, econometrics, history of economic thought etc. Depending on your level and your needs, I will offer you complete courses. Up to a degree in Economics and Management or Economics and Finance.

    Global Currency Markets Online Trading, Candle Sticks, Pip and pip value calculations, Various Charts, Chart Patterns and Structures
    My passion is Technical Analysis for financial markets I share my knowledge for analyzing various charts of various asset classes In this class one will get to learn from the basics of candle sticks and candle stick formations and then various chart patterns and various indicators we use to map on charts Intensive three day class theory then practicals continuously Also then gradually understanding how to trade online This class is for anyone who is interested to gain knowledge on financial markets and can be with any back ground and also any age group

    Private lessons of economy (beginner level, high school)
    Dynamic and highly motivated student of Preparatory Class at the Grandes Écoles (economic section) offers individualized courses as well as homework help and preparation for questions. My goal is to advance and encourage the student at any level. I give assignments after some lessons in order to check the achievements and I regularly provide progress reports.

    Finance (金融), Business and Actuarial Studies (精算师)
    I have worked as an actuary in NZ and have an honours degree in finance. My lessons are intended for students wanting to gain a deeper understanding of finance, and business and in particular any students looking to begin a career as an actuary (精算师). Experience tutoring with a high success rate. I can help you prepare for exams, or create a program for you that will help you prepare for a future career in finance, business or actuarial. I can speak Mandarin at a conversational level, but the lessons will mainly be in English.

    Real tools to kick off your Business Idea: Business Plan, Start-up Management, and Data Analysis for Students and Entrepreneurs
    There are few simple effective tools to bring your business idea from your mind to the real world, in a successful way. I've been working as innovation and strategy consultant with many different multinational companies in the world, I've been studying how companies make innovation happen and how they create great business impact. I've been researching and teaching in Business schools and I developed this course to share my experience and create practical tools to learn how to exploit your ideas. The course will provide a basic understanding of today economy, how companies are innovating and are creating success, and future trends. Moreover, students will get REAL practical methods and tools to analyze the market, manage data, spot future trends and opportunities. We will customize the contents of the lessons together to better fit your exact needs. The course is oriented for - new entrepreneurs that want to get real practical tools and method to manage the early-stage business (small and medium), develop a strategic agenda, and learn a practical analytical method to manage and understand data - undergraduate/graduate students that want to learn about start-up and innovation management and learn analytical methods for business Topics examples (CLASSEs ARE FULLY CUSTOMIZED) : - understanding today economic and innovation environment - Dynamics of technology over time - future trends - Choosing innovation projects - Tools to solve business cases - Radical and Incremental Innovations - Analyze your Core Competencies for Developing Style - Who are your competitors? - Innovation Intelligence Tools - Structuring your idea - Business planning - Market identification - Marketing Strategy - Revenue Strategy (How to make money) - Dealing with investors

    Mohamed Amine
    Private lessons in Microeconomics and Macroeconomics for Bachelor, Master and Bachelor in the Lille region.
    I am a student at the University of Lille in M2, I had another master in financial management and accounting and I also passed the test CFA Level 1. For my teaching method I start by preparing a sheet of road in advance concerning the most important theoretical points, then I add practical cases in the form of exercises to assimilate the application of the theory on reality. Examples of real life are also used to be able to assimilate the theoretical part.

    IB Economics class that covers the International Bac syllabus
    This class is based on the IB syllabus for Economics HL High school students. With just a few hours, I am sure I can boost my student's grade to the top grade band in the IB system. This course focuses on microeconomics, macroeconomics, international trade, and development economics. It is a great course for undergraduate, as well as postgraduates looking for more information on economics.

    Mohamed Hicham Salah
    Private lessons: supply chain, Simulation, management
    This course is designed for university students, who needs help to grasp fundamental and advanced concepts and techniques for supply chain management, business dynamics simulation, and procurement. I'm a candidate, and it will be my pleasure to help you succeed your studies.

    English, Maths, Economics, Finance, and I.T Computer
    I am a qualified economist with six years of teaching experience ranging from English, Maths, Economics, Finance, Management, Policy studies, and other professional courses. I am passionate to share my experiences and knowledge with students and the entire society across the globe. So I, therefore, encourages you to contact me and let get the rolling ball started. I would use this opportunity to welcome everyone to my page and promise you of good service that you can't forget. Thank you all.

    Cours d'économie, pour réussir son année en classes préparatoires ou pour développer sa pensée économique
    Ayant fait mes études au sein de classes préparatoires très bien cotées, j'ai pu organiser mon cours d'économie de façon a ce qu'au fil de l'année nous allons pouvoir gagner en intensité de travail et aborder des sujets plus pointus Mon cours débutera par une introduction très vaste a l'économie pour s'intéresser par la suite tant a l'histoire et le développement de la pensée économique qu'a des sujets plus actuels comme la notion de développement durable ou autre

    Macroeconomy for all levels (beginners and advanced)
    PhD degree professor offers private lessons in Macroeconomics. I also give courses in Microeconomics and Statistics. After 10 years of study and two years to give courses in American universities, I can assure you that with my help you will succeed your homework, exams etc. in economy. I am very dynamic, funny and I explain the subject very well. I adapt my classes according to each student to be sure that the material is well assimilated. Professor with a PhD in Economics offers one-on-one classes in Macroeconomics (I also teach Microeconomics and Statistics). I studied Economics for 10 years and taught at Major University in the United States. My English is thus perfect. I promise you will be successful in your Econ classes. I am a dynamic, fun teacher and always adapt my teaching style to the student to make sure the material becomes easy for you.

    Financial Analysis, General Ledger, Comprehensive, Management
    I offer private lessons, homework help, preparation for exams or even carry out a financial diagnosis of a company (analysis and proposal recommendations). My goal is to help the student to understand the different technical subjects of economy (Accounting, finance and management control). You will learn to use your know-how in your professional projects (internship and insertion).