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Oboe and music theory lessons in Amsterdam. HOBO LESS

I'm an oboe player who recently graduated from the Masters at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam where I as well have done my bachelor degree. I'm from Mexico and I've been living in the Netherlands for over 7 years. I love working with kids but as well with adults and any person who's motivated and willing to learn this beautiful instrument at any level. I can teach you how to read notes, rythms, harmonies, etc. I speak Spanish, Engllish, French, Italian and some Dutch. Depending on your goals we can make a fun programme and play any kind of music you are interested on!


At teacher's location: Oosterdokskade, 1011 DL Amsterdam, Netherlands
At student's location: Around Amsterdam, Netherlands
Online via webcam

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Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

Student level:



30 minutes
60 minutes

The class is taught in:

English, Spanish, Italian, French

About Me

I'm an enthusiastic teacher. I like learn from each one of my students, discovering their goals and their capacities. I enjoy figuring out the right method for each of them but the most important goal I have as a teacher is to always make the students have fun while learning and making music. I studied music since I was 6 years old and I had the opportunity of learning from incredible musicians and traveling around the world with different orchestras and ensembles. I'm willing to share my knowledge and to get to know any interested person in music, no matter the level or the experience!


Conservatoire Marcel Landowski- Troyes, France- 3em cycle
Conservatorium van Amsterdam- Bachelor degree in music
Conservatorium van Amsterdam- Master degree in music
Universidad Metropolitana de Mexico- Postdegree in Cultural Management (currently)

Experience / Qualifications

Itzel has participated in numerous orchestras including Radio Philharmonic Orkest Nederlands, Orquesta Nacional Carlos Chavez, Orquesta Sinfónica Infantil y Juvenil de México, Nederlands Studenten Orchestra (NSO), National Youth Orchestra Netherlands (NJO) and Orchestra of the Americas (OA) 2017 and 2018 . In 2018, Itzel was invited to perform the piece Extase II by Q.Chen as a soloist in Muziekgebouw aan t'ij, Amsterdam under the baton of Ed Spanjaard and the Score Collective. Additionally, she has participated in projects dedicated to the performance of contemporary music with different ensembles including Lucerne Festival Academy, Ensemble IMPULS in Graz, Austria, and Diamant Fabriek in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Itzel has also participated in masterclasses with musicians including David Walter, Thomas Indermüler, Lucas Macías Navarro, Miriam Pastor, Ronald Perrenoud, Pauline Oostenrijk, Ivan Podyomov, Ernest Rombout, and Hans Wolters. Itzel is currently pursuing her Master’s degree at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and a postgraduate degree in cultural management at the Universidad Metropolitana de México.

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  • Instructor since October 2018

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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Violin and Viola lessons in Amsterdam with Maya
Violin & Viola lessons are for anyone who wishes to start playing, continue or rusume studying, for both children and adults. ​I combine various practices which I believe create a greater whole. I teach basic to advance techniques in reprtoire which corresponds with the student's personality and ranges from classical to contemporary, improvisation, world, folk, pop, rock and more. I combine repertoire with improvisation, composition, movement and other an interdicsiplinary manner. My method is personal and about listening to the student wishes and ideas. If you're intrigued, I'd be happy to play, teach and exchange ideas with you! About me - I've graduated BA in Viola from The Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance and BA and MA in Composition at The Royal Conservatory including an Erasmus semester at MIAM, ITU, Istanbul. I was born in 1986 in Israel. Currently I live in Amsterdam. I play viola, compose acoustic and electronic music (often involving theater and film), draw faces and make large-scale collages out of them, dance, research and experiment with movement & music, make performance-art, sing, improvise, make videos, write about my dreams, write poetry, perform as a soloist and with ensembles, initiate and taka part in many musical and cross-art collaborations.

Vioolles in Amsterdam - Violin classes in Amsterdam
I'm a violin teacher and I'm expert teaching groups. I have a lot of experience teaching beginners but I'm also able to guide more advanced students so they can reach their full potential playing the violin. My first goal is to motivate the student and to have fun playing the instrument. I also apply singing and score reading. To more advanced students I apply my knowledge of Kato Havas' Approach so they learn to relax while playing.

Erten Deniz
Violin Playing and Music Theory in English and Russian from Beginner to Advanced
Was born to musician family and I am a violinist who is professionally trained for 14 years. I can teach from the beginning to advanced level of violin playing. But most importantly, I will try to make a musician out of you. I have so many stage experiences as soloist and in orchestra in different cities and countries. Within my education I had years of Music Theory lessons and I can teach and explain theoretical part of music also.

Piano Lessons in English, Russian and Turkish for All Ages
Hello, dear music lovers! I am a Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory alumni and currently continuing my studies in Conservatory of Amsterdam. I have experience with children and adults for many years. Besides that I can help you with music theory.

Guitar Classes for Beginners and Intermediate players
I am a professional Guitar teacher who has experience playing at a high level across Asia and North America. I speak English. I have a very cultured understanding of guitar melodies. I have mastered many styles and have over 2 years of teaching guitar experience aswell. I am also very patient and love to teach,encourage and inspire anyone willing to learn guitar. I wont just teach you how to play guitar, but i will develop your own style and find your unique sound whatever it may be :) Acoustic or Electric or Both!

Lora Deniz
Piano, Improvisation, Composition and Songwriting Lesson
Classic, Musical, Jazz, Pop and Cinema music, you can play the piano of your preferred style. From beginner to advanced, no age limit. With more than 12 years of experience in the music education field, my main purpose is to help the student to discover their musical tendencies and internalize a simple idea, making music. For Kids | Lessons are adopted each pupil's potential and help them to develop their skills by creative learning. Lessons can be combined with ear training. For Adults | Music Theory will be taught during the piano lesson which helps you to understand the music structure and take you to artistic piano playing. Regular, irregular, intensive lessons are possible. - My name is Lora , I am a classically trained pianist with a degree in Composition & Performance. I received training music in various disciplines, today combining them to make my own music, besides, help music lovers to find their own way of learning and reflecting music. In the last ten years, I have worked with students of all ages and from different levels. My main purpose is to help the student to discover their tendencies and internalize a simple idea, making music. I give piano lessons at home or on location in Amsterdam and surroundings. It is my belief that whether it is piano or another instrument, creating melodies and sound with the assist of your body&mind is all by itself a beautiful idea to sustain.

Piano lessons from an experienced teacher (studio with grand piano)
I offer piano and music theory lessons in Amsterdam, with the methods and strategies that work best for you. I have a large experience as a teacher; my goal is to teach with the most effective practices and strategies so they enhance learning and students feel motivated to continue in their musical journey. I give lessons in a sound-proof studio in Zeeburg area with a wonderful gran piano (Bösendorfer), which is an idyllic place to learn and enjoy the music!

Violin lessons for all levels - Vioolles voor alle niveaus
Hi, I'm Caitlin, I'm a professional violinist and violin teacher. I play in orchestras and ensembles and have been teaching the violin as well for the past two years. I learned how to teach violin from the best and will be able to guide you or your child towards a good level of playing. If you are at a more advanced level I can help you develop musically, overcome hurdles and enhance the joy of playing as well as prepare for conservatoire studies. Let's begin and discover the joy of playing the violin!

Teaching Oboe Lessons of all ages in English or Spanish
I have my Bachelor oboe studies in the Conservatory of Castellón (Spain), and currently I'm doing the pedagogy studies in the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam. I would like to share all my knowledge about playing this instrument with precision and a lot of fun. In the lessons I like to find the conexion between the instrument and my student, in order get the best oboe player that every student can be, through their own ambitions.

Recorder/Blokfluit and Singing Lessons for all ages
I am a recorder player and singer, studying in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. I will teach you recorder or singing and adapt to your tastes. Would you like to play folk music, to sing pop songs or walk through a more classical path? I have experience in many different areas, having sang and played folk music for many years and also studied in Conservatorium for a long time. I can also help you with music theory, from the most basic beginning introduction to music to advanced solfeggi and rhythms. I graduated in Musicology and studied Music Pedagogy in Portugal before moving to Amsterdam. For little children I can also combine the playing of the instrument with more didactic activities mixed with body movement and dance! In the past I taught how to play and sing, from little children (4 years old) to adults with around 60 years old. I can adapt easily to your needs! And most of all, you will fall in love with music, all kinds of music and have loads of fun!

Oboe lessons, music lessons
My name is Gema Lara. I graduated last year and currently I am doing master studies in Classical oboe in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. I offer oboe lessons and theory. We can have the lessons in Spanish, English or Italian. No matter the level nor the age, everybody is welcome! The aim is to improve or start your knowledges in oboe and your musical skills and technique in a good environment!

Cours particuliers de Flûte Traversière
Jeune étudiant au Conservatoire supérieur de Musique d'Amsterdam, Diplômé du DEM mention Très Bien à l'Unanimité (en France), et détenteur du TOEFL (83/120) propose des cours particuliers de Flûte traversière, ainsi que de théorie. Tous niveaux, tout âges bienvenus. L'objectif étant d'améliorer le niveau, ou de débuter, le tout dans la bonne humeur!

Zangles, gezond genieten! Als je bezig bent met zingen kan je even al het andere loslaten en dat geeft een heerlijk gevoel van ontspanning w
Je lichaam is je instrument bij het zingen. We proberen dat instrument zo mooi mogelijk te laten klinken door te werken aan klankvorming. Hierdoor kunnen de stembanden vrijer bewegen, zodat je minder snel moe wordt bij het zingen. Je stem wordt voller en je kunt hogere en lagere tonen zingen. Tijdens de zanglessen zijn we ook bezig met articulatie, de uitspraak van vreemde talen en ook aan de betekenis van en je gevoel bij een bepaald stuk. Natuurlijk bepaal jij zelf wat voor soort muziek je gaat zingen. Of je nu alleen zingt onder de douche of dat je bv. in een koor zit en je tegen bepaalde moeilijkheden op loopt in het algemeen of bij een bepaald stuk? Neem dan gerust je koorpartij mee naar de les en dan kijken we samen hoe we dat makkelijker voor je kunnen maken. We werken aan repertoire waar jij van houdt. Ook kunnen we samen een ontdekkingsreis maken naar jouw favoriete muziek. WIE KAN ER LEREN ZINGEN? Iedereen kan leren zingen. Door de zanglessen zal je merken dat het zingen makkelijker wordt. Bovendien is zingen goed voor ontspanning, zowel van lichaam als geest. Zingen is gewoon genieten! JE EIGEN INSTRUMENT Als zanger of zangeres heb je alvast één voordeel ten opzichte van instrumentalisten: je hoeft geen (duur) instrument te kopen. Jij hebt je instrument altijd bij je, maar… je moet wel goed voor je instrument zorgen!

Pianoles voor leerlingen aan huis in Amsterdam en omstreken!
Ik ben gespecialiseerd en opgeleid als pianopedagoog. In mijn lessen vind ik het belangrijk leerlingen het plezier van het muziek maken mee te geven. Ik geef al 7 jaar les en heb daardoor veel ervaring in het lesgeven opgebouwd en wil mijn handvaten graag doorgeven op het gebied van pianospelen. Met het pianorepertoire wordt op een creatieve manier omgegaan. Daarnaast is er veel aandacht voor noten lezen, harmonieleer, ontwikkeling auditief vermogen, ritmegevoel, pianotechniek en improvisatie. Er word goed gekeken naar de wensen van de leerling. Voor leerlingen die graag voorspelen wordt een keer per halfjaar een informele voorspeelmiddag georganiseerd. Voor jongere leerlingen heb ik verschillende attributen die de ontwikkeling ondersteunen en de fantasie van de leerling aanspreken.

Learn how to play the violin and read music step-bystep!
I use a step-by-step teaching approach based on The Suzuki Method, personalised and designed for each student, focusing on individual strengths and talents. My lessons incorporate music theory so that a deeper understanding of music can be met. This incorporation keeps the necessary theoretical component of music fun, interesting and alive. Students receive structural practice material, as well as their own favourite music to practice and master with my help and guidance. Teacher-Student duets are a fantastic and fun way to gain the skills needed to play with other musicians (Ensembles, Orchestra, Bands, etc.) I aim to empower the student to be their own best teacher whilst integrating discipline with proven practice techniques necessary for a solid foundation in violin playing.