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76 private teachers in Sprimont

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Dhoha - Liège$16
Trusted teacher: English classes: English is a widely spoken language and serves as a global lingua franca. They help students develop strong communication skills, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Proficiency in English enables individuals to effectively express their thoughts, ideas, and opinions, and to understand and engage in meaningful conversations with people from different cultures and backgrounds. It is also the language of instruction in many educational institutions worldwide. Strong English skills are crucial for academic success, as they enable students to comprehend textbooks, lectures, and research materials. English classes enhance reading comprehension, critical thinking, and analytical skills, which are essential for excelling in various academic disciplines. As it is the primary language used in many fields, including science, technology, research, and business, proficiency in English allows individuals to access a vast amount of information, scholarly articles, books, and online resources that are available in English. It opens up opportunities for learning, staying updated with the latest developments, and expanding knowledge in various domains. Sciences classes: Science classes play a crucial role in education and have significant importance for several reasons, it helps students develop a deep understanding of the natural world, including the physical, chemical, and biological processes that govern it. This knowledge allows individuals to comprehend the world around them, appreciate its complexity, and make informed decisions. It also helps in developing Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills, students learn to gather and evaluate evidence, make hypotheses, design experiments, analyze data, and draw conclusions. These skills are valuable not only in scientific pursuits but also in various aspects of life, including decision-making, logical reasoning, and tackling real-world challenges. Science classes lay the foundation for pursuing careers in various scientific fields, such as medicine, engineering, environmental science, research, and technology. A strong background in science opens doors to diverse career paths and opportunities for scientific exploration.
English · Arabic · Science
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Simon - Liège$34
Guitar · Music composition
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Course and revalidation of physics, chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry (Liège)
The best teacher I have ever had! He really works with every student the way it works best for them, instead of best for him. We've worked on biochem for 3-ish months and I've hated the subject and couldn't bring myself to even open the book and with him I passed my exam with a 85%. Can only recommend!!
Review by MIA
Dutch private lessons - for all levels - (Liège)
Practice and theory together. Friendly and helpful. Adapts to my needs. Also structured.
Review by YÜKSEL
Learn French or English language tutoring (Liège)
Super professeur!!!
Review by ALINE

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