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Surya Prakash - Tokyo$1173
Trusted teacher: ✅ Hindi belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European family of languages. Hindi, along with English, are the official languages of India. ✅ Hindi is world's most important language. If you want to visit India, want to successful business man in India, want to travel in India you must to know Hindi. ✅ I'm specialized and giving Hindi lesson for those students/people who are learning Hindi language. ✅ My primary goal is that to teach Hindi language because I can teach Hindi from basic to advance and can solve each problems in better way. ✅ Student can learn Hindi and can understand very well because I'm a Native speaker of Hindi. Namaste to all of you ✅ヒンディー語は、インド・ヨーロッパ語族のインド・アーリア語族に属しています。 ヒンディー語は、英語とともに、インドの公用語です。 ✅ヒンディー語は世界で最も重要な言語です。 あなたがインドを訪問したい、インドで成功したビジネスマンになりたい、インドに旅行したいなら、あなたはヒンディー語を知っている必要があります。 ✅私は専門で、ヒンディー語を学んでいる学生/人々のためにヒンディー語のレッスンを行っています。 ✅私の主な目標は、ヒンディー語を基本から上級まで教えることができ、それぞれの問題をより良い方法で解決できるため、ヒンディー語を教えることです。 ✅私はヒンディー語の母国語話者なので、学生はヒンディー語を学ぶことができ、非常によく理解できます。 みなさんへのナマステ ✅ El hindi pertenece a la rama indoaria de la familia de lenguas indoeuropeas.El hindi, junto con el inglés, son los idiomas oficiales de la India. ✅ El hindi es el idioma más importante del mundo. Si desea visitar la India, desea ser un hombre de negocios exitoso en la India, desea viajar a la India, debe saber hindi. ✅ Estoy especializado y doy lecciones de hindi para aquellos estudiantes / personas que están aprendiendo el idioma hindi. ✅ Mi objetivo principal es enseñar el idioma hindi porque puedo enseñar hindi desde el nivel básico hasta el avanzado y puedo resolver cada problema de una mejor manera. ✅ El estudiante puede aprender hindi y puede entender muy bien porque soy un hablante nativo de hindi. Namaste a todos ustedes
Hindi · Grammar · Teaching
(2 reviews)
Harsh - Tokyo$25
Trusted teacher: I specialize in tutoring Mathematics, Physics ,Compuational algorithm, Chemistry and English from school level to advanced level and the GRE, TOEFL and other national / international level competitive exams. My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwhelmed. I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic progress reports. I adapt to any way of working, the goal being to achieve a deep and detailed understanding of the subject. The methodology depends on the preferences of each person to establish a relationship of trust and well-being. Classes are conducted on a follow-up so as not to lose momentum and optimize knowledge. These courses are for those who want to improve their understanding in science subjects and languages. The science course strengthens knowledge in physics, chemistry and experimental science. The math class helps to reinforce knowledge of algebra and geometry., trigoneometry and corrdinate geometry, basic to advanced number system, Differential and Integra; calculus..I can also teach very well any math topic you wish to study.. The language course improves vocabulary and grammar, sentence construction..SPeaking, Listening, Reading and writing enhancement Every student is different and I will take extra care to have tailormade classes for each person.I create presentations,use assignments and prepare before each class.Time is important and I do not want to waste yours. You can message me regarding the classes or your needs.I will make sure to do the best.As an educational coach, I know how to be patient, enthusiastic but above all passionate. do not hesitate to contact me
Math · Science · Computer programming
Welcome to our Indonesian classes! I’m Silvan, a native Indonesian speaker with a diverse academic and professional background. Our classes are designed to improve your speaking and listening skills, build your confidence, and support your writing and reading abilities. Each class is uniquely tailored to your needs, interests, and level, immersing you completely in an Indonesian-speaking environment. This approach naturally encourages you to think and communicate directly in Indonesian, accelerating your journey to fluency and boosting your confidence. As a native Indonesian speaker who also speaks English and some Japanese, I can assist students who are native English or Japanese speakers. However, this will only be when it is absolutely necessary and there is no other way for them to explain or understand in Indonesian. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, we aim to make the learning process engaging and effective. Join us on this exciting language learning journey! インドネシア語のクラスへようこそ!私の名前はシルバンで、インドネシア語のネイティブスピーカーです。私たちのクラスでは、あなたの話す力と聞く力を向上させ、自信をつけることを目指し、あなたの書く力と読む力をサポートします。 各クラスは、あなたのニーズ、興味、レベルに合わせてユニークにカスタマイズされ、完全にインドネシア語を話す環境にあなたを浸します。このアプローチは、自然にインドネシア語で考えてコミュニケーションを取ることを奨励し、流暢さへの旅を加速し、自信を高めます。 私は英語と日本語も話すことができますので、英語や日本語が母国語の生徒さんをサポートすることができます。ただし、これは絶対に必要な場合や、他の方法でインドネシア語で説明したり理解したりすることができない場合に限ります。 初心者でも上級者でも、私たちは学習プロセスを楽しく効果的にすることを目指しています。このエキサイティングな言語学習の旅にぜひ参加してください!
(1 review)
Aigerim - Tokyo$16
Trusted teacher: Russian is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It is an official language of Russian, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. It is spoken in all other post-soviet countries, and also in Israel, the Balkans and the U.S. As Russia has been in the process of positioning itself as a major economic force, including the Russian language in CV would definitely give a good impression to employers. Many companies today are looking for qualified international workers who master Russian. Apart from that, being able to speak the Russian language will allow you to understand Russians and their culture, something which could never happen through cultural exchanges. You would develop a new view of Russian literature, music, and art. Why choose me as a tutor? - I am a native Russian speaker with experience in teaching the Russian language to non-Russians. - I have been teaching Russian for years to beginners and advanced learners. My English and Japanese are fluent, so in our lessons, I will explain everything to you in a very understandable and easy way. - I have been giving private lessons and teaching in classrooms. I have worked with children and adults. - I ensure that you would enjoy my classes because I always try to make the learning process fun and relaxed. Our lessons will always be well organized and well structured. -All the lessons are tailored exactly to your individual needs to help you succeed. - I will help you to achieve the necessary level of communication in the shortest possible time since I also have been learning foreign languages and know the secret for learning them quickly. You will finally begin to speak fluently in Russian. Even if you have not learned the language before, by the end of the course you will be able to speak Russian, learn all the grammar basics, understand native Russian speakers, read and write in Russian. I look forward to meeting you!
Russian · Language arts · Culture
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Math&Physics for School and University Students: IB SL/HL, EB,IGCSE, GCSE, ICSE, CBSE, SPM, AP, A-levels, Cambridge (Antwerp)
It is with the utmost admiration and gratitude that I extend my effulgent endorsement for David, the epitome of mathematical tutorship. His fervor for the subject and his pupils is steadfast, and David’s commitment to ensuring proficiency and comprehension is manifest in every tutorial session. His availability is most pliable, as he exhibits a constant readiness to alter his docket to accede to the necessities of his students. This adaptability is rare and precious quality, one that has played a seminal role in my time near the finals. Not only do he demonstrate devotion during his scheduled lessons time, for he is always approachable for additional guidance and support outside his hours. David’s unwavering dedication to the academic success of his students is truly remarkable and deeply appreciated by those who benefit from it. What distinguishes David is not solely his mastery in mathematics, but his amiable and cordial demeanour. He cultivates a genial and hospitable environment; and his pedagogy a harmonious blend of professionalism and conviviality. I consider myself fortunate to have availed myself of David’s instruction, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. In conclusion, if you seek a mathematics tutor, David Devidze should be your first port of call. His passion for the subject, commitment to his students, and affable personality makes him the ideal tutor for anyone seeking to enhance their mathematical understanding and aptitude. A true gem in the world of tutelage
Review by VALENTIN
[ONLINE] French lessons with a native, experienced and professional teacher for foreigners. (Charleroi)
Bonjour to the one's who are seeking for a French Language teacher on Apprentus, Likewise you, I have also gone through the process of finding a (good) teacher, and I also did read about two days long the reviews given to the teachers. And finally, decided to take the course from Remi. I have to admit that I do not regret at all. Remi has a very positive attitude, patient, flexible and he does his best to bring over his knowledge to the best with lots of exercises and conversations that helps the best to improve your level of knowledge. Shortly, I believe that you will be very pleased with your decision if you take the course from Remi. I strongly advise. Bonne courage.
Review by SELCUK
Private lessons in Math, Physics, Chemistry and SVT (Brussels)
Superb experience with Raef. I asked for his help to prepare a math assessment test with an enormous lack of basis but he accepted the challenge. I found out a nice teacher who is not afraid of explaining and repeating if necessary. I did enjoy his method with the whiteboard, it feels like you are in the same place and can interact on the same exercise. Either in English or french he will certainly be able to help you. He is super kind and flexible, I definitively recommend his services.
Review by DYLAN

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