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Jackie - Hamburg$27
Trusted teacher: 90% of my students don't have an iPad. However, the course works very well on a PC. You can enhance your experience by purchasing a Wacom tablet, which allows you to write with a stylus instead of using a mouse. There is no need for a webcam during the lessons. I share my screen, and students can directly see what I am writing on it. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ TAKE A COURSE AND AIM FOR A SCORE OF 700-800 ON THE GMAT -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ Boost your grades in math, physics, chemistry, and statistics. During my primary and secondary education in the Belgian system, I consistently achieved a top grade in math. I was selected for the Belgian Mathematical Olympiad every year and also participated in other national-level math competitions, where I achieved high rankings. There are no secrets in math—practice, practice, and practice. The more you engage in math exercises, the better you will understand the concepts, improve your grades, and develop a love for the subject. I am fully flexible and adaptable to the needs of each student. In addition to explaining topics taught in school, I often present them from different perspectives to facilitate better understanding. Throughout my teaching experience, I have coached students from various backgrounds and for different purposes, including those from Belgium, France, and Germany. My students come from both state schools and international schools. I assist them in improving their grades, conducting special math and logic game sessions during holidays, and preparing for university entrance tests. I am open to all kinds of requests. To take math courses with me, you don't need to have good grades or even love math. What is important is your motivation to get back on track and the willingness to dedicate time to practicing exercises, even after our sessions. Once again, the key is practice, practice, and practice.
Math · Gmat test preparation · Statistics
Music composition · Guitar · Music theory lessons
Trusted teacher: Certified teacher (Engineering School) and specialist in private lessons, I have been accompanying students for more than 6 years from primary to high school True referent of distance education (*): trainer of teachers laying the Covid My network of pupils and students arrived from all walks of life, in difficulty or from the best establishments whether in France (Louis Le Grand, Henri IV, Ginette, Le Parc, Sainte Geneviève ..) or abroad (Saint Gall, EPFL Lausanne, Mc Gill, ...) > Why use my teaching? The first sessions allow me to detect strengths and weaknesses of the student. The idea is to focus primarily on the difficulties through simple methods: 1-lessons and exercises prepared in advance, no waste of time: 100% return 2- pass on the right methodology (no need to do in 10 hours what can be done in 2 hours of revision) 3- there are no stupid questions! My students can ask me the same question as many times, what matters is the unlocking and thus avoid dragging pans.. 4- application exercises to be carried out by the student between each session: essential 5- patience and a smile in all circumstances, close by. 6- the course can overflow in a reasonable way without problem 7- help with orientation/choice of specialties 8- a free sms/or other follow-up (I would be available if the student has specific questions) With my camera and screen sharing, the student can see exactly what I write as if I was next to him. It doesn't matter where you are as long as we have an internet connection we can work. For those in regular follow-up, I am available 24/7. Whether it's for a question, advice, or even very exceptionally an emergency lesson, I have no time limit. Between each lesson, exercises are given and then corrected in order to follow the evolution of progress.
Geometry · Algebra · Math
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Tuition Math - Physics - Chemistry - Biology (San Diego)
I found Dr. Ralf to be a wonderful Teacher. The things that he taught me through online helped me a great deal in this class as well as in statistic level. Because of the help and attention that He provided me with, I understand and enjoy Statistics. The class was great in that he didn’t just give the answers away – he made me THINK. This was sort of frustrating, but it helped me understand the material much better. I would recommend him as a Teacher for future classes, without a doubt.
Review by AHMED
Private math lessons in French with shared interactive whiteboard (Amsterdam)
Teaching mathematics to someone who has almost no knowledge about it is a big challenge and Christine faced it great. She has a plan and knows how to accomplish it. I can´t wait for the next lesson.
Mathematics made easy for college and university students, with a PhD student from DESY (Hamburg)
The first lesson was really good and we will book with him again. He is calm and sympathetic, explains well and seems to cover our topics (IB Maths AI SL) with ease.
Review by ANTJE

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