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Trusted teacher: Hello, students! I`m a qualified (MA in German Language and Linguistics) and experienced German and Russian language tutor. I would be delighted to offer one-to-one German language tuition to determined learners, who are eager to build up their current knowledge or to start from scratch, and who are committed to achieving a certain level in a very short time, from beginner level to extensive. My professional focus is on improving communication skills using fast-track techniques. The pace of my training is intensive and dynamic with focus on developing grammar, vocabulary, fluency and how to use the language in authentic situations I select a training program individually for every student depending on their level, interests, and goals. -Active learning of grammar, an extensive conversation practice. -Creative tasks that will make language learning fun and interesting. You will quickly improve your pronunciation, grammar, speaking, reading, writing and conversational skills. If you want to improve your language skills or start studying German, you will definitely like my lessons that are individually tailored for each student according to the level and interest and aimed at your success! Extra information German lessons include: - Proper grammar - tenses, conjugations, cases, genders - Accurate pronunciation and accent reduction - Vocabulary expansion/ conversation practice - Developing oral speech. But! I can change the lessons plan depending on your wishes and purposes. The lessons look like usual face-to-face lessons at home. Good sounds and video quality, interactives materials,using the chat box, file transfers, sharing screens/links and giving examples,saving time-all this give better results then usual lessons. Every russian lesson is good-prepaired and well-structured.
Trusted teacher: Within the Mask Voice Studio, Rébecca proposes to accompany you in the marvelous and exciting adventure that is the discovery of your voice! With gentleness, pedagogy and passion, she will help you gain confidence in your instrument. She will encourage you to experiment, to meet your voice and to progress, always with kindness! His lessons are intended for all profiles, from pure beginners to professional singers/actors and seasoned amateurs. She is also a coach for theatrical groups and professionals who use their voice on a daily basis (professors, teachers, speakers, lecturers, etc.). You will first see the principles of breathing and support of the singer and gradually all the mechanisms of phonation and the vocal tools: articulation, resonance, projection, use of the mask, control of the larynx and the diaphragm... Without forgetting of course the interpretation, stage setting and so many more! The first meeting will take place during a Discovery Session of 1 hour with the new students in order to get to know them and to be able to determine what their needs and desires are. On this occasion, a quick vocal expertise will be practiced which will make it possible to determine the pedagogical procedure to follow. Nothing to prepare, no pressure, just a handshake! Classes take place at the Rébecca singing studio near Place Saint Bruno in Grenoble. Are offered in addition to private lessons three concerts a year so that students practice the scene as well as internships throughout the year (thematic coaching, interpretation, collective practice) including a one-week musical comedy internship each month of July (summer 2022: Mamma Mia! / summer 2023: Beauty and the Beast).
Singing · Voice (music)
Trusted teacher: NOTE: If you see this message, I am not teaching at this time. Hello! / Bonjour! I am an American, native English speaker, artist, instructor, and life-long enthusiast of languages, arts, and cultures. I am 35 years old and I am from Michigan in the United States. I began learning French and German at a young age. I studied French for several years in middle school, high school, and at my university. Currently, as a self-taught learner, I am studying French, German, Italian, and others. I also organize group conversation events for French language learners and natives, and I taught English to French students in France. As a learner of multiple languages, I am familiar with the challenges of learning a new language. Over time, I have tested and adapted different tools, methods, and approaches that work for myself and others. My favorite parts of teaching English and French are: - Teaching about the culture as a way to learn the language of the culture - Leading conversations that match your interests and learning goals to help you practice pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, idiomatic and cultural expressions, and fluency - Leading reading exercises (books, news, literature) to help you practice reading comprehension while improving your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary - Leading dialogues (short fiction skits, theatre plays, scripts from real interviews) to practice speaking skills, expression, and to help you comprehend the nuances of American English - Help with editing and translating your written work (e.g. cover letters, books, video subtitles, essays, fiction, and homework) - Using your favorite textbook or learning materials to create more engaging, useful content - Finding creative ways for you to teach yourself and to become an independent learner I studied with the International TEFL Academy and received my Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) Level 5 Teaching Certification to teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL) / English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) in 2020. I also have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Michigan in the United States, and I teach art and creativity. Some of my other interests include: Cooking, gardening, reading, writing, dancing, spending time outdoors, swimming, running, traveling, watching movies, meeting new people, and learning about cultures and languages. I have traveled to France, francophone Canada (Vieux Québec, Montréal, and Ottawa), and Ukraine. I am new to teaching, but I have some experience teaching a wide variety of ages. This means I am open to customizing my teaching methods to best match your learning style, interests, and goals. Most importantly, helping others reach their goals is fulfilling work to me. I would love to learn more about you and want to help you succeed. Thank you, and I look forward to meeting you!
English · French
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Tuition Math - Physics - Chemistry - Biology (San Diego)
I found Dr. Ralf to be a wonderful Teacher. The things that he taught me through online helped me a great deal in this class as well as in statistic level. Because of the help and attention that He provided me with, I understand and enjoy Statistics. The class was great in that he didn’t just give the answers away – he made me THINK. This was sort of frustrating, but it helped me understand the material much better. I would recommend him as a Teacher for future classes, without a doubt.
Review by AHMED
Private lessons in Mathematics-Physics-Science (Grenoble)
Nathanaelle, Is patient and kind. My son really seems to be making progress, after only 2 sessions. We plan to add more lessons, to make it at least 2 times a week.
Review by SAAM
Certified Hindi teacher, Hindi Classes, Learn Hindi Language, Learn Computer Science and Application in Hindi, Hindi Teacher, Best Hindi tutor (Washington D.C.)
Surya Prakash
Excellent Hindi Teacher. Thank you
Review by NATHAN

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