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13 political science teachers in The Netherlands

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Merhaba !! Hello I'm Nur. I am a political science graduate. I am currently studying sociology. I have a teaching certificate. I work as a human rights trainer in civil society. I have been involved in dozens of projects. I don't like being a stagnant person. I continue to evolve and progress with new information and guides. I'm here because I love communication and teaching. I hope it will be useful for you. Whatever field you need, we can move forward accordingly. If you want to practice, I can help you with that. We can apply any themed area you want. Looking forward to the lessons for what you need. I love mainstream education. I think this learning method will be more permanent. You are reading a book and solving tests, but it may not be permanent, it takes practice. Learning a language requires serious dedication. We can make it as enjoyable as possible. Take a step for yourself, feel free to talk, and I'm ready to practice with you. Do not forget to contact me for a pleasant lesson. Happy and healthy days :) Professionally, I had a student who just started school in my first high school years. I was teaching literacy practice classes. Then I volunteered at the temporary education center. I have pedagogical formation education. I have students that I teach online. I want to develop this here as well. When learning a language, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the accent. I studied diction and rhetoric. I am confident about this. I get positive feedback from my students. In general, it cannot be said that a formal education by sticking to the language rules is a very good process for everyone. I invite you to the method of learning by speaking and living by being involved in the process. I think I will contribute. I know how difficult it is to learn a language. I am trying to improve my English and learn German. You may be hesitant to speak. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. After all, as long as you can keep a conversation going, it will strengthen you. I'm ready to go a long way together. Kind regards.
Turkish · Culture · Political science
Trusted teacher: Nous commencerons par votre point de vue et votre compréhension des États-Unis. Nous discuterons des événements actuels et creuserons dans leurs racines. Je vous recommanderai des choses à lire, à regarder ou à étudier entre les sessions. Ensuite, nous poursuivrons la discussion. Parmi de nombreux autres sujets, nous explorerons ceux-ci : Ordre mondial basé sur le libre-échange contre le protectionnisme. Démocratie contre propriété. L'identité américaine. Le "pays de folie religieuse" de Tocqueville contre une foi douce. Ethnicité et race dans la vie américaine. Une armée déployée à l'échelle mondiale contre une vision du monde insulaire. Je suis allé sur la lune ; Maintenant quoi? Mondialisation. Le rêve américain." Qu'est-ce que c'était? Qu'est ce que c'est maintenant? Trump!? Les États-Unis et l'avenir. || We will start with your view and understanding of the USA. We will discuss current events and dig down into their roots. I will recommend things for you to read, watch, or study between sessions. Then we will continue the discussion. Among many other topics, we will explore these: World order based on Free Trade versus Protectionism. Democracy versus Property. The American identity. Tocqueville's "land of religious lunacy" versus a gentle faith. Ethnicity and race in American life. A globally deployed military versus an insular worldview. Went to the moon; now what? Globalization. The "American Dream." What was it? What is it now? Trump? The USA and the future.
Political science · American history · World history
Political science
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Tutoring. History and politics! It is time to understand the complexity of our world! (Saint-Omer)
Raphaël is an excellent teacher. My teenager son who has a knowledge gap in history and morden economy, is very enthousiastic about the lessons he received from Raphaël and is always keen to learn more. The lessons are very clear, interesting, interactive and captivating. Well done!
Review by CÉCILE
German, English, history, Powi: 5.-12. class (Frankfurt am Main)
My son took a history lesson from Samar. He liked a lot!
Review by TETYANA
ALL AUDIENCES: Structuring of ideas and Oral expression (Paris)
Un bon 1er contact
Review by JULIEN

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