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Master of Music Education (Piano) from Russia. With my piano lessons, you will begin learning how to play the piano by starting with the basics: piano notes & piano fingerings.I also excel in helping students prepare for the ABRSM exams, admission to college or conservatory. I have a high level of knowledge of music and the ability to teach students.Lessons are taught in English. 俄罗斯音乐教育硕士(钢琴)。 借助钢琴课,您将开始学习如何弹奏钢琴,从基础:钢琴笔记和钢琴指法。我还擅长帮助学生准备ABRSM考试,入读大学或音乐学院。 我有高水平的音乐知识和教学能力。学习英语。 Read more »
Hallo! I specialize in tutoring music. I work as a early childhood music teacher and piano teacher. I try to make my lessons amazing and enjoyable. I love my students. I've been playing music for 25 years. EDUCATION 1. Herson State University, Culture and Art department, Master’s degree in Music Education (2010). 2. Herson Music Collage, Theory of Music department, Bachelor’s degree as a Music Theory teacher. QUALIFICATIONS Since 2003 he has been a pianist at festivals, concerts, exhibitions, shows, and other events. 2005 -2007 Research on the topic "Ukrainian musical avant-garde". The results of the research are collected in the Bachelor's work: Ukrainian musical avant-garde in the context of the development of European culture of the 20th century. 2006 The scientific article: Ukrainian avant-garde music in the context of European art of the twentieth century. Coll. material VI International Student Scientific Conference. - Vinnitsa, 2006. 2007 Organizer of the University Cinema Club "Українське поетичне кіно". 2008 Organization of urban jazz concerts "Concerts of jazz music". 2010 The scientific article: The value of music and performing styles and culture in the Middle Ages after the development of Renaissance music in Europe. Master studies. Almanac. Issue 6 - Kherson: KSU, 2010. 2010 The scientific article: Features of Ukrainian avant-garde music .Tezy XII International scientific conference "Young Musicologists of Ukraine." - K., 2010. 2012-2015 Education in the graduate school of Kherson State University. 3 years of the Chair of Pedagogy, Psychology and Educational Management. Specialty 13.00.07 - theory and methods of education. 2012 May Music in Montessory group courses. Prof. T.Ermolyna, T.Rokytanskaya, L.Klimova, V.Kanevskiy at the All-Russian trade union association of Montessori teachers of Russia. 2012 June Children's music therapy courses of the Mgr. Matej Lipsky at the Music Therapy Association of the Czech Republic. 2013 The scientific article and presentation at the conference: Problem scenic excitement in the theory and practice of music education. Science journal: choreographic and theatrical culture Ukraine: pedagogical and artistic dimensions: National Scientific Conference April 18-19, 2013 Theses. - K., 2013. - P. 32. 2013 The scientific article: Features music schools prepare students to live performances. Science journal: Proceedings of. Teaching science. Issue ХХХХХХІV. - Kherson, 2013 2013 Methodological report "Alternative teaching technologies in ear training lessons in zero class". Herson State Music School, 2013. 2013 Method report "Teaching experience T.Rokytyanskoyi in the ear training lessons". 2014 Participation in all-Ukrainian festivals ("Night at the Library", "Entract") 2015 Participated in the regional scientific-methodical seminar "Actual problems of music education in Ukraine: History, Present and Future ". Topic "Investigating the stage anxciety in the Soviet, Russian and foreign scientific literature." WORK EXPERIENCE - Started in 2014 up to present Teaching of piano, solfeggio, music for preschoolers, history of music. Writing lerning program, writing articles and scientific publications. - Started in 2012 up to present Center for the Study and Development of Martial Arts Lotus and Lily. Herson, Ukraine. Assistant teachig of Aikido with children 3-9 years, musical design of events, working with parents, preparing of promotional products (An example of my promo video with my students) - Started in 2012 up to 2015 Herson State Music School, Ukraine. Teacher of Music Theory. Conducting lessons with students from 5 to 20 years. Organization and holding of concerts for various schools of the city and organizations with the participation of pupils of schools. At least 2 times a week. Writing articles and filling the site with content. Working with parents. Scientific and methodical work as to writing articles, teaching programs, participation in seminars and conferences. Preparation of gifted children for competitions and festivals. - 2012 Private kindergarten Smilyk. Teacher of music for children from 1 to 5 years. Conducting lessons with students. Working with parents. Writing teaching programs. Assistance Montessori teacher. - Started in 2010 up to 2011 Feodosia comprehensive school. Teacher of music. Conducting lessons with students from 7 to 12 years. - Started in 2007 up to present Private music teacher Individual music lessons with children and adults in Germany, USA, Russia, Ukraine personally and remotely. For example, feedback on my work: PERSONAL QUALITIES Loving children, responsible, professional, consistent, relying on scientific developments, purposeful, Dependable, Versatile Read more »

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