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47 microsoft word teachers in Spain

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Ahmed - Kenitra$11
Trusted teacher: Le traitement de texte est sans doute l’application informatique la plus utilisée de la bureautique. Que vous soyez débutant ou déjà habitué à la saisie de documents, ce cours vous permettra de maîtriser les fondamentaux du traitement de texte, et de vous préparer à la certification TOSA Word. Vous allez également réaliser des documents présentés de manière professionnelle en leur appliquant une mise en forme et une mise en page et, enfin, aller plus loin en appliquant une méthodologie simple et efficace vous permettant d’augmenter votre productivité. Que ce soit avec le célèbre Word de Microsoft ou Google Docs , saisir et présenter vos documents n’aura jamais été aussi simple ! Généralement le cours permet à l'étudiant d'assimiler : * Création d'un fichier Microsoft Word, Saisir des données, Corriger des données ; * Les fonctionnalités de la barre d'Acceuil (Police, Titres, Formes, Styles, Paragraphes...) ; * Règles de mise en forme du texte ; * Insérez la table des matières (Sommaire) d'une manière automatique ; * Insérez la table des figures et des tableaux d'une manière automatique ; * Insérez la liste des sources (Bibliographie) d'une manière automatique ; * Gérer les saut de sections et les saut de pages ; * Gérer les entêtes et les pieds des pages. La composition du cours dépend du niveau de l'étudiant et ses propres objectifs. La première séance est une séance d'une heure d'évaluation qui permet le diagnostic du niveau et des besoins de l'étudiant. A partir de ce diagnostic nous établissons ensemble un programme que nous allons suivra durant notre cours.
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Passionate about IT in Toulouse, I created my company 8 years ago (22 years of experience) in order to offer you assistance and home lessons at a low price. I can also help you remotely. Absolutely all media: Windows, MacOS, Linux, PC, Mac, Ordissimo, Smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, Windows phone etc.) Tablet (iPad, Android). Tax credit! I am certified in Personal Service. Is your computer starting up slowly? Do you have internet browsing problems? Different error messages? Do you simply need help in order to properly use your computer equipment, tablet or smartphone? Contact Joris I am here to help you! I also work in a non-medical service home for the elderly, with disabled students in ESAT and am used to giving lessons to people who are new to computer science. At the end of the session you will have 1 summary sheet of the course. If you are not in the area, I can help you out or give you a distance learning course. Computer course Purchase advice: need a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone? I will advise you according to your needs and find the most suitable equipment at the best price. Installation and discovery: assemble your computer and / or connect it for the first time. Get to know your Windows, Mac, Ordissimo, Linux system, mouse, keyboard, windows ... Files and folders: create, organize and navigate. Internet: browse and do your research on the web. The rules, the pitfalls to know before making a purchase on merchant sites. Photo: organize and store your photos, edit them, share them. Scan your documents. Video: Learn how to edit videos, insert music, effects, transitions and images into them. Messaging: create and manage your mailbox, share your photos with those around you, send your documents. Documents: write and format your letters, cards, administrative papers. Skype and Video: Chat over audio and video with family or friends over the Internet. Social networks: Create an FB account, Twitter, Instagram etc ... Interact with your family and friends. Security: Protect your computer: know how to use antivirus, firewall, anti-spyware, update programs and the system, back up all your data. - Introduction to the functions of your GPS: define a route, save your address, that of your family and friends, find points of interest nearby. - MAO, Computer Aided Music: transform your mp3s into scores Computer troubleshooting - Detection and eradication of viruses, spyware, blocking of ad banners and search bars - Printer troubleshooting - Total hard drive recovery - Data recovery - Laptop screen change - Boost your PC with an SSD: Give your PC a second facelift! Lightning-fast startup, navigation and file transfer! - Installation of Chrome Os or Linux for slow computers: A simple, fast and functional system. - Internet access or installation problem - Windows, Mac, Office installation (Word, Excel) - Forgot password Windows, Mac, Linux - Windows installation on Mac - Customization of your Windows For better handling, icons for direct access to your sites, ergonomic settings. - Installation of Media Center, to see your photos, videos, films on your PC on your TV. - Installation of Retro-Gaming consoles - Installation of connected products (Google Home), multiroom audio, connected LED bulbs etc. - Sale of Macs from 350 € - Sale of portable PCs from 270 € - Update your Macs, even old iMacs. Invoice edited for each service
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Statistical Analysis with Python and R (Rstudio) - Intro to Data Science (Casablanca)
I contacted Amin to help me with data analytics using R studio. Amin was very accommodating and quick to reply. Thanks to his flexibility we were able to fix a time and date easily. He is a thorough and highly knowledgeable tutor. He took careful measures in helping me grasp statistical concepts that I had forgotten. I have learned a lot even after one lesson! With clear explanations and a friendly approach, I can wholeheartedly recommend him
Review by SARAH
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access (Amsterdam)
Excellent Tutor. He always comes to the lessons very well prepared with lots of practise exercises. Great teaching skills. Extremely professional. I would highly recommend him.
Review by VIC
Arabic and French and English courses at a distance For all levels: ONLINE (Independence)
The first lesson was nice and I appreciate a lot the way Youness manage the lesson I highly recommend him for the patience and the calm... A very nice and postive moment
Review by CHANTAL