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65 mandarin chinese teachers in China

Trusted teacher: Hey there, I’m Amy, a Chinese teacher with experience teaching Mandarin. I was born and raised in Beijing. My accent is very clear and easy to understand. With the growth of teaching time, I found this work attracts me more and more. In my opinion, language learning is a venture full of fun and of course, sometimes with difficulties. But all your efforts are worthy. I have helped over 100 students whether to get their dream jobs or the big promotion or just to improving their Chinese for their trip. I will plan your own personal lesson plan. Including daily conversations, business language, job interviews, preparation for exams. My method is conversational and based on real life so you can relate the language to your life and use your own examples. I can’t wait to share you how beautiful my language is! See you in my class. Aside from teaching, I like to watch movies and traveling.I have been to UK, Germany, Poland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia and so on. 大家好!我是Amy,一名经验丰富的中文老师。我在北京长大,口音清晰易懂。我很喜欢教学工作,在我看来,学习语言非常有趣。虽然有时候会遇到困难,但是都是值得的。我帮助过上百名学生找工作,升职,或者旅行。 关于学习方面,我会帮助你制定学习计划,学习日常用语,商务用语,帮助你通过面试,中文考试等。我的学习素材贴近生活,你可以举一反三。 我已经迫不及待跟你分享我的母语了,课堂上见! 除了教学之外,我喜欢看电影,旅行。我去过英国,德国,波兰,马来西亚,印度尼西亚,俄罗斯等,喜欢交来自不同国家的朋友。
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My courses offer the following skills training: reading, listening comprehension, speaking, pronunciation spelling, grammar usage, writing, vocabulary building, idiomatic expressions, language registers, culture and history. My lesson is learners-centered and based on students' learning styles, and the curriculum is organized around the interests, actual needs, specific learning goals, abilities, and aspirations of students. I also aim to not only offer structured and engaging course content that propels students for self-practice but also give my students a measurable sense of what can be accomplished, so the whole learning experience becomes relevant, useful, and lasting to you. For beginners, I will first provide you with a basic framework for the language being taught, which is in line with the traditional academic approach. For example, you will learn about 10 Chinese characters in each class (60 minutes). You will also learn to read simple Chinese sentences from the beginning. With a solid foundation laid, you will not feel lost by being overwhelmed with hundreds of different unrelated Chinese characters. In lesson 10, you will start reading short Chengyu stories. Drilling and grinding are the inevitable processes of any language learning, but I also incorporate effective learning methodologies to help students absorb knowledge. I will add in vocab pop quizzes as well as some exercises as homework to help consolidate what you have learned in my class. After about 20 lessons, you will have learned several hundred characters already. By then I will have simple conversations with you to strengthen the memory of the most commonly used sentence patterns so that you are conditioned to the tone and the pace of everyday conversation. Once you got the hang of it, I will gradually increase the practice of dialogue in all kinds of practical scenarios, such as reading the Chinese menu and understanding the characters of each dish, telling the taxi driver where you’re going. The more advanced level of the course will focus on interactive discussion while adding correct grammar usage and pronunciation correction throughout the process. I will also expose you to more intellectually stimulating topics and analyze excerpts from literature, news, movies, music lyrics, etc, and encourage you to express opinions and thoughts. My goal is to make language learning an authentic and fun experience. The use of language needs to be closely related to your real life. By simulating various life scenarios, you get to practice the language you use the most. I also exchange roles with my students, asking them to explain the meaning of a certain word or idiom to me and make them create their own sentences. It's okay if you don't remember a particular expression, find the right word or pronounce it correctly every time. Mistakes actually help with learning and progress. I help my students learn through trial and error and exploration, preparing them to take ownership of their learning and continue progressing in the future without me. I speak multiple languages ​​(Cantonese, English, French), which can facilitate your learning if necessary. My classroom materials are sourced from a whole gamut of study materials, from textbooks newspapers, classic literary stories, to music and movies.
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Trusted teacher: Experienced in teaching kids (Age4-17) both KSSR & CAMBRIDGE PRIMARY. Currently teaching IGCSE (Business) students too in an international private school. Experienced in teaching non-native speakers Mandarin as well. I personally do not celebrate the traditional style of teaching whereby students are forced to discipline themselves in academics just to abide by the rules set by the educators. I would prefer guidance over forcing students to learn. I believe different students have different needs in learning, which requires extra attention of the instructor to listen to their needs and cater to them in order to have improvement in studies. Instead of behaving as a traditional academic tutor, what makes me stand out from most tutors is that I practise tutoring with patience, and teaching 1 to 1 is more preferable for me as I could personally adjust to each student’s level while teaching so growth and improvement could be observed. I believe that everyone is unique and not everyone is supposed to achieve A+ in studies because not all of us are genius in studying. Therefore, improvement should be what we strive for in our children’s point of view. Imagine, you would not be happy studying if the pressure is there to keep pushing you to get the highest grade level when your brain is not perfectly built for only studies. Therefore, if you have the same mind-set as mine, I would really be interested in helping your child in his or her academic journey and we can watch them bloom in their future academically.
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Energetic, friendly teaching style help support on line learning encouragement to teenager.
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