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12 luxembourgish teachers in Spain

Trusted teacher: Hello, Welcome to Luxembourgish classes with Larissa. I am a certified Language Teacher and have been teaching Luxembourgish for years. Furthermore, my previous experience working for the Ministry of Education has enriched the valuable sources and tools that I use during my classes. Whether you are a novice and have just moved to Luxembourg or reside at the border or even on the other side of the world- let me help you. In my classes, I target personal needs, here are some examples and focuses: - Preparation for Sproochentest - 24 hour Certification (via third party company) for nationality requests (only for people that are eligible for this category i.e. residency for longer than x year) —> more information is to be found on governmental website - targeted vocabulary tailored to your needs (i.e: business, education, politics, medical…) - improve your speaking skills - learn to understand your environment better (read the magazine in Luxembourgish, laugh at the jokes on the radio, understand different dialects) - gain more insight about Luxembourgish culture and its history - addition to your course to target your weaknesses Why is learning Luxembourgish with me so advantageous ? Here are some of the benefits you will get: - learn from a Luxembourger, born and raised in Luxembourg (close to to the city centre capital) - dual nationality - English/ Luxembourgish - I understand and speak 7 languages : Dutch, French, German, English, Ukrainian and Polish & of cours Luxembourgish - I am trained and experienced in this domain for the past 3 years - I am continuously learning and broadening my skills by taking classes on how to teach you better - so far, 100% of my students passed the Sproochentest - respectful of confidentiality -integrity and professional -puncutal -tailored homework if requested with corrections provided - motivational (let’s not skip the grammar though ;) - flexible hours that work around your schedule from Monday until Sunday - I work online with Zoom, Skype… Book a class with me and you will not be disappointed. I cannot wait to show you your potential. Requests can be messaged to me as well as questions.
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Trusted teacher: Me! My name is Aurélie, I am 27 years old, I am passionate about languages and I am dedicated to teaching. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I grew up in Luxembourg, meeting so many people speaking Luxembourgish, French, German and English! As a child, I was already fluent in French, Luxembourgish and German. Subsequently, at school I learned English. After living in Germany for 5 years, I came to Barcelona, where I am currently staying and where I am learning Spanish and Catalan. The root of words and the link of terms in different languages is something that always occupies my mind and gives me a deep and comprehensive understanding of European languages. I think the Luxembourgish language is a hidden treasure and little considered these days. As a francic language, and thus a family with the Germanic languages, Luxembourgish provides access to the basic understanding of a whole different spectrum of European languages for French-speaking people. On the other hand, the Luxembourgish comes from a strong French influence. It should be remembered all the same, that Luxembourgish has many hidden words which are unique and specific to the language. The course will consist on the one hand of spoken exercises, using various topics, everyday conversations... On the other hand we will go through the most used words and expressions, the conjugation of the most used verbs and we will focus in the first place on the lexical field that the learner will need the most in the specific areas. of his/her daily life (type of profession, hobbies, type of person he/she associates with, etc.). Hoping to be able to give joy and courage to all those who decide to enrich their knowledge of Luxembourgish, a rich language full of surprises. See you soon! :)
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I enjoy each class with Aurélie! She is a motivated, structured and passionate teacher. I feel that with each class I am being more confident and comfortable in speaking Lux. I highly recommande Aurélie if you are looking to learn Lux.
Review by NICOLETA
Luxembourgish lesson for beginners with focus on verbal communication (Béreldange)
Great teacher getting you to speak Luxembourgish as opposed to just knowing how to read or write it. Very patient and encouraging!
Review by IRINA
Economy, Luxembourgish; Mathematics, Hebrew reading French, German, public open to all (Luxembourg)
Kevin has been great with my son. We feel we made a great choice as he has a lot of patience and my son really likes him.
Review by NICOLETA

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