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Trusted teacher: Hello everyone! I want to offer to you a dedicated, well-defined course on Linux systems, accompanied by presentations, written materials and exercises. The course designed to introduce and teach Linux system by studying the shell scripting and C programming perspective. Linux systems are found nearly everywhere, they are supporting majority of internet infrastructure, running networking and database software, boost websites and Cloud providers. They are used by IT companies all over the world as their development environments and internal systems for administration and infrastructure support (DevOps tools). Knowledge and ability to use Linux is highly demanded nowadays and will be highly evaluated by every employer in the related IT area. The proposed material targets beginners, but will perfectly fit to the more advanced users willing to study shell programming the "right way", learn how to use system professionally and utilize features it offers at it's maximum power. Course will start by introducing key aspects of system architecture, their interconnection and thereafter will rapidly continue to the programming discipline itself. We will explore and create an example for each available feature, adopting and combining variety of system utilities, making you more and more familiar with it's possible usage. Regular expressions will be introduced almost immediately and used heavily all along the way, continuously familiarizing you with it's complex syntax and making you skilled enough to craft your own expressions for extracting all sorts of data you might need. By the end of the course you will gain an understanding in operating system design, be able to develop and edit system scripts, tailoring them for your needs, confidently use common terminal tools (including "vim" and "tmux") and features that they offer. Learned material will suite you a solid base for the future studying,exploring and working with Linux systems.
Computer programming · Linux · Regular expressions
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Math, IB Mathematics (HL & SL), Science, Computer Science, Coding Language C, C++, Python. (Tokyo)
Himank is a great (and fun!) teacher who explains the content in a way that you can understand very quickly. I really enjoy having class with him because of the way he explains things. I highly recommend him!!
Review by RION
Basic Python, Linux and/or Statistics courses for beginners (Strasbourg)
Iunes is able to tackle any probem.
Review by JACINTA
Experienced Software Engineer - Java, Python and C Teacher
Review by PHILIPPE

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