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242 learning & study skills teachers in United States

Trusted teacher: Online Arabic Tutor & French Teacher Native Arabic Speak: French, English, Spanish Hello, I am a French & Arabic teacher, who graduated in 2020 (French language) and I have worked in primary school with the government, and in private schools since 2019. Bachelor's in Arabic in 2016 As a dedicated and experienced French tutor, I am committed to helping my students achieve fluency and confidence in the French language. With over 3 years of experience teaching French to both children and adults, I have developed a deep understanding of the language and its complexities. My teaching approach is focused on creating a supportive and engaging learning environment, where students feel comfortable practicing their French skills and asking questions. I tailor my lessons to the needs and goals of each individual student, whether they are beginners or advanced learners. My goal is to help students develop a strong foundation in French grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, while also providing opportunities for conversational practice and cultural immersion. In addition to teaching the French language, I also incorporate cultural elements into my lessons. I believe that learning about French culture and customs is an important part of language learning, as it provides context and a deeper understanding of the language. I hold a diploma in French language and am fluent in English, Arabic and FRench, Spanish and let a bit of Turkish. I have experience with a variety of teaching materials and methods and am able to adapt my teaching style to suit the needs and learning styles of each individual student. Overall, my passion for the French language and culture, combined with my experience and dedication to teaching, make me a strong choice for anyone looking to learn French or improve their existing French skills. for more information contact me on private or book a lesson and let's discuss more
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Hi there! This is Arkhesia from Madrid, Spain. I'm an experienced and qualified teacher who teaches Spanish and English at all levels. I'm also certified to prepare Cambridge exams (Linguaskill). I have been working as a high school teacher in my country, as a governess, home-school headteacher, teacher in offices and academies. Now, I just moved to Switzerland and I'm trying to settle over here, so I'm sure if you need classes this can help both of us :) I work with language acquisition upper 3 years with sensorial stimulation and the Montessori approach, academic support for all subjects until 10 years, and exam preparation courses. I like to work with various activities to find the methods that correspond to my students and their processes of learning in different fields to develop different skills (communication, comprehension, and writing) and have fun (I really believe attitude and predisposition determine learning :P). I organize my courses so that my students can have solid and structured knowledge with a positive, extrovert, and dynamic approach, I guess more under a Hispanic perspective rather than the British one xD. Interested in cultural aspects?! Well as you already know I'm from Madrid, but I have also been living in Panama, England, and Ireland among other places so we can share different perspectives too. Willing to know about my studies? ask for my CV if so cause that's a bit wide hahaha but trying to put it in a nutshell I studied English Studies Degree (UAH, Spain), Master in teacher training E.S.O, Bach., FP, and languages. Specialization: English. (UFV, Spain), Module in Educational Leadership: agency, professional learning and change. (OU, U.K) and Master in Conscious Education. (Kuestiona, Spain). Can't afford the prices? Let me know. I'm into SociocracyForAll, and I agree and consider a world in which people engage together to meet their individual and collective needs in an equitable way, with respect for all living beings as a standard.
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🌟 Welcome to an Enlightening Learning Journey! 🌟 Are you ready to embark on an educational adventure that transcends traditional boundaries? Hello, I'm Nahid, a dedicated and passionate educator with a global perspective. With a rich blend of domestic and international teaching experience, I've honed my skills in fostering meaningful connections between education, research, development, and the evolving dimensions of humanity, nature, and technology. 🔍 My Vision: My teaching philosophy is guided by the posthumanist lens - an approach that bridges the gap between human experiences and emerging technologies. I believe in nurturing not only academic excellence but also inquisitive minds that understand the interconnectedness of the world around us. By embracing equality, diversity, and inclusion, I'm committed to creating a classroom where every voice is heard and valued. 🎓 Expertise: Drawing from my broad background, I specialize in English as a foreign language and various academic subjects. Whether you're trying to understand the nuances of the English language or exploring the intersections of elementary and middle school subjects, I'm here to guide you on your intellectual journey. 🌍 Beyond Borders: Having worked across diverse cultural landscapes, I appreciate the beauty of a globalised world. My experiences have taught me to adapt teaching methodologies to resonate with learners from all walks of life, ensuring an engaging and enriching educational experience. 🌈 Inclusive Excellence: Creating a just and inclusive world is at the heart of my mission. I celebrate individuality and provide a safe space for every student to thrive, irrespective of background, identity, or ability. Education is a powerful tool for positive change; together, we can contribute to a brighter future. 📚 What to Expect: In our collaborative learning space, you can anticipate personalised guidance, thought-provoking discussions, and hands-on experiences that transcend textbooks. I'll empower you with critical thinking skills and a holistic understanding of how our interconnected world operates. Are you ready to challenge the boundaries of conventional learning? Let's redefine education in a way that harmonizes with the dynamic world we inhabit. Join me in shaping a brighter tomorrow, one lesson at a time.
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Unlock the Power of Language: Embark on an exciting journey of language mastery with Youssef's personalized private English lessons in the heart of Agadir, Morocco. Whether you're a student aiming for academic excellence, a professional seeking career advancement, or an adventure enthusiast gearing up for global travels, this immersive learning experience is tailored just for you. About the Class: Step into a world where language comes alive. Youssef, a dedicated language educator, brings his passion for effective communication and cultural exchange to each lesson. Through his patient guidance, you'll not only navigate the intricacies of English but also gain the confidence to express yourself fluently and naturally. What Sets Our Class Apart: Tailored Learning Path: Youssef crafts a personalized curriculum based on your current proficiency, learning pace, and individual objectives. Every lesson is designed to build on your strengths and address your unique areas of growth. Engaging Interactive Approach: Dive into a dynamic learning experience that combines interactive digital resources, real-world scenarios, and stimulating discussions. You'll actively participate in conversations, enhancing your conversational skills from day one. Cultural Immersion: Language is a gateway to culture. Youssef seamlessly integrates cultural insights, providing you with a holistic understanding of English-speaking communities around the world. Flexible Schedule: Life's demands shouldn't hinder your learning journey. Youssef offers flexible scheduling options, ensuring that your pursuit of fluency fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Progressive Advancement: Youssef's class is a journey of growth. Lessons are meticulously structured to build a strong foundation and gradually elevate your language proficiency. Who Can Benefit: Students: Whether you're aiming for excellence in English exams or wish to excel academically, Youssef's class supports your educational aspirations. Professionals: Elevate your career prospects by honing your English skills for effective communication in various professional contexts. Travel Enthusiasts: Prepare for your global adventures with practical language skills, allowing you to navigate new cultures and connect with people effortlessly. Join us in this transformative experience of language and connection. Youssef's private English lessons empower you to break linguistic barriers, fostering growth, understanding, and the confidence to embrace the world with open arms. Contact us today to embark on your journey toward Fluent English Mastery. Your fluency awaits!
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Cours d'allemand pour tous les niveaux à domicile ou en ligne (Tunis)
I recommend Khalil without a doubt to anyone looking to improve his/her German level in both writing and speaking. He is a very professional, structured and knowledgeable teacher. He was able to immediately evaluate my level of German during the very first lesson and adjust the teaching methodology and materials accordingly. I am truly impressed with his patience and dedication towards teaching the proper German pronunciation with all its complexities and difficulties as well as the proper rules when it comes to grammar and language. We also had lessons using Skype which is also a good option for those who have a limited amount of spare time or are too far apart from the teacher. It is obvious that Khalil loves what he is doing and is willing to put all his effort into his passion. I wholeheartedly recommend Khalil for anyone wanting to learn the language.
Review by AMINE
Koreaanse cursus/Online Korean/Easy Korean/Let's have fun learning Korean!/TOPIK 1 (Hengelo)
I already had a few lessons with Sanghee and I can definitely recommend her! Her patient and interactive teaching style work very well together with her well planned, organized lessons and her nice personality. Her classes are completely in Korean so that in itself teaches you a lot and will improve your speaking abilities immediately, especially if speaking in Korean is still difficult for you. If you don't understand something she of course will switch to English. The homework also keeps my study drive going and I already have the feeling that I can express myself better in Korean. :)
Review by LILITH
Carlos is an amazing teacher! I have learned more studying with him in a few months then I have learned in a year with other teachers. He is patient, knowledgeable and organized. We have good conversations and he really knows how to activate the language and give confidence to his students. For more basic students like myself it's very useful that he can speak other languages so well, although we use mostly Spanish in our lessons. He is simply the best! I highly recommend Carlos as a teacher!
Review by CYNTHIA