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274 learning & study skills teachers in Spain

I am an experienced English language instructor with expertise in teaching students of all levels. I have a strong educational background, having taught English at a renowned university where the language of instruction is English. In addition, I have gained practical experience by working for an American company, which has further enhanced my understanding of the language and its application in professional settings. With my comprehensive knowledge and practical experience, I am equipped to provide effective and tailored instruction to students at any proficiency level, helping them improve their English skills and achieve their language goals. Learning the English language can have numerous benefits that extend beyond academic studies. Here are some ways in which learning English can improve your studies, way of life, and overall personal growth: 1. Academic Advancement: English is widely used as the language of instruction in universities worldwide. By mastering English, you can access a broader range of educational opportunities, including scholarships, research opportunities, and exchange programs in English-speaking countries. 2. Career Opportunities: English fluency is highly valued in the global job market. It can open doors to international career prospects and increase your employability in multinational companies. Many industries, such as tourism, hospitality, international business, and communications, require English proficiency for successful career advancement. 3. Enhanced Communication Skills: English is considered the lingua franca of the modern world. By improving your English, you can effectively communicate with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, expanding your social and professional networks. It allows you to connect with a wider range of individuals, fostering cultural exchange and broadening your horizons. 4. Access to Knowledge and Resources: English is the primary language of the internet, scientific research, and academic publications. By mastering English, you gain access to a vast array of resources, including books, articles, online courses, and educational materials, enabling you to stay updated with the latest advancements in various fields. Overall, learning English offers a multitude of benefits, ranging from academic and career opportunities to personal and cultural enrichment. It equips you with a valuable skill set that can significantly impact your studies, way of life, and future prospects.
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Trusted teacher: Online Arabic Tutor & French Teacher Native Arabic Speak: French, English, Spanish Hello, I am a French & Arabic teacher, who graduated in 2020 (French language) and I have worked in primary school with the government, and in private schools since 2019. Bachelor's in Arabic in 2016 As a dedicated and experienced French tutor, I am committed to helping my students achieve fluency and confidence in the French language. With over 3 years of experience teaching French to both children and adults, I have developed a deep understanding of the language and its complexities. My teaching approach is focused on creating a supportive and engaging learning environment, where students feel comfortable practicing their French skills and asking questions. I tailor my lessons to the needs and goals of each individual student, whether they are beginners or advanced learners. My goal is to help students develop a strong foundation in French grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, while also providing opportunities for conversational practice and cultural immersion. In addition to teaching the French language, I also incorporate cultural elements into my lessons. I believe that learning about French culture and customs is an important part of language learning, as it provides context and a deeper understanding of the language. I hold a diploma in French language and am fluent in English, Arabic and FRench, Spanish and let a bit of Turkish. I have experience with a variety of teaching materials and methods and am able to adapt my teaching style to suit the needs and learning styles of each individual student. Overall, my passion for the French language and culture, combined with my experience and dedication to teaching, make me a strong choice for anyone looking to learn French or improve their existing French skills. for more information contact me on private or book a lesson and let's discuss more
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Mathematics is a branch of study that deals with the logic of quantity, structure, and space. It involves using symbols and mathematical notation to represent and solve problems related to numbers, quantities, and shapes. One of the most important aspects of mathematics is its emphasis on logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Math requires careful analysis and critical thinking to identify patterns, formulate hypotheses, and test solutions. Overall, mathematics is a fascinating and essential subject that is used in a wide range of fields, from science and engineering to finance and economics. Through diligent study and practice, anyone can develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in math and beyond. I will be tutoring across all the standard British GCSE exam boards that include AQA, OCR and Edexcel. As a math tutor for GCSE's, my primary goal would be to help students develop a strong foundation in math concepts and techniques, and to build their confidence in their ability to solve problems. Here are some ways I would go about achieving this goal: 1. Assessing student's current level of knowledge: Before starting any tutoring sessions, I would assess the student's current level of knowledge and identify any areas of weakness that need to be addressed. 2.Identifying learning style and adapting the teaching method: Every student learns differently, and it's important to identify their learning style and adapt the teaching method to suit their needs. Some students may benefit from visual aids such as diagrams or graphs, while others may prefer to work with concrete examples or through problem-solving activities. 3. Focusing on understanding, not just memorizing: It's important to focus on helping students understand math concepts, rather than just memorizing formulas and rules. This involves breaking down complex topics into simpler concepts, providing real-world examples, and encouraging students to ask questions. 4. Providing targeted instruction and practice: Once the areas of weakness have been identified, I would provide targeted instruction and practice to help students overcome any obstacles they may be facing. This may involve going over specific topics, providing additional examples or exercises, or working through past exam papers. 5. Encouraging regular practice: Consistent practice is key to success in math, so I would encourage students to practice regularly, both during tutoring sessions and on their own time. This may involve setting homework assignments or providing additional resources such as online practice exercises or video tutorials. 6.Providing feedback and encouragement: Finally, it's important to provide feedback and encouragement to help students stay motivated and on track. This may involve providing constructive feedback on completed work, highlighting areas of improvement, and celebrating successes and progress.
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Trusted teacher: Welcome to our English Language Course designed for beginners and intermediate learners! In this course, we will take you on a journey to master the English language step by step. Course Objective: Our objective is to help you become proficient in the English language by teaching you the foundational grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversational skills. Course Content: The course will be divided into two levels: Beginner and Intermediate. Beginner Level: Introduction to English: The English Alphabet Pronunciation Greetings Introducing oneself Grammar: Nouns Verbs Adjectives Adverbs Prepositions Simple sentence construction and word order Vocabulary Building: Common nouns Action verbs Adjectives and adverbs Everyday expressions Basic conversation skills Reading and Writing: Simple sentences and short paragraphs Basic reading comprehension exercises Basic writing exercises Intermediate Level: Grammar: Tenses Modal verbs Conditional sentences Reported speech Phrasal verbs Complex sentence structure Vocabulary Building: Idioms and expressions Grammar and vocabulary exercises : gap filling Reading and Writing: Longer paragraphs and essays Advanced reading comprehension exercises Listening and Speaking: Listening exercises Course Delivery: This course will be delivered through a combination of classroom lectures, interactive exercises and self-study materials. Conclusion: By the end of this course, you will be able to communicate effectively in English, both in written and verbal forms. You will have the necessary skills to confidently engage in everyday conversations, read and write basic English, and communicate effectively in a business or academic setting. We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey of English language learning with you!
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Cours d'allemand pour tous les niveaux à domicile ou en ligne (Tunis)
I recommend Khalil without a doubt to anyone looking to improve his/her German level in both writing and speaking. He is a very professional, structured and knowledgeable teacher. He was able to immediately evaluate my level of German during the very first lesson and adjust the teaching methodology and materials accordingly. I am truly impressed with his patience and dedication towards teaching the proper German pronunciation with all its complexities and difficulties as well as the proper rules when it comes to grammar and language. We also had lessons using Skype which is also a good option for those who have a limited amount of spare time or are too far apart from the teacher. It is obvious that Khalil loves what he is doing and is willing to put all his effort into his passion. I wholeheartedly recommend Khalil for anyone wanting to learn the language.
Review by AMINE
Koreaanse cursus/Online Korean/Easy Korean/Let's have fun learning Korean!/TOPIK 1 (Hengelo)
I already had a few lessons with Sanghee and I can definitely recommend her! Her patient and interactive teaching style work very well together with her well planned, organized lessons and her nice personality. Her classes are completely in Korean so that in itself teaches you a lot and will improve your speaking abilities immediately, especially if speaking in Korean is still difficult for you. If you don't understand something she of course will switch to English. The homework also keeps my study drive going and I already have the feeling that I can express myself better in Korean. :)
Review by LILITH
Learn or improve your Spanish with a native spanish teacher (Palma de Mallorca)
Carlos is an amazing teacher! I have learned more studying with him in a few months then I have learned in a year with other teachers. He is patient, knowledgeable and organized. We have good conversations and he really knows how to activate the language and give confidence to his students. For more basic students like myself it's very useful that he can speak other languages so well, although we use mostly Spanish in our lessons. He is simply the best! I highly recommend Carlos as a teacher!
Review by CYNTHIA