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13 hungarian teachers in United States

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Akos - Rotterdam$31
Trusted teacher: No one: … Hungarians: “Megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért!“ The fact that you have found my profile means that you are intrigued by Hungarian to some extent. Me as a polyglot linguist who is also a native speaker of this exciting and colourful language do share your appreciation. - Are you planning a vacation (or even moving) to Hungary and want to make the most of your experience with being able to communicate with the locals? (Believe me, they will really appreciate it!) - Are you interested because you want to speak to your significant other in their native language, or perhaps to rediscover your own roots? - Do you want to pick up a new challenge and learn a language that is known for its complexity? Whatever your goal, we can reach it together! Despite its notorious reputation among linguists and non-linguists alike, I can help you tame the beast and show you that the language of the Magyars in fact is way more systematic than many (including Hungarians) would like to admit ;) I have tutored over a dozen students in Hungarian from various nationality backgrounds across 3 continents, and I have a proven set of methods/materials for each of the 6 CEFR levels. The class contents are tailored to your own goals, pace and interests. As a rule of thumb, I like to start out with easy-paced classes for which no previous linguistic knowledge is necessary, so you can feel at ease while warming up to Hungarian. But since I am familiar with various layers of the language, we can also take a step forward and dive into more spicy topics such as etymology, descriptive grammar, poetry (you name it) if you are interested. In any case, you can expect a structured approach with clear and doable aims, lots of first-hand cultural notes and personalised home assignments that help your progress. If you want to start to learn Hungarian, don’t hesitate to send me a mail!
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Edua - Bern$26
Trusted teacher: Dear language friends and "language enemies" :) I'm Édua, a music student from Switzerland, but I live in Strasbourg. For me, besides music, languages were the ones that have accompanied me since I was a child. Because I was born in Hungary, but thanks to my German-speaking school, I started German at the age of 7. I also tested my enthusiasm in competitions with good results, and my love for the German language helped me start my studies in Switzerland. So I spent 3 years there and immersed myself very deeply in the German language ... :) When I was 10, I also started the English language, which I also fell in love with. I use English the most in everyday life and I am currently preparing for an entrance exam for English Studies. I firmly believe that you can teach very well, maybe even better, if you have learned the language yourself. That's how I did it, I've studied both languages seriously since my childhood, looked deeply into grammar, listening tasks, understanding, etc. This is how I learned some tricks that I would share with you! I also know that language learning can also be exhausting. If you are more of a language enemy, but somehow still want to / have to learn :), I would be happy to help you get to know another side of learning. I was there too, had my own troubles, but I've also had so much success! That is why I strongly suggest that you have courage and begin to love languages! And if you still want to start something completely new and special, I can also help you with Hungarian;) Feel free to contact me if you are interested or need more information! I'm really looking forward to getting in touch! best regards Édua
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Ik heb niks dan goeds te zeggen over Akos. Hij is aardig, geduldig en heeft een enorme passie voor alles Japan. Ik hoop nog heel lang van hem te mogen leren! I have nothing but good things to say about Akos. He is kind, patient and has an enormous passion for everything Japan-related. I hope to be able to learn from him for a long time to come!
Review by LOTTE
Private lessons and tutoring in German, English, even Hungarian! (Strasbourg)
Our son really enjoyed working with Edua! She was helpful, really friendly and flexible. We look forward to working with her again.
Review by JESSICA

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