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Sebastian - Brussels$24
Trusted teacher: Hallo und willkommen! Ich heiße Sebastian und ich bin 31 Jahre alt. I currently work as a language teacher at the Volksuniversiteit The Hague and I love every minute I can spend with my students. A Volksuniversiteit (litt. folk university) is an institute for non-formal adult education in the Netherlands. I am a German native speaker and general language enthusiast. Besides German, I speak English, Swedish, Spanish, French and Italian. Having learned multiple languages myself I am sure that I can successfully teach you German in a fun and relaxed manner. My focus lies on speaking the language as much as possible with my students. Immersion is key to language learning. Think of small children. They are language geniuses. Why? Because they speak as soon as their brains permit them to speak, without worrying about making mistakes. Therefore, it is paramount to start using the newly learned words immediately in order to prime our brains to get comfortable with the new language. Do you already have German knowledge? No problem! Instead of building the basics we can design classes that meet your personal needs and preferences. My classes combine speaking, listening & grammar exercises in interaction with me. Furthermore, I show you German food, music and places. On top of that, I introduce you to the best technological tools (homepages and applications) to boost your language learning and take it to the next level! I am extremely confident that you very soon will have the same success that I have had in learning languages! I look forward to hearing from you! See you soon! Bis bald! Sebastian
Trusted teacher: English below~ German weiter unten~ Practice English or German? Have conversations in a nice atmosphere? In a relaxed and educational hour I will be happy to help you better understand and speak these languages, read and write, understand or translate. Role play? Unpacking stories? Or we can just practice vocabulary lists for school if that's what you (or your child) need(s). Or a combination of all these things. We can determine the structure of the lesson together, applied to what you need. I also give maths tutoring or help with maths. I especially like algebra and plane geometry, and I would like to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with you (only primary school level for now). Remember: every new language is a new toolbox! ~ I'm offering English and German training sessions and help with homework: reading and writing, spelling and pronunciation, translation, vocab practice, test preparation, you name it. Need some help to spark some joy? We can do roleplay, language games and work with stories. This is supplementary to what school or work asks of you, or can just be for personal recreation. Also, I can assist you with mathematics: maths homework, extra practice and test preparation for primary school pupils. Don't you just revel in a good sum? Weather you do or don't, I'd love to share my enthusiasm with you. Contact me and we can discuss what you need. Remember: each new language opens a new way to look at the world! ~ Should Sie Ihr Englisch oder Deutsch verbessern? Brauchen Sie (or Ihr Kind) Nachhilfe? Lassen Sie uns die Sprache üben üben! Mithilfe von Rolenspielen, Gesprächen, Vorlesestunden oder Geschichtenanalyse - oder machen wir einfach geradlinige Prüfungsvorbereitung: Rechtschreibungsübung, Aussprache, Vokabularlisten abarbeiten... Mathematiknachhilfe gebe ich außerdem auch, für Grundschüler. Lassen Sie mich einfach erase, was Sie benötigen, und wir schauenziemmen danach. Thinking Sie daran: Jede neue Sprache öffnet eine neue Tür in die Welt. ~
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Yana - Utrecht$17
Trusted teacher: Hello, students! I`m a qualified (MA in German Language and Linguistics) and experienced German and Russian language tutor. I did more than 3000 classes with students from another sourses. I would be delighted to offer one-to-one German language tuition to determined learners, who are eager to build up their current knowledge or to start from scratch, and who are committed to achieving a certain level in a very short time, from beginner level to extensive. My professional focus is on improving communication skills using fast-track techniques. The pace of my training is intensive and dynamic with focus on developing grammar, vocabulary, fluency and how to use the language in authentic situations I select a training program individually for every student depending on their level, interests, and goals. -Active learning of grammar, an extensive conversation practice. -Creative tasks that will make language learning fun and interesting. You will quickly improve your pronunciation, grammar, speaking, reading, writing and conversational skills. If you want to improve your language skills or start studying German, you will definitely like my lessons that are individually tailored for each student according to the level and interest and aimed at your success! Extra information German lessons include: - Proper grammar - tenses, conjugations, cases, genders - Accurate pronunciation and accent reduction - Vocabulary expansion/ conversation practice - Developing oral speech. But! I can change the lessons plan depending on your wishes and purposes. The lessons look like usual face-to-face lessons at home. Good sounds and video quality, interactives materials,using the chat box, file transfers, sharing screens/links and giving examples,saving time-all this give better results then usual lessons. Every russian lesson is good-prepaired and well-structured.
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German course for adults, students or kids! (All skill levels) (Brussels)
Sebastian is a really good teacher. Our son, who is 10, has regular German lessons with him every week for over 3 months now and we are very happy with his teaching methods. Sebastian has very empathic approach and is really good in adapting the lessons to the needs of our son. He even manages to do grammar exercises in such way, that it is easy to understand and to remember. I really like the learning material Sebastian uses as each new lesson expands knowledge from the previous, so there is continuous build up of vocabulary without loosing what one has already learned and there is also lots of talking involved. It is really important in building confidence for using the language. Sebastian also coped really well with the situation when he had to start nearly from point zero while doing the lessons purely in German. This is not always easy when you teach a beginner but by a creative use of technology he always manages to make sure everything is well understood. My son enjoys lessons with Sebastian very much as he is very patient and fun person to learn with.
Review by DIANA
Fun and effective German classes, Berlin and online (Berlin)
I have been taught by Benedict for just over 2 months and I feel my German has really progressed well in this short time. I always feel like I am being challenged but not to the point where I feel lost like I have done learning other languages. I enjoy the fact that my lessons are always adapted to my learning style too.
Review by RACHAEL
German courses for all levels (grammar and spelling / speaking) (Brussels)
Alexis is a great teacher for my son. He is patient and supportive and really knows how to motivate kids. He is great at building confidence and keeping lessons fun. My son looks forward to each lesson!
Review by CRISTINA