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Programming and Video Game Development have been a passion of mine for the last 10 years. I've been through hundreds of bad Unity courses and have been instructed by very bad teachers. But from that, I've developed a strategy that has helped Thousands of students achieve their goals of creating real-world video games. And I want to do the same for You! My teaching techniques are Tailored for Complete beginners with zero coding experience to dive in with me and achieve a degree of mastery they never thought possible in such a short period of time. Our journey starts with the very basics, where we leave no stone unturned. We understand what every single button, tab, and window in the Unity Engine does. Next, we'll create our First Video Game just to get our initial fears out of the way. This will be a simple intro into Unity to make sure we understand the basics. But what really makes my instruction guide special is that I allow my students to choose how they would like to proceed from here. Is your goal to create a 2D RPG? A 3D First-Person Shooter? A 2D platformer? I will give you all these options, and you can freely choose which one suits your ambitions the most. And this is where the strategy comes in. We start building our project one gameplay mechanic at a time, and at every step we learn new video game design techniques, gain mastery of better programming methods, and increase our understanding of the Unity Engine. And the most amazing part is. We're doing all of this with the latest version of Unity and the most modern programming techniques. But what will really set you apart from all other students in your field and maximize your knowledge retention is my philosophy of learning "Doing > Watching." At every step of the way, you'll have challenges that you need to solve by yourself. But don't worry, even if you can't figure out how to do the challenges, I'll be there to help you after you try and complete the challenge with you. This method has shown an increase of 59% in student mastery of any subject, especially programming. So what should you expect by the end of my course? You'll become a master problem solver. You'll understand the fundamentals of coding and learn how to program video games just like the ones you've always dreamed of. I'm so excited to get started and I hope you are too. This is the perfect time to start learning Unity Engine, so dive in with me and I will help you along every step of your Video Game Development journey.
Game development · Computer programming · Software engineering
Trusted teacher: C++ is the language of Systems. When it comes to performance its either C or C++ that came again and again to rescue and help engineer carefully architect the systems and control almost every aspect of a program. I am a passionate C++ programmer and have been working for last 9 years in C++. I am professionally working at Ubisoft as a game engine programmer for last 6+ years. I am current living in Paris as I continue to work at Ubisoft and the course is in English because I do not speak French yet. Through out my career I have worked on various C++ code bases ranging from game engine rendering, physics, A.I., video decoder, distributed build build systems for building large C++ code bases. Apart from coding I like to teach how to write efficient code to people with less experience in a manner which is easy to understand and feels fun. The approach I would like to take with the course differs from text books. Text books generally drops too much information at once and makes it overwhelming for students. I would start with assessment of the student's skill with coding and dive straight into to coding without even wasting a minute. Together we will work on simple projects and learn how to build a complex program. By the time the course finishes you should be able to jump into thousands of lines of code with comfort. Don't worry even if you have never written a single line of code. Even though people do not recommend you to start with C++ I think it is better to start this way. Things you learn on the way would make you a better programmer when it comes to any other language. This is how I learnt coding also. C++ Course Includes: C subset of C++ (Pointers, Functions, User Defined Data types) Object Oriented Features of C++ Advanced C++ Features (Templates, Lambdas, Threads etc.) Effective use of STL Containers and Algorithms. Memory Management File IO How to leverage Multi-threading to improve responsiveness of your programs We can go far into advance technicalities but that is based on the skill set of the student. On the side: We will work on interesting projects based on the choice of the student. We can also make video games literally in C++ from scratch (this could seriously be fun). Data Structures Desing Patterns Code Versioning (Git) Operating Systems basics Making Apps
Computer programming · Computer engineering · Game development
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Programming and Game Development (C, C#, Java, Unity3D) (Leuven)
Very good teacher. The class was really useful and constructive. It helped me a lot. Highly recommended!
Review by ROBERTA
Introduction to concept design for characters, sets, objects ...
Very friendly teacher! Good professional, very good with explaining things, engaging.

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