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63 economics for adults teachers in United States

Trusted teacher: Accompagnement rigoureux de l'élève à la préparation de l'épreuve d'ECONOMIE au BAC G/E - méthodes/techniques/astuces Méthodologie INFO URGENTE : EN RAISON DU CORONAVIRUS, J'ANNULE TOUTES SEANCES A DOMICILE. J'EFFECTUE POUR CELA UN TARIF PAR WEBCAM REDUIT. BIEN A VOUS Chère Lycéenne, Cher Lycéen, Je suis yasmine, j'ai 21 ans et j'entame une expérience avec une centaine d’élèves dans le domaine des cours particuliers. Je suis actuellement en deuxième année à l'école nationale de gestion et de commerce . J'aime réfléchir sur des questions de réflexions menant à des raisonnements. J'estime grâce à mes diverses expériences dans les cours particuliers d'être en mesure d'accompagner l'élève comme il se doit. Evidemment, mes séances sont accordées à la réussite des épreuve du BAC mais j'amènerai avant tout l'élève à réfléchir, à bien analyser une question afin qu'il gagne en autonomie dans les disciplines réflexives. J'encadrerai l'élève comme il se doit par des bases méthodologiques et de savoirs faire. Lors de chaque fin de séances de cours, j'enverrai un devoir sur table type BAC adapté aux difficultés de l'élève. L'élève relira d'abord attentivement les supports de cours PDF que je lui aurai envoyé par courriel ainsi que la méthodologie de l'épreuve composée et/ou de la dissertation avant d'effectuer le devoir sur table dans des conditions d'examen (vivement conseillé). Je donnerai motivation à l'élève par un vrai coaching afin d'éviter abandon ou échec.
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Hello, I offer one-to-one private tuition to university students and adults in Political Science, Essay/Dissertation-writing, Political Economy, Economics, and European Studies. I have 15 years of experience in high-quality private tuition, and I am also a Lecturer in EU Politics at one of the world’s leading universities (University College London - though I am currently working remotely from Brussels). My main areas of specialization are European Union politics and political economy, but I also regularly teach all other areas of Political Science, including Public Policy, Comparative Politics, Introduction to Politics, Populism, Democratisation, and many more. In addition, I teach Economics at a beginner/intermediate level. I can also help with dissertations and essays, at the undergraduate, Master or Ph.D. level. As I supervise and mark UCL students ' dissertations throughout the year, I am able to give you the marker's perspective and help you ensure that you obtain a top mark. In addition, I am experienced in helping adult learners who want to improve their skills in Political Science or basic Economics, for professional or personal reasons. Teaching is an activity that I deeply enjoy, and for which I have great enthusiasm. I was recently nominated for the Award for Outstanding Teaching by the UCL Students' Union. The feedback which I received from students taught in the past was very positive. In particular, I was told that my teaching had inspired students, and had made complex subjects appear simple and interesting. My approach to teaching is results-focused. I first discuss with the student what are his/her objectives (this may be achieving top marks on a final exam, being able to undertake exercises given as homework, or increasing their understanding of certain aspects of a subject). We then devise together a work plan, to ensure that the student meets those goals. This approach has been very successful in the past, as it is not only important to understand a certain subject, but also to be prepared for the particular type of examination or assessment that the student will need to face. I have a Ph.D. in Political Economy from Utrecht University, a master's in European Studies from the College of Europe in Bruges, and a degree in Economics from the London School of Economics (LSE). I am available to meet students either in person in Brussels (ideally at ULB or VUB, other locations also possible) or online through Zoom. Alternatively, I can work via email exchange only (for example, to help with essays and dissertations). I normally teach in English, but as a fluent French speaker, I could also teach in French.
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Accounting, Corporate Finance, advance Economics, strategy, MIM, Grand Ecole Exam Preparation (Paris)
Vishakha is a great teacher, I enjoyed the classes together! In one week she was able to explain me a whole semester program of financial accounting to get ready for my exam. She is very patient and allows you to learn from your mistakes by trying. She is ready to help and explain again what was misunderstood. Vishakha is teacher for whom it is very important when a student really understands concepts and basics of a class. So, she will be very creative to make you imagine these concepts in real life and to understand how the process functions. She chooses a personal way to each student depending on personal abilities and time. She is very flexible and always in touch with a student to answer all the questions. She is indeed to rescue you. Thus, I would definitely recommend Vishakha for everyone who really wants to understand the subject and be able to apply the knowledge to not only exams but also in real life,
Review by NATALIA
AP and IB Economics Tutor, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics (Şişli)
I am an HL IB Economics student from Istanbul, and had 1 lesson so far with Mr. Fatih. He is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher. Throughout the zoom lesson, he wrote and explained everything clearly on a document that he later shared with me. After any explanation, at the end, he made sure I understood everything, and If not, he explained it again. I am very happy with Mr. Fatih, and I'm looking forward to working with him again.
Review by BURAK
Professional tutor in Advanced Economics and Mathematics (Madrid)
I am very happy with the classes overall. He is very good at explaining things so that you understand, no matter your level beforehand. He is very patient and reliable and will go over things as many times as you need. All of this resulted in me going from almost failing to actually being one of the best in that class. Would absolutely recommend!
Review by OLIVIA