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30 trumpet teachers in The Netherlands

Michiel (1993) comes from Leersum, where he started as a trombonist with the band Eendracht Maakt Macht Leersum. He graduated from the Rotterdam Conservatory, where he studied with Ilja Reijngoud, Bert Boeren, Bart van Lier, Andy Hunter and classical lessons with Alexander Verbeek. Michiel played with various orchestras, including the National Youth Fanfare Orchestra with Danny Oosterman, Dutch Student Jazz Orchestra, Dutch Symphonic Wind Orchestra, Gallowstreet, Valvetronic Brassband, Jong Metropole, Zomerorkest Nederland (as guest soloist) and National Youth Jazz Orchestra. He currently plays with the Hillsback Brass Band (co-founder) from Utrecht and the Utrecht Student Big Band. He also teaches at harmony De Vriendschap in Woerden, music school Kunstenhuis Idea De Bilt, De Biltse Harmonie, the Nijkerks Stedelijk Fanfare Corps, fanfare Erica Austerlitz, harmony Aurora Driebergen and fanfare Excelsior Cothen and Harmonie Manderen in Maarn in the instruments trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet, (bass) trombone, horn, euphonium and bass tuba. Brass blowing music lessons with Michiel During the first music lesson you are introduced to the musical instrument: How do you hold it? How do you make sound? How do you move the slider and press the valves? Once this foundation has been laid, we will work on the basics of brass blowing in a lesson book: Embouchure training, playing natural tones and playing the first songs. The basics of brass blowing: What is embouchure? The same principle applies to all brass instruments: You blow air, you purse your lips, causing them to vibrate and therefore create the so-called "buzz". Buzzing is the sound you make when your lips vibrate. You then do this buzzing on your mouthpiece and before you know it you can already buzz melodies, for example "Jingle Bells". Then you place the mouthpiece on your instrument and the buzz is amplified by the brass instrument. Training the lips and developing a nice buzz is also called training your embouchure. Natural tones on a brass instrument After a lot of practice you will get a nice sound and you can produce different tones with the valves or the slide. You can also produce higher and lower tones without moving the slide or valves. These tones are called natural tones: tones that you blow through the instrument in a fixed order as you go up and down. Practicing blowing these natural notes is called blowing lip bonds. Playing the first songs and improvisation When teaching beginning students, I often start by learning songs by ear. In the future I will work on developing a musical ear and rhythm, learning to read notes, learning to play together, technique and learning to improvise. "The most important thing is that the student enjoys brass blowing. The focus of the lessons will therefore be on learning to master the instrument and learning to play together with other students."
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Trusted teacher: Hi there! I am Rafael, a graduate Master's student at the Conservatorium Maastricht. I have been playing trumpet for more than 15 years and I am excited to share my passion and show others the fantastic sound of the trumpet. In the past when I was still living in Portugal (my home country), I have been a trumpet teacher for musicians of all ages. Additionally, I have experience in orchestra playing such as Radio Filharmonisch Orkest, NJO (Nationaal Jeugdorkest), and Limburg Jeugd Orkest. I am passionate about classical music, however, I am open to working with any music style, like Jazz, Pop, or Baroque. Before coming to the Netherlands, I graduated from the ESMAE (Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo) in Porto, Portugal. During my career, I have been working with musicians such as Floris Onstweder, Benny Wiame, Kevin Wauldron, Telmo Barbosa, and Carlos Leite. I also did a masterclass with musicians like Reinhold Friedrich, Jeroen Berwaerts, Charles Schlueter, Gábor Tarkövi, Fábio Brum, Clément Saunier, and Andrei Kavalinski. My goal as your teacher is to give you the main tools to play trumpet and expose you to the various aspects of trumpet performance. I can teach you about aspects like style, tone quality, endurance, and musical phrasing. I am also happy to help you with any aspects of music theory if the student is interested in doing so. I will help you understand concepts such as keys and meter signatures. I am also willing to help you prepare for possible entrance exams to music schools or Conservatoriums. Most of all, however, I want to show you how fun playing an instrument can be! Hope to see you soon!
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Laurie - The Hague46€
Trusted teacher: Trumpet Lessons The Hague - Delft Music is an important part of anyone’s life at any stage, which is why I believe teaching an instrument should be made available to all ages. Whether you have a young child who has developed an interest in the trumpet, or you are a working professional who just fancies a new hobby, or anyone in-between, I will develop lesson plans tailor made to you. Learn to improvise, develop your creativity or even play classical concerto’s! Classical - Jazz - Pop From the age of 7, I trained as a classical trumpet player, and then developed an interest in jazz at 13. I have a Bachelors in Classical music from London, and a Jazz Bachelors and Masters from the Netherlands. You can therefore feel confident that no matter what your interest may be (perhaps you don’t even know yourself yet), I can give you high quality training in your own interests. What to expect- Beginners For beginners, I take the time to let you get acquainted with the trumpet, learning repertoire, simple theory and technique, gradually moving to more advanced studies and incorporating jazz into the equation. Jazz Basics My jazz lessons start with the basics - learning simple music theory and harmony, the appropriate scales and getting a taste for the jazz language, common repertoire and the tradition. Challenge As you advance, we will explore more challenging rhythm, harmony and melody. Learning musical transcription (the process of writing down sounds on to paper) is crucial for development and also covered in lessons as well as mental-practise. For trumpet players the true key to success. Of course, my lessons are always friendly, relaxed and personal! Intermediate - Advanced My lessons consist of trumpet technique, i.e gaining the facility to be able to meet the demands of professional trumpet playing and the knowledge to deal with the daily struggles of what is essentially a very a demanding instrument. Breathing Embouchure This of course includes breathing, posture, embouchure, articulation, long tones, sound production, flexibility, finger dexterity, endurance, scales/arpeggios, sight-reading and ear training. It is important to develop everyday fundamental routines: keeping in shape, as well as devising formalised structures within trumpet practise. The often heard phrase goes - it's not how long you practise but how and what - which is incredibly relevant to trumpet players. Flexible and able to travel I live in the Hague and teach from my apartment, but am happy to travel to another location if it’s convenient! Home lessons in Delft may be arranged. Help buying the right Instrument! When starting out, choosing what trumpet to buy can be confusing and sometimes stressful! I am happy to give advice and accompany you to a music shop, to ensure the choice you make is right for you. To Conclude If any of the above sparks your interest for you or a family member, please do get in touch. About Laurie Born and raised in the colourful and vibrant seaside city of Brighton (UK), Laurie began playing the trumpet aged 7 and grew up playing in the local Brighton and London music scene. He studied classical music at Royal Holloway University of London where he graduated with honours and won the Dame Felicity Lott award for performance in 2014. Since then he has resided in the Netherlands playing and studying with many musicians from the Dutch and European jazz scene. In 2016 he graduated from Codarts Conservatory Cum Laude having studied formally under the Dutch jazz-master Jarmo Hoogendijk amongst others. In 2018 he graduated with a master’s degree from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam receiving the highest mark ever to be given by the department. As a band-leader his quartet received 3rd place at the Leiden Jazz Competition in 2016 and in the same year made an appearance at North Sea Jazz Festival. In 2018, his quintet was selected as finalists of both the Keep-an-Eye Jazz Awards and the prestigious Dutch Jazz Competition. To date he has made numerous appearances at jazz venues and festivals in and around the Netherlands and currently resides in The Hague (NL) teaching students, giving performances and making music with friends.
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Welcome! My name is Caleb and I look forward to working together in lessons online or at your home around The Hague! My teaching is customized to support each student's musical goals. Prior to moving to The Hague, I spent five years teaching group and private lessons for a variety of arts education organizations in Philadelphia (USA). In each space, I create safe and fun learning environments for students by maintaining a consistently supportive demeanor and by using positive reinforcement to encourage student behavior and growth. I’m patient, empathetic, and maintain a firm belief in all students’ capacity for improvement and success. In the lessons, we will focus on creating a beautiful, efficient, and flexible sound through various exercises and musical pieces. I will facilitate exploration that leads students to learn about effective learning habits and to be able to self-identify what they can do to improve. This helps students become their own teachers – an essential skill for improving in music, and also relevant in many other areas in life. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. I look forward to meeting you! Caleb –––––––– A bit about me: Originally from Indiana (USA), I have performed professionally with the International Chamber Orchestra of Puerto Rico, with organist Clara Gerdes at the Piccolo Spoleto Festival, and with members of the American Brass Quintet at the Aspen Music Festival. As a baroque trumpeter, I have performed with The Sebastians, the Philadelphia Bach Collegium, with members of the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century, and with the Jeune Orchestre de l’Abbaye and Philippe Herreweghe at the Festival de Saintes. While attending Curtis Institute of Music, my colleagues and I won first prize at the National Trumpet Competition (USA) in the trumpet ensemble division. As a passionate advocate for music education and arts access, I served as an ArtistYear fellow, teaching sixty-five recorder students at Powel Elementary School in Philadelphia during the 2016-17 school year. I have also served as a teaching artist for Jazz Aspen Snowmass and Philadelphia’s Play on Philly. As a founding member of The Brass Project from 2016-2018, I premiered over thirty new works written for the ensemble. During this time The Brass Project was featured by Santa Fe Pro Musica, at National Sawdust, and at Music from Angel Fire. Our debut album, “Cityscaping,” released in December 2018. I recently graduated with a master’s degree in baroque trumpet at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. I earned an Artist Diploma at the Curtis Institute of Music, and a bachelor’s degree at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music.
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Trumpet(Technique, Jazz Improvisation) for all levels (Amsterdam)
I have been playing trumpet for about 5 years, growing every time. I wanted a new trumpet teacher to help my trumpet technique and skill of improvisation. From the first lesson I really liked Oleg. He has a natural way of teaching, is very knowledgeable, and respectful to your level. He is really a good teacher, and worth signing up with. Recommend 100%. I am still happily going to Oleg, every week!
Review by GARY
Classical and jazz trumpet for anybody who loves music ! (Amsterdam)
Can highly recommend Andrea. He was highly passionate about helping me improve and even spent extra time outside the lesson to help me fully grasp a topic or provide some extra material. I came in with pretty specific goals, and he listened to them and adapted the lessons to fit my preferences. On top of all that that his skill and love for the trumpet and jazz is obvious and infectious.
Review by JESCO
Trombone for any level - Beginner, Intermediate, Professional (Rotterdam)
Matteo is a very inspiring teacher and a great trombone player who performs regularly! I’m very thankful to have him as my teacher and already learned a lot in 4 lessons. The lessons are very motivational and fun and at the same time very structured, precise and professional. I practice more than before and I'm making sure steps in improving my playing. Looking forward to the next one!
Review by SASKIA