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52 saxophone teachers in The Netherlands

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Sebastiano - Groningen33€
Trusted teacher: Hello fellow musician! Have you ever dreamed of becoming a saxophone player? Wheter you are trying to become a jazz improviser, or you have just started familiarizing with the instrument, I can teach you how to: - be able to produce a beutiful sound; - use music theory as a practical way to play correctly over changes; - maximize the outcome of your practice-time; - master the technique on your horn. As a student, I often found myself struggling with resolving a particular set of problems. I was constantly confronted with higher-levelled players, wondering whether I would ever become able to express myself as they did through their music. Having been studying jazz for many years, I experimented with a lot of different learning methods, only to find out that music improvisation is something that is mainly acquired in very personal, differentiated ways. One of the most interesting things I experienced as an educator, when encountering students who shared my own past insecurities, doubts, questions, and struggles, was getting to understand a part of the person in front of me; and to find new ways to help grasp and internalize a theoretical or technical concept that could then enable them to formulate a more coherent musical idea. Even if every student is a unique individual, thus responding to different educational methods, I think that, over time, I was able to identify a red line around which I could create a method that can be beneficial to the majority of aspirational players. For the past few years, I have been giving private instrument lessons to jazz players with varied backgrounds and experience. My educative career consists of a traditional classical, MA in classical saxophone (Conservatorio G. B. Martini, Bologna), a BA in jazz saxophone (ibid.), and a BA in jazz saxophone called New York Jazz Bachelor at the Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen, where I am now attending a Jazz Master program.
Saxophone · Jazz music · Music theory
My jazz clarinet and saxophone lessons provide a comprehensive and structured approach to learning these wonderful instruments within the context of jazz music. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, this course covers essential skills and concepts. Course Content: -Instrument Mastery: Develop strong foundational skills in clarinet and saxophone playing, including technique, tone production, and fingerings. -Repertoire: Explore a wide range of jazz standards and compositions, focusing on both classic and contemporary pieces. -Improvisation: Learn improvisation techniques, scales, and patterns to express yourself fluently in a jazz setting. -Rhythm and Timing: Enhance your sense of timing, groove, and syncopation to play with precision and swing. -Ear Training: Improve your listening skills to recognize melodies, harmonies, and jazz phrasing more effectively. -Ensemble Playing: Experience ensemble dynamics through collaborative playing with other musicians. -Music Theory: Gain insight into jazz theory, chord progressions, and harmonic concepts relevant to improvisation and composition. -Individualized Instruction: Receive personalized feedback and guidance tailored to your specific goals and areas of improvement. -Deepen Your Jazz Knowledge: Explore the history and evolution of jazz, discovering its cultural significance and impact. My lessons are structured to help you progress steadily, whether you aim to play casually or aspire to become a professional jazz musician. Join this course to develop your clarinet and saxophone skills within the vibrant world of jazz music!
Jazz music · Clarinet · Saxophone
Trusted teacher: Enjoy becoming an independent & all-round musician!! My aim as a Saxophone & music teacher is to give you the ability to develop skills that will make you enjoy "music-making" and love exploring all kinds of songs/musical pieces. Also, I give you tools to be able to cooperate with other musicians. The methods I use are focused around goals that I create together with each individual student (and/or parents). Our goals are based on both the student's passion & musical desires together with the technical needs to make these desires sound! (control over the instrument, reading music notation, music theory, Improvisation, composition, ear-training and more). Music is a powerful language that everyone around the world can understand, but not all can speak yet... Music-making involves Joy, curiosity, self-expression and a feeling of being a part of something bigger than yourself! Practical Info: - Normally, lessons take place at my location in Amsterdam. (call to discuss other options) - I work with both kids (from age 8/9) and adults, (total) beginners, amateurs & semiprofessionals alike - I play & teach: Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Baritone Saxophones (Flute & Bass-Clarinet for beginners as well) ** FOR PARENTS ** - Music making teaches you about how to build long-lasting dedication & successful work ethics that can be implemented throughout life, in any filed! - Music teaches you how to express thoughts & feelings and can be important for a growth of a child. - Music is a rich lifestyle, and opening a child to that world is a great gift that a parent can give to his/her child.
Saxophone · Music theory · Music composition
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Saxophone, Viola, and Violin lessons from Beginners to Advanced levels. (The Hague)
Estella is a very positive, always happy teacher. Even though my son has been having on-line lessons with her, we can always feel her positive attitude during the lessons. She is very patient, gives lots of important tips and feedback, which has been helping him to guide his learning, improving in every aspect of it. We can see how much she care about the whole learning experience. It’s been very useful to expend his time while at home doing the lessons. He has been practicing more and has been feeling more motivated since he started the lessons with her. We definitely recommend her as a Saxophone teacher!
Review by PRISCILA
Learn to Play (Jazz) Saxophone! Highly-personalized lessons that focus on the student's individual progress (Groningen)
Sebastiano is a brilliant and exciting musician! His passion for the sax and his skills make him an excellent teacher, helping the student to acquire the right technique but also to develop his own style. Through his lessons I have gained great enthusiasm in this unique instrument. Thanks Sebastiano!
Review by LILI
From Jazz to Classical: Saxophone and Piano lessons in Amsterdam (Amsterdam)
Amazingly good lessons! Lucas helped me tremendously with developing my piano skills and training my musical ear. I went from "forcing myself to exercise" straight to piano addict. Pure joy!
Review by ADAM