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History, Philosophy, Politics, English, and Italian

I have studied History, Philosophy, Italian (literature and language) and English (literature and language) all at an advanced level.
I am currently studying International Relations at university, so I will also be able to help with tutoring on subjects such as Politics, Political Philosophy, etc.
My goal is to help students understand these subjects more deeply. I acknowledge that all student learn and study differently, so I am willing to adapt my teaching methods to best suit the academic needs of the student.


At student's location: Around The Hague, Netherlands

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Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

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30 minutes
45 minutes
60 minutes

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English, Italian

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Great teacher.She speaks English like a native speaker!She helps me a lot!!

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Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk AutoCad, Autodesk Revit, Google Sketch Up, ArchiCad, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Microsoft Office
I am an architect and urban designer, and completed my masters from TU Delft this year. Knowing the importance of the knowledge of softwares, I am interested to spread my knowledge among budding designers, architects, students and graphic designers. I feel these softwares are helpful and equally interesting for an architect or any other profession. I have learned most of the softwares from certified courses and it would be an honour to teach students the same. I will be able to teach following softwares: Microsoft Suite Autodesk Autocad Adobe Illustrator Adobe Indesign Adobe Photoshop Autodesk Revit Architecture Graphisoft ArchiCad Google Sketch Up ArcGIS Autodesk 3DS Max Other than softwares I can teach designing and architecture. And, also the language, English.

Chemistry Tutor from the UK (teaching beginner to undergrad)
An enthusiastic chemistry tutor from the UK who will teach you all the aspects of chemistry which currently don't make sense. Chemistry is an incredibly enjoyable and useful subject which many students struggle to grasp at the beginning of their studies. Like a jigsaw puzzle, chemistry becomes easier and clearer the more you understand. I aim to teach you or your child in a relaxed and fun manner which hopefully allows them to understand the nuances of chemistry. I have a BSc Chemistry from the University of Nottingham and I'm currently studying my MSc in Research in Chemistry at Universiteit Leiden. Also, I studied under the International Baccalaureate so I'm able to help with anything related.

English, German, History, Geography, Biology, Philosophy
I just finished my studies at gymnazium in Czech Republic and from September I'm going to study at the university in Netherlands. I can help students with all subjects at gymnazium, especially with Biology, Geography, History and German. I can also help you to get prepared for English exams. Be orginized and plan ahead is huge part of being good student. But also fun and rest are important.

Tailored French & English lessons for all levels / Tailored lessons English and French all levels
Language is a very personal process, I design my classes in an effort to tailor a method which suits each learner, his / her interests and needs. Wether it's about learning the basics, passing an exam or expanding your knowledge and practice of the language, I will always make sure you are satisfied with your learning time! Since language learning is a very personal process, I am committed to creating a course format that can be adapted to each student's interests and needs. Whether it's to see or review the basics, take an exam or extend your knowledge and your language practice, I always want to make sure you are satisfied with your class time!

English for students and second language learners.
I am an English teacher with a BA in English (GPA: 7.6) and TESL/TEFLO Certification to teach English as a second language. My lesson plan will be adapted to the student's need, whether it be preparing for exams or learning practical English.

French and/or English help (I can do your homework via e-mail), (PRICING NEGOTIABLE FOR STUDENTS depending on workload)*
Hello, I am a bilingual native French Speaker. I studied English Literature in Bordeaux France at one of the best language schools in French named Bordeaux 3 Montaigne Montesquieu. I can help you with all you french needs, and for a special fee I can even complete your homework in a timely fashion via email. I work full-time in Amsterdam, therefore majority of our meetings will be done during the weekend or via e-mail. (PRICING NEGOTIABLE FOR STUDENTS depending on workload)*

English grammar, conversational English, ESL tutoring
I am a native English speaker with received pronunciation. I have a neutral northern accent and am available for English tutoring. I can provide help with grammar, informal and formal conversation. . I am organised, determined and soft spoken. I believe that focus and patience is the key. Occasionally some learners just need time. I hope I am the perfect match for you My sessions are for both young and older children. Feel free to contact me

Learn French, Spanish and English
Language courses for beginners or people who already have the basics. I am an art student in The Hague, I am French, bilingual English and I study Spanish. I am passionate about languages and I want to share my passion. Learning languages for beginners or people who knows the basis. I am an Art student in The Hague, I am French, I talk fluent English and I learned Spanish. Languages are my passion and I want to share it.

English, grammer, reading, comprehension, pronounciation and speaking.
English is an Internationally recognised language and therefore I believe it is very important to start learning it during the early phases of our lives. My native Language is English, I grew up being inlove with shakespear and poetry. I am looking to tutor young children whom are still in school. I will start with speaking and practicing the language. Futhermore, I will then go into the details of Grammer, pronounciation and reading and writing.

Private lessons on Speaking, Writing, Listening Persian/ English
I am an experienced teacher of English as a foreign language. I have taught English to adults and young adults for 18 years. Teaching has always been a passion for me! As an experienced teacher and a native speaker of Persian, I can teach you how to speak and read Persian, too.

German and English Tutoring - For Learners of all Levels & Lessons Tailored to Personal Learning Goals and Performance Level
Guten Tag ihr Lieben! Do you want to improve your grammar knowledge, need help with homework or just want to improve your conversational skills? I am a highly motivating language enthusiast who is readily available to help you out! I am a native German speaker, born and raised in the beautiful country of Austria, and I would like to help you to improve your German language skills. I believe I am well equipped to teach all levels of German, beginners as well as more advanced learners and am happy to individually fashion all classes according to your individual needs, learning goals and performance. Furthermore, despite having studied English in school for 9 years, I have lived abroad in English speaking countries time and again. Amongst others, I have attended high school in South Africa and Law school in Sydney, Australia. Hence, ever since I was fifteen years old I was exposed to the English language, both on a personal as well as an academic level and thus I am confident that I will be able to provide others with assistance to learn English. My language proficiency was confirmed in various internationally accepted examinations (CAE, IELTS). I am happy to teach my students both face to face as well as via Skype and I am flexible according to your preferences. Let's get started!

Singing Classes, Music Business Classes, Vocal Training
I specialize in Vocal Training in English for children and adults. My goal is to make vocal training fun and relatable to the student's age and music preference. I like to keep students challenged but not overwhelmed. I assign homework and provide progress reports. The class is for aspiring singers or 'shower singers' who just want to have a creative outlet! You'll learn a variety of singing techniques in a relaxed, and fun way! If you are an absolute beginner, then I applaud you, let's get this Grammy!

Spanish, French, English class. Learn a new language!
Knowing another language is an advantage in the labor market. The goal is that you learn to speak the language you selected. You will be able to have conversations in French, Spanish or English. To do so: you will learn grammar and vocabulary.

English and Spanish Teacher, Test Prep and homework Tutor
I specialize in teaching kids and teenagers, TOEFL and SAT preparation. I also teach adults, conversational lessons. I worked at Berlitz for 2 years in Slovakia and became a freelance teacher shortly after. About me: Third culture kid, grew up bilingual in seven different countries around the world. I also speak French, and can understand Dutch, Russian and Slovak. Attended international schools, familiar with GCES's, A-levels and the IB Diploma

English tutor (homework support, grammar, vocab, reading,writing skills...)
Hi, I’m Ceren I voluntarily tutored English to first and second graders before. I believe that talking, writing, learning essential skills (communication, presentation, studying...) in English is both beneficial for young students and me 😊 I can give additional sessions as a support for school lessons or I can provide help for homework.