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How does this method work? Learning with horses is an innovative way to learn. By visualizing the parts and learning them in motion, children store the material easier and faster. The lessons with horses are individual and last 1.5 hours. Because the children are learning outside, it feels playful, it is low-stimulus and the brain gets more oxygen while learning. They also learn with their whole body instead of just their head. The material is absorbed more easily and for a longer period of time because it is presented in different ways: visually (colors and shapes), auditory (short explanation and lots of movement) and interactively (in full motion during the courses and games). Explanation of the teaching material A lesson starts with a short visual top-down explanation. Sometimes at the table and sometimes immediately in motion. Just what the concentration allows. From this overall overview, we zoom in on the individual components. Build up In the riding arena, the top-down map is recreated with colorful materials so that the spelling and calculation rules are visualized and the child has an image of it. Building up also helps to imprint the rules. Warm up After preparing the horse, there is a short warm-up with brain gym exercises to allow the left and right hemispheres to work well together. Practice material Subsequently, the teaching material is presented in motion and visualized, both on and off the horse. We are playfully and on the move working on all spelling and arithmetic rules. Home So in class we repeated the material in three ways (during the explanation, during the construction and during the practice). Repetition is important to sharpen the material. Especially for children who do not learn in the regular way. These lessons are not tutoring where the child attends for an hour a week. That is why the children are given special games and exercises so that they can playfully eliminate gaps and build self-confidence. Which material do I treat? mindset A journey through the chill zone, learning zone and panic zone. Recognize unhelpful red thoughts and learn how to turn them into helpful green thoughts. Spelling Learn the most important spelling rules: closed sound (chop word), long open sound, short open sound, two-character sound, elongation word, mute e, sch and four-character sound. Based on the F&L method Taal in Blokjes. Read Practice reading while on the horse! Verb spelling What about those d and those t in the present tense and those de(n) and te(n) in the past tense? incl. the ship. Watching the clock analog Run, drive and jump through the clock with full and half hours, quarter to and quarter past and use the traffic light for the minutes. Watching the clock digitally Control time by linking digital friends. No more confusion! And learn how to tell digital time easily Tables Which table(s) do you want to learn? Discover the pattern and put them in your head. Easy to apply! Add subtract Flash and split with quantities and numbers. Hearts in love on the number line up to 10, addition/subtraction on the number line up to 20 and number guessing and addition/subtraction up to 100.
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A wonderful experience! I learned a lot in just one lesson.
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