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Trusted teacher: Hi everyone! I have been teaching private courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics for 9 years. It is my passion to prepare my students for the future with school and exam studies. When I won the Anatolian Teacher High School in Istanbul in 2008 and Boğaziçi University in 2012, my biggest goal was to be a reliable role model for my students in the future. I am very happy that I have now made this dream come true since the year I entered university. Until this time, I have taught private lessons at secondary, high school and university level to numerous students from Turkey and abroad. I still continue to give private lessons on the online platform and teach Physics at an International School in Istanbul where California Education Standards (Cognia) are adopted. It is my passion to prepare my students for the future with school and exam studies. I am currently teaching for SAT Exam Preparation. SAT Subject Tests includes Physics, Math, Chemistry and Biology. I can teach both IB and American Curriculum as well. I teach my lessons on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom, depending on the student' request. Inquiry Based Learning which I have adopted as a teaching method; it enables me to teach lessons based on inquiry and always keeping the student & teacher dialogue dynamic. I strive to progress depending on the age and level of the student. For this, I aim to explain myself, the way I study and understand my student's expectations and level. After the level has been determined, it is of great importance for me that the student knows the lesson plan and draft as well and adheres to the jointly agreed schedule. I share pdfs and documents that I have prepared before the class and use the books by Pearson, Serway, Nowicki, Sarquis and so on for University & Secondary School Level. For Middle School, I use HMH Science Modules etc. I do emphasize the importance on giving homework/assignment and return as giving ''feedforwards'' for my students. As someone in love with her job, it is my greatest motivation to direct the students to professions they can do with love. In this course, you will be able to learn following topics: For GRE: Expressions and equations. Variables and constants. Inequalities. Functions. Coordinate systems. Coordinate geometry. Lines and slopes. Factorization. For GMAT: Word Problems Integer properties and arithmetic Algebra Percents, ratios, and fractions. Two dimensional geometry Statistics Powers and roots Probability and combinatorics Inequalities Sequences Coordinate geometry Data interpretation Three dimensional geometry Functions
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Karim - Canada70€
Trusted teacher: About me: I teach the GMAT on a full-time basis and I have thousands of hours of experience teaching this test. I have become extremely proficient in teaching students of varying skill levels. My affinity for mathematics, love of logic, and passion for teaching make me an effective tutor that can help you reach your goals! My Approach: Here’s why working with me is better than enrolling in a course: 1. We can meet at times that are convenient for you 2. My lessons are fully tailored to student needs 3. I will help you build a customized study plan This is what makes me unique amongst other tutors: 1. I have deliberately chosen standardized test instruction as my profession because I find it extremely rewarding to help my students learn, develop and reach their goals 2. I am committed to the success of my students from the moment they call me to when they gain acceptance to their top-choice program 3. A less experienced tutor may struggle to arrive at the correct answer whereas I will show you the best way to solve each problem 4. I do not waste your time with standard lessons; instead, my lessons are fully customized and are based on your individual weaknesses 5. I make worksheets for students who are struggling with basics concepts – there’s not enough practice material out there for people who need help with the basics GMAT SPECIFICS: LSAT: My love for logic and passion for teaching are what make me an excellent LSAT tutor. Many of my past students observed their largest gains in the logic games section of the LSAT particularly since I have an extremely well-structured approach logic games. With regards to arguments, I believe that a successful test taker should have a nuanced approach for each question type and this is precisely what I will help you do. My Reviews: I have numerous reviews on my tutoring profile. I have absolutely no control over the content of these reviews and they are completely authentic (as evidenced by the typos). I will happily send you a link. Here are some of my recent reviews: “You always have the option to study alone, apply to a school alone with the information you collect over the forums and various resources. If you think you save money by doing that, you are wrong… Because as a professional and consultant myself, I recognize that certain skills, experience, and critical information cannot be gained right away. You need inside knowledge. I think Karim has that all. There will be times that you will say “huh, I didn’t know I can do that”. He helped me by avoiding to study to GMAT which in turn saved me months, and possibly countless frustrating hours. He helped me with choosing the right school and making the right decision. He helped me to get accepted. I mean, what else do you need? If you are thinking to hire him for GMAT or LSAT, do it. And hire him more for admission. An intent letter, resume, interview… Get it all, you will save time and money. Worth every penny. Real pro…” - Mehmet   “Working with Karim to prepare for the GMAT was one of the best tutoring experiences I've ever had. Not only does he provide his students with a wide variety of high-quality learning resources, but he also takes the time to understand your unique strengths and challenges in order to create a customized teaching approach and cater to your specific needs. He is clearly spoken, focused, patient, personable, incredibly encouraging, and really seems to know the GMAT exam inside and out. Karim shared many insightful study practices, as well as some great strategies for test day, which helped me achieve a score that was far above my initial goal. Even after my sessions with him had ended, he continued to follow up with me to ensure that I was confident and prepared for the exam, which was above and beyond what I could have asked of him. If you require any amount of help preparing for your exams - great or small - I highly recommend Karim's services.” - Liam “Karim came prepared to our sessions and was able to help me through my specific problem areas, in both Quant and Verbal. He helped me improve my GMAT score by 100 points in three weeks. He was very helpful in directing me towards the most efficient and best use of the time I had. He was also great at explaining practice problems and concepts that I did not understand. Overall, I enjoyed working with Karim and felt that it was money well spent. Outside of his abilities as a tutor, he is also a really nice guy and cares about the success of his students. We have kept in touch even after I was admitted to a top-ranked business school. I couldn't have done it without him! Thank you, Karim!” - Jason “Karim is an excellent GMAT tutor. I was struggling with the quantitative part of GMAT and decided it was time to look for a tutor. I searched online and spoke to different tutors, most of which were not very convincing. When I initially spoke on the phone with Karim, he was the only person who took the time to get to know me and understand my motivations for pursuing an MBA, as well as what exactly I was struggling with on the exam. We spoke for almost an hour and a half and not once did he mention price, or try to sell me on any of his services - unless I specifically wanted to talk about it. I was hesitant to sign up at first, but Karim was consistently genuine in his approach. Karim's Undergraduate degree in mathematics coupled with his MBA from Rotman (my dream school), qualify him to give me advice on the admissions process and to teach me the math concepts of the GMAT. I highly recommend Karim to anyone pursuing their MBA.” - Lucas “I met Karim on almost 3 months ago and I have had an excellent experience. He is always on time, very organized and dedicated to his students' future. He comes in as a tutor but also as a coach working side by side with you towards your goals of MBA admissions. I totally recommend Karim to anyone interested in updating their Math and Reading Comp Skills as well as goal setting their MBA applications. Karim is a definite asset to anyone looking for a tutor.” - Aziz
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Test Prep Tutoring - Math , Quantitative Reasoning (Delft)
Viswambher is professional and friendly. He took time and care to understand the needs for our son. He tailors the lessons accordingly. Our son is looking forward to his maths lessons and enjoys working with Viswambher. I would certainly recommend Viswambher as a tutor.
Review by ANJA
Mathematics for SAT, ACT, SAT MATH LEVEL I-II, SSAT, IB SL-HL, AP-Calculus, GRE ,GMAT, VWO en HAVO WISKUNDE A-B, CCVX A-B (Amsterdam)
Ushi is a great teacher and helped my preparing for the GMAC EA. She has a lot of own exercises and is very helpfull guiding you through all your questions you may have. I can say it is thanks to her I passed the exam. Thanks for the great support!!
Review by STEVEN
Math made easy for college and university students (Hamburg)
Had a great lesson with Dawit, he sets really good tone and atmosphere for the lessons and explains the subject well. Recommended for GMAT preparation!
Review by ANFISA

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