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7 calculus teachers in Amstelveen

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Trusted teacher: Welcome Student, While studying Mathematics and Computer Science myself, I noticed that there are many subjects that most of the students have difficulty with. These are often the subjects that are most important for progress, because many future subjects build on them. Are you a first / second year student and you have this same problem, then you are at the right place. Together we go through the material and work towards your exams, so that you can confidently take your exams. From a 'birds-eye view', many of these courses clearly have specific types of assignments that you must be able to pass your exam. We pick out these kinds of assignments and we will train you together in order to master them. In addition, we will counteract your weaknesses by going through assignments and theory about it. To get a clear idea of which courses I have taken and what exactly I can help you with, I have listed below my completed university courses (all passed with a 7 or higher). Note that I study in Utrecht myself, so your courses may have different names. Math - Proofs in Mathematics - Infinitesimal Calculation and Linear Algebra 1 - Introduction to Probability Theory and Statistics - Infinitesimal Calculation and Linear Algebra 2 - Analysis - Introduction to Geometry - Introduction Groups and Rings - Introduction Analysis in More Variables - Introduction to Topology - Functions and Sequences - Discrete Mathematics - Topology and Geometry - Introduction to Scientific Computing Computer science - Computer architecture and Networks - Imperative Programming - Functional Programming (Haskell) - Introduction Project - Databases - Data structures Graphics - Optimization and Complexity If you are not sure if I can help you, you can always send me a message! Sam
Computer programming · Calculus · Math
Trusted teacher: I have a Doctorate degree in Mathematics. Maths is a wonderful subject, which one needs in all spheres. It is the basic of all subjects. A few applications are defined below: Trigonometry: Calculus is related with trigonometry and algebra. The fundamental trigonometric functions like sine and cosine are used to define the sound and light waves.Trigonometry is further used in oceanography to measure the heights of waves and tides in oceans. It is used in satellite systems, and to create maps. The famous Pythagoras' Theorem finds its' application in determining how tall a ladder needs to be in order to safely place the base away from the wall so it does not turn over. Probability and Statistics: Probability problems infer conclusions about characteristics of hypothetical data taken from the population. Probability explains the mathematical chance that something might happen, and is used in numerous day- to-day applications. Calculus : We can find the (or global) minimum and maximum values of a function as well as the relative (or local) minimum and maximum values of a function. Differential Equation: Differential equations are applied to predict the world around us, and used in a wide variety of disciplines, from biology, economics, physics, chemistry and engineering. It has applications in exponential growth and decay model, Newton's law of cooling, and Circuit theory, e.t.c. I have teaching experience for more than 15 years. My students are from all corners of the globe, and of all ages. I also make them learn Mathematics in English, so that they can excel in future. I am well acquainted will all the topics of mathematics, at all levels from schools to colleges. Children like my style of teaching.
Math · Calculus · Algebra
Trusted teacher: Hey! Ik geef bijles op middelbaar/universitair niveau in: - Wiskunde: Analyse, algebra, controle theorie, etc. - Statistiek - Chemie: Organische, anorganische, analytische, enz. - Biologie: Celbiologie, ecologie, dieren- en plantenwetenschappen, nano-bio (DNA), enz. - Fysica: Statica & dynamica, thermodynamica, elektromagnetisme, fluida, enz. Wat de les zelf betreft, wordt deze aangepast volgens de behoeften van de student. Hier is een typische tijdlijn: 1. STAP 1: Ik bespreek met de student het doel die hij/zij wil bereiken (voorbereiding op een examen, enz.), de moeilijkheden die hij/zij ondervindt, en het cursusmateriaal van de les. 2. STAP 2: De lessen vinden plaats. 3. STAP 3: Ik geef u/de student updates over de vooruitgang. LOCATIE EN TAAL De lessen kunnen op afstand plaatsvinden of in persoon, in het Nederlands, Frans of Engels. WIE BEN IK? Laatste jaar masterstudent bio-ingenieur aan de KU Leuven, met als specialisatie nanotechnologie en tot nu toe een gemiddeld cijfer van 85%. Mensen helpen is mijn passie! (animator voor mensen met een handicap, monitor in surfen & windsurfen en ik heb een verleden als scoutsleider). MANIER VAN LESGEVEN Ik ben een enthousiast, geduldig en empathische lesgever. Naast het lesgeven hoop ik mijn passie voor wetenschap & wiskunde door te geven aan jou/jouw kinderen ;) Mijn lessen zijn zeer interactief. De student wordt vaak gechallenged met vragen die hem/haar doet nadenken over de theorie en oefeningen. Op die manier zal hij/zij het lesmateriaal grondig begrijpen. Aarzel niet om mij te contacteren voor meer info :)
Calculus · Statistics · Math
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Sharpen your mathematics skills - Wiskunde A - B (HAVO VWO HBO CCVX OMPT SAT) (Zoetermeer)
Yogesh has been preparing me for the OMPT-A test for the last few weeks and has clearly explained all the chapters that we have gone through so far. He has prepared slides show for each tutoring lesson, that clearly explained the topic and included mathematical questions which would check my knowledge. He is always opened to feedback and any questions that I may have if I don't understand something. He has also given me additional questions to practice after the lessons to improve my knowledge. Now I feel more prepared and confident that I will pass the test. I would highly recommend him as a tutor.
Review by JOANNA
Highly experienced 1-on-1 Math tutor : IB Diploma, IGCSE, Cambridge A-levels, AP Calculus, Saxon Math, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, IB Math
Dr S Iyer
Superb experience with Dr S Iyer. Very easy to schedule, responsive, preparation before class and follow up after class. He helped my child understand concepts that were unclear, he has profound knowledge of the subject, he knows how to get my child interested and it helps to learn when one is engaged, I was present in the room during parts of the lessons and I could see he cares about my child liking what he is teaching, but is also focused on making sure she gets it. Via zoom it is very easy to have the lesson. Thank you very much Dr. S Iyer!
Review by GABRIELA
Python Step by step tutorial for beginners and intermediate (Amsterdam)
Izhar is an excellent tutor. He is very professional, knowledgeable, enlightening, insightful and adaptable/receptive to individual student needs. My tutoring session with him was really amazing and transformative for me and I highly recommend him. He keeps his lessons effective, engaging and fun. He customizes classes based upon your level of understanding. He conveys his knowledge of complex material in a manner which is easily understandable. If you want someone to work with you and ensure you progress like I have, go with Izhar.
Review by DANNY