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7 business management teachers in The Netherlands

Business process and IT Within the complexity of the current market, companies can no longer do without properly functioning information and communication technology (ICT). This makes ICT one of the most important instruments to implement the organizational strategy. The most critical points lie with the connection of IT to the business process. This connection is often not optimal. Functional managers and information managers are ultimately responsible for this connection. The purpose of BiSL® BiSL® builds a bridge between IT and business process, and between functional managers and information managers. The BiSL process model provides insight into all main processes in their field, and the relationships between the processes. It offers starting points for improving processes, including through 'best practices' and it provides a uniform terminology. (source: aslbislfoundation.org) The learning objectives for a BISL® training are: Knowledge in the field of - The positioning of BISL® in a management organization - The distinction and relationships with other forms of management - The structure of the BiSL® model - The various processes within BiSL® • Leading processes • Management processes • Executive Processes - The purpose of the various processes - The activities within the various processes - The relationships between the processes (coherence) Skills regarding - Recognizing BiSL® in practice Attitude with regard to - The acceptance of BiSL® as a Service Management method - The concepts for certification of BiSL®
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