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10 adobe photoshop teachers in Amsterdam

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Ton - Haarlem46€
Trusted teacher: With Adobe Photoshop improve the appearance of your photos or make extensive changes yourself. As an Experienced Photography and image editing teacher with beginners but also with professionals with many years of experience. And work for Adobe, Apple and other software companies, among others. We make a special training program that matches your wishes and experience with the software. I will teach you the possibilities of Photoshop Elements or the professional version Photoshop CS or the latest version CC. And of course I can also teach you how to use the various App versions of the software. There is also a fixed Basic Photoshop program. In 6 hours you will learn all the most important tools in this software. Below is an overview of the topics I deal with. I handle the archive part of the software, is very efficient in organizing and finding your photos. Backing up your files is also necessary and easy to implement with this software. We also work with the Bridge from Photoshop CS and CC. Or we work from the archive and Raw possibilities of Lightroom and work with layers in Photoshop. In a basic course you learn the essence of image editing. You learn to adjust the white balance, contrast and sharpness of your photo quickly and clearly. We learn how to properly adjust the size and resolution and remove red eyes, pimples and dust. And of course you learn everything about printing photos. You learn the benefits of editing Raw files. And we use layers, adjustment layers and layer makers to improve the photo locally. And you learn to merge different photos into one photo montage. Photoshop can also help you archive and organize your photos. In the course we show how to transfer photos from your camera to your computer. We are going to sort photos, group them and provide them with text information so that you can easily find them later. In Photoshop you can easily merge your photos into a photo album or print as a postcard which you can print yourself or at the photo shop. This presentation shows the most used techniques of the package so that you can edit your photos yourself in a short time. In the course you do not work behind a computer, but with the extensive reader you can put the treated lessons into practice at home behind your own computer. No special knowledge is required to follow this basic course. You can download a free demo version of Photoshop on the Adobe website, which you can use for a month. You can bring your own photo files to edit as an example in class. Together with the reader of this course, it is fairly easy to quickly master this technique.
Photography · Adobe photoshop · Graphic design
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As an introduction to Adobe Photoshop, this course will teach you the essential fundamental skills and concepts needed to get the best out of your photographs. Learn how to adjust image tone and colour, make changes to selected areas of your photograph, repair imperfections, merge multiple images, apply effects, prepare your images for printing. You will learn how to combine these skills and others in an efficient, non-destructive workflow. ______________________________________________________________ Lesson 1 | Introducing the Workspace: Navigating, Windows, Drop downs, Tool Bars, Opening, Saving, Closing, Golden Rules, Rulers, Grids and Guides, Zooming. Understanding Image Files: File Formats (PSD, TIFF, and JPEG, RAW), Image Size, Resolution, Canvas Size, Crop Tool, Rotation, Aliasing and artefacts, Colour Modes, Bit Depth. Tools: Brushes, Marquees, Text, Histograms, Colour Picker History: Undo/Redo, History Panel. Lesson 2 | Layers: Understanding layers, Layer menu and panel, Adding deleting and flattening layers, Compositing with a selection, Opacity, Basic Blend Modes. Adjustments and Adjustment layers: Levels, Curves, Hue/Saturation, Colour Balance, Black and White. Layers and Masks: Understanding masks, Using brushes to create masks Selections: Lasso, Magnetic Lasso, Polygonal Lasso, Magic Wand, Colour Range Selections, Refining Edges, Converting Selections to masks and masks to selections. Lesson 3 | Understanding Camera RAW: Advantages and disadvantages of RAW, NEF, CR2, XMP and DNG, Managing unsupported RAW, Adobe Camera Raw workspace. RAW adjustments: White Balance Slider, White Balance Tool, Exposure sliders, Cropping and Straightening, Adjustment Brush. Lens Corrections: Lens Correction Filter, Transforming and warping, Grids and Guides, Lens correction in RAW. Basic Retouching: Cloning, Spot Healing, Healing, Sharpening, Unsharp Mask, Sharpening in RAW. Screen vs Print: Workflow, Print Workflow. Lesson 4 | Adobe Photoshop Critique Session: Assess Worksheet 3; Compare prints and screen images, How to assess images visually and using data. Practice and recap:Correct a colour cast/creative colour adjustment, Correct exposure/ creative tone adjustment, Spot removal. Mini class project: Instagram Rip-Off (creatively use adjustment layers, masks and blend modes). Introduce requirements for Day 5 Project: Brief 1. Lesson 5 | From Camera to Print: Full workflow for a straight image from RAW file to print ready image (See Brief 1). Double Exposure Project: Assessing and selecting appropriate images, Creative use of Adjustments, Selections, Masks, Clipping Masks, Blend Modes and other tools.
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Adobe Photoshop for everyone and for everything - Amsterdam (Amsterdam)
I was very pleased with the inspired lesson Piotr gave me. He prepared his lesson, was accurate, full with new inspiration and very acquainted with various technics in Photoshop. He could communicate ( for me at my level) easily and was bringing me through several difficulties. Beside that he showed an deep insight in artistic approach of my artwork. Definitely worth it, Karin Hovius. Only I don't know if this is for the very beginner, you should be a little bit more advanced. But I am convinced that he can also manage beginners.
Review by KARIN
Online training - Photography and Photoshop/Lightroom ect. (Haarlem)
Excellent teaching skills. I had booked private lessons and Ton tailored every session exactly to my needs, and added even more. Beside photography, we discussed day-to-day technical topics such as back-up, storage, organising images, etc. You can see that Ton is used to being in a classroom - very structured and content focused. Excellent communication, always on time and also flexible to reschedule if needed. I will be back with more questions!
Review by UTE
Math Tutoring for school, SAT prep, basic level math, GRE (Los Angeles)
Vidhi promised an interactive and well explained lesson and she indeed delivered! Her communication skills are impressive with the ability to easily explain the same problem in various ways, she helped me have a clear picture of the key areas of improvement which I need to focus on. Very happy.
Review by CATALINA