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Trusted teacher: Hi, my name is Pinja and I was born and raised in Finland. At the university, I studied Social Science. I have worked in the field with children and families since 2009. When working with refugees and immigrants, I got interested in teaching languages. In 2015 I started teaching Finnish in a refugee center. Later I got my certificate in teaching. I have experience teaching Finnish and English in a traditional classroom setting and giving private lessons online and offline. I have a degree in Social Science and a I’m a certified teacher. I have taught English and Finnish since 2015. I started by teaching beginner Finnish to immigrants in Helsinki. Later I got my certificate in teaching and since then I have taught Finnish and English online and offline. I have worked as an English teacher in the Philippines, in Nicaragua and in Mexico teaching children and adults. I enjoy giving private lessons, because I personalize the lessons for the student’s goals and interests. As a teacher, I believe that I can help the students to grow as learners and to reach their learning goals. I am enthusiastic about education and always strive to do the best for my students. I have experience in planning authentic and interesting lessons and material. I would like to support you to meet your individual learning goals; whether you aim to learn grammar or vocabulary for a certain topic or gain more confidence in conversation etc. The aim of the first lesson is to evaluate your level and to set up learning goals. We will talk about the different ways of learning (visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic) and make a plan according to your learning style and preferences. I believe that using different engaging activities keep students interested, motivated and support their learning. During the lesson we can use a variety of different materials, books, work sheets, articles, listening exercises, conversation exercises, games, music and videos. I have also made a lot of authentic material, such as grammar points, exercises and texts, to support your learning.
Trusted teacher: Hello, Are you looking to learn Finnish ? I am a native speaker of Finnish and I am pleased to offer private online lessons in Finnish. I am willing to teach from beginner level A1 to B2. The lessons will be provided online via Skype. Skype is a free program available on different platforms. The lessons will include different exercises: listening, speaking and writing. I will use screensharing with notepad during the lessons to write additional example sentences of any topic to make understanding better. After each lesson there will be given homework assignments, just like in a normal language course. You are welcome to ask any questions anytime during the lessons. The lessons will be held in English, or if you prefer, in Finnish. If needed, there will be English material for every lesson, which includes English translation of sections in the book and detailed information about grammar. The lessons will be held one on one or with a group. There is no obligation to buy the book for the first lesson, we can use the book through screensharing in Skype, and this way you can make the decision about continuing the course after first lesson without buying the book. I have been teaching Finnish as a private teacher for 9 months. I have had four student groups so far, teaching them levels A1 (three times) and A2 (two times over half of the course) at intensive course pace with three lessons/week/group, I am ready to teach also more advanced levels. Feel free also to ask if you have any questions about the lessons. I will then contact you and we can arrange the time for the lessons, according to your wishes. Textbook: Suomen Mestari 1 (uudistettu 2020 painos = revised 2020 edition) - You can buy license to use digital version online or buy paper version. Paper version you can buy for example from Booky (I did), they can deliver abroad rather quickly in about one week from the order date: - Or for example, try to find it used -If you need help finding the book, I will gladly help you. Pricing and other details: Length of a lesson is 1 h and 30 min, held once a week or more depending on your wishes.No obligation for any period, you are welcome to join or cancel the lessons anytime. Lessons will be provided online via Zoom. With warm regards, Antti
Trusted teacher: I offer Finnish grammar, conversation and YKI-testi preparation classes. All my classes are custom-made for your level, needs and wants. I will provide all the materials needed in our lessons and will be happy to take I teach all levels, beginners from a book and more advanced speakers with just talking. However if you wish to learn from your own material or in a different way, I am open to everything. GRAMMAR LESSONS; .... and by real I mean: grammar, exercises, listening exercises, writing, talking, homework.. All that fun stuff in one package! ;) I will provide you all learning material, which we will follow to have good structure in our learning plan. The book will be our main base for learning but of course I will happily teach you whatever else it is that you want to learn as well. Even though we will be learning from the book, I will also be teaching you the spoken language. If you have your own material/way of learning that you would rather do, that works as well. CONVERSATION LESSONS; we will talk, talk and talk, so it's gonna be fun! If you're still in the beginner level but want conversation lessons, I will be happy to help. I will adjust the topic and my speaking speed to your level. YKI-TESTI PREPARATION; class will be focused on the speaking part of the test. If you want to practise writing as well I can assign you writing homework which we will check in the beginning of the next class. I will do my best teaching and explaining you whatever it is that you want/need to learn, but some grammatical explanations might be better to learn with a professional teacher.
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Improve your English with fun and effective lessons! (Mexico City)
Pinja is not only an excellent teacher but also a lovely person with a good sense of humour. As a teacher she is knowledgeable, experienced, patient, prepared, motivated and creative. I have just started to learn the Finnish language and I am very happy to have found Pinja as my teacher. She knows how to create a friendly and supportive teaching environment where I feel comfortable to learn and to study. I would recommend Pinja to anyone who wants to learn either Finnish or English!
Review by SUN
Private French and Finnish lessons - all levels (Thônex)
I have had French lessons with Marianne for several months now. The lessons are always great. Marianne has very friendly teaching style that makes the lessons fun while still really productive. She has the flexibility and understanding to adjust to the needs and skill level of the student, and the patience to guide and motivate even the slowest learners (read: me). Strongly recommended!
Review by LAURI
Customized English Lessons With An Experienced Native Teacher (CELTA Certified). (Vienna)
Jenni was great with our 10 year old son. He just started to learn English and doesn't like it that much. Nevertheless, Jenni succeeded in motivating him to talk English one and a half hours. It was a great lesson, Jenni is a highly skilled teacher!
Review by BEATE