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Trusted teacher: Hi! I'm Tanya. I was born in Italy, but for the last two years of my life I have traveled the world, mainly in Central and South America and the Middle East, traveling and working remotely. In my life I have lived in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. I am a professional teacher with 6 years of experience. I worked on the translation of medical and legal articles, panels in the glass museum in Venice and worked as an interpreter at the court of Venice. I have a degree in languages, certified in international law and a language coach. Language coach means that I not only teach you a language, but also how to learn new languages! I will closely monitor and monitor your entire learning journey, to get the most out of your skills! That's because I love learning new languages! That's why after years of studying I became a polyglot (8 languages - Italian, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Dutch) and I came up with a method to teach you the language you want to learn! Over the years I have learned to model my work according to the personal needs of each student and have developed a method that allows my students to learn the language in a fast and fun way. My hobby is my greatest passion is learning other languages, therefore from my experience I can understand many of the problems associated with learning a foreign language. I am also a language coach, which means that my lessons are based on a specific method that I have designed to facilitate and accelerate learning. My classes are available in Italian, English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Dutch and Arabic. GROUP LESSONS possible! See you soon! :-)
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Trusted teacher: After working for four years as a private tutor in Amsterdam for numerous international families, I have discovered a love for teaching Adult ESL. My goal is to not only to teach ESL tailored to life in the Netherlands, but to also offer advice and support to expat adults around life in Amsterdam. I currently work with the parents of many of my students who wish to improve their English. I am a former primary school teacher (International School of Choueifat-Dubai) who now works exclusively as a private tutor. My students are mainly expats, though I also do have several local Dutch students. Having moved around quite a bit, I understand the stress families undergo adapting to a new school system. After four year in Amsterdam, I also now understand the unique stress parents also endure adapting to Dutch culture and regular use of the English language. My teaching methods focus on improving Adult ESL that is tailored specifically to life in the Netherlands. I design my teaching plans, with my students, to cover the most essential aspects of English that are needed to navigate life in Amsterdam. Moreover, I have a deep understanding of how English in the Netherlands differs from conversational English in other countries. I have a grasp of the nuances of both languages and the areas which pose particular difficulty. I really enjoy the motivation of my adult students and the unique friendships I have formed through teaching. I know how isolated some parents who are neither native English nor Dutch speakers feel when moving to Amsterdam. I am happy to teach all ages either in person or via webcam. **All rates include 21% KVK sales tax
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Italian, Spanish and English with a polyglot (8 languages) and Professional teacher, language coach (Weesp)
I've had different Spanish teachers but Tanya is by far the best for several reasons: - Tanya makes a personal plan together with me which fits perfectly with my learning goals. So no unnecessary grammar but only things whichs helps me with my reason why I approached her - She developed her own personal learning style which helps me making huge steps in a short time - Tanya shows she's well prepared and the work we do and the homework I get is always in extend of the things I want to learn - Besides that she's always happy and a nice person to chat with Quick sumarry: if you want to learn Spanish in a good/fast way with a teacher who is always happy, I would highly recommend Tanya :)
Review by PABLO
Former Teacher. Primary/Secondary School Tutoring / ESL, Essay editing, etc. (Amsterdam)
We had our first session a few days ago, with Alessandra tutoring my 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter, developing their reading and writing in English and their mathematics. Alessandra's previous experience as a teacher certainly shines through, as she definitely seems to know how children of this age learn. She provided original and exciting activities for the kids and they found it great fun; they are looking forward to seeing her again next week. Alessandra was professional to work with and I can definitely recommend her.
Review by MARK
Tutoring Mathematics B, Mathematics A, Physics, Dutch, biology, economics, etc., for VMBO, HAVO and VWO (The Hague)
I have been having lessons with Femke for a couple of months now and I am very pleased with my progress. Not only have I progressed in vocabulary and knowledge of the language, but I have also grown more confident to speak Dutch where I can in my day to day life - something that really helps to boost my learning. I would recommend learning with Femke to anybody who is interested!
Review by DAN