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Trusted teacher: Private tuition and tutoring primary / college / high school I provide support, advice and methods in different subjects, including mathematics, physics - chemistry, SVT, French, English, history-geography, Spanish, economics, philosophy, geopolitics, trade .... for primary students , college and high school. The follow-up can be done in a global way to consolidate the bases in each subject, to review the fundamental notions, to reinforce the acquired ones, to develop the competences and the knowledge to the best of the possibilities of each one, to realize its full potential and thus to obtain quickly the best school results . It is also possible to focus on one subject in particular, depending on the needs of the student. I also provide advice on direction and strategies for success. My Profile: 30 years, BAC S with honors, HEC Preparation (preparatory class for business schools, economic and commercial scientific track, MASTER 2 graduate Grande Ecole de Commerce, 7 years of varied professional experience (management of profit centers in France and internationally, business development, recruitment, management, financial management, business strategies ..) I give private lessons for more than 10 years in parallel with my studies or my other professional activities and now want to get fully involved in this activity that I am passionate about. Pedagogue and experienced, I accompanied more than fifty students, from CP to BAC + 5 (all types of sectors) and professionals / adults in return for studies or wishing to evolve in their careers. COACHING SCHOOLS / STUDENTS: Do you want to boost your results? Fill your gaps? Better organize yourself and work efficiently? Develop your abilities, your thinking and your general culture? Do you want to take charge of your future? Do you want to think about your direction, decide which one is right for you and put in place the winning strategies that will help you succeed in this way and achieve your goals? Do you want to improve your performance and aim for excellence?
French · Science · Tutoring
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Private lessons to learn English (American accent) (Le Vésinet)
Cours très intéressant, j’ai beaucoup appris en une heure et j’ai plusieurs exercices à faire au quotidien pour atteindre mes objectifs !
Review by BRYAN