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Trusted teacher: Improve your skills to better manage your written communication: your objectives in terms of written communication may be diverse and the objective of these sessions is precisely to support you in better achieving them. So, how can we send a clear message, be impactful, create a difference and make an impact? ➤ Whether your objective is personal or professional, written communication is an activity based on techniques, tools, a method and know-how, reflecting the author's involvement in his writing. ➤ Relevant and successful written communication must always be effective and efficient, with clear, simple and impactful messages, creating a match between the message received and the message sent. Coherence between form and content. ➤ So, how can you convince and be impactful, challenge and leave an impression, enhance your content, address your interlocutors relevantly and optimize the quality & clarity of your message? It is precisely a question of going through, applying and deploying practical and effective techniques, taking care of both substance and form, all in a professional or personal context. For this, there are very specific techniques. ➤ Thus, mastered, the practical method allows, through a set of modules supporting pragmatic & concrete techniques, to improve one's written communication. ➤ To achieve your objective and overcome the blockages encountered through concrete techniques & a targeted methodology, it is a question of: ✓decode and use practical communication tools from great authors ✓highlight your text and enhance it to arouse interest ✓create consistency between the message sent and the message received ✓adopt effective, simple, fair and engaging language ✓use sentences, phrases and expressions to be precise, simple, effective & engaging ✓write proactively and express/transmit your ideas/message clearly ✓propose a constructive solution to problems, while drawing on your own relational skills ✓enhance your potential for expression and creativity ✓connect your communication objectives (project, institution, values, ideas, demands, etc.) with the form of your expression ✓practical techniques to encourage reader engagement ✓Strengthen the structure of your communication and develop a convincing argument in order to sell your ideas and projects ✓better prepare your message and arguments; anticipating objections and delicate situations; by preparing and structuring an attractive and convincing presentation framework; by adequately managing difficult situations (...) ➤ In short, each session combines adapted techniques & practical exercises, so that you can put them into practice immediately, and from the first session. THE TRAINER ➤ With training from Grande Ecole post-preparatory classes & Ivy League university in the United States, our teacher trainer has specialized and has worked for more than 18 years in the field, in Europe and North America, in renowned international public and private establishments, regularly speaking in forums and conferences, and also offering personalized INDIVIDUAL support, with pedagogy and careful methodology as the watchwords. ➤ PLACE, TIMETABLE, PRICES ✓ Locations: Geneva-Lausanne-Fribourg-Zurich-Neuchâtel-Lugano-Basel-Neuchâtel-Berne-Lucerne-Brussels-Luxembourg-Paris-Lyon. But currently, these sessions continue to be offered by videoconference in the current context and in accordance with general demand which is almost unanimous on this subject. ✓ Indeed, apart from the classic advantages of videoconferencing (time saving related to travel & their unforeseen events, eco-responsibility, increased schedule flexibility, etc.), the quality of the session & the interaction remain identical. In addition, the entire exchange, notes and recommendations are immediately transcribed on the dedicated chat. ✓ To support us among ourselves & to be pleasant to you in this sustainable / particular period and in a spirit of solidarity, the fees are temporarily reduced and will not increase after the start of our sessions. ✓ Languages: French/English. ✓ The progress following these private sessions is perceptible from 2 sessions (*2024 study). ✓ As other people do regularly, you can also please your loved ones by offering gift vouchers available all year round.
Communication skills · Writing · Technical writing
Trusted teacher: These are the things I can do for you or you can learn with me. Content and Copy Writing * Conducting in-depth research on industry-related topics in order to develop original content. * Developing content for blogs, articles, product descriptions, social media, and the company website. * Assisting the marketing team in developing content for advertising campaigns. * Proofread content for errors and inconsistencies. * Editing and polishing existing content to improve readability. * Conducting keyword research and using SEO best practices to increase traffic to the company website. * Creating compelling headlines and body copy that will capture the attention of the target audience. * Identifying customers’ needs and recommending new content to address gaps in the company's current content. Creative writing * Developing story ideas based on client needs and market trends * Writing scripts for radio commercials, television advertisements, or other types of advertisements * Editing articles, books, brochures, or other written materials * Conducting research to gather information about a topic, organization, event, or another subject that may be covered in an article or other written material * Developing characters, settings, and plotlines to create stories or scripts for movies or television shows * Reviewing and editing content for spelling, grammar, and factual accuracy * Converting text from one format to another, such as from a draft document to a final publication * Developing marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, catalogs, and other promotional materials * Writing and producing screenplays for television shows or movies.
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Trusted teacher: 🌟 Welcome to my online tutoring profile! 🌟 Hey there! I'm your go-to tutor for all things related to Maths, Control systems, Electrical Circuits, Electrical Instrumentation, Power Systems, Electrical Machines and even Technical Writing. But that's not all – I have an extensive background in research and real-world applications that I'm excited to share with you! During my master's studies, I delved deep into the fascinating world of biomass power plants and biogas control. My thesis, titled "Feasibility Study of Biomass Power Plant and Biogas Control," focused on exploring the techno-economics of generating power from agricultural residue. The research findings were published in a prestigious SCI indexed journal of renewable energy, and I had the incredible opportunity to present this work at an international conference held at IIT Roorkee. Apart from my academic achievements, I've been involved in some exciting projects that have further honed my skills. For instance: I designed a controller for a water submersible pump and successfully applied it to a real model. I worked on a project involving the failure reconfiguration of pumps in two reservoirs connected to an overhead tank. These projects were even published as book chapters in Springer! With four years of industrial experience as an electrical safety officer and a background in graduating from GEC Bhuj followed by post-graduation at the Institute of Infrastructure Technology Research and Management in Ahmedabad, I am currently thriving as a lecturer at Government Polytechnic Porbandar in the Electrical Department. My ultimate goal is to pursue a fulfilling career in academia, fueled by my passion for research and a strong foundation in electrical engineering. Outside the world of academics and engineering, I find solace in practicing yoga and diving into literature. These hobbies help me keep a balanced perspective and infuse creativity into my teaching methods. So, if you're ready to explore the fascinating realms of engineering with a touch of enthusiasm and a whole lot of expertise, let's embark on this educational journey together! 🚀✨
Electrical engineering · Math · Technical writing
Trusted teacher: Duration: 20 hours (10 sessions x 2 hours each) Session 1: Introduction to Business English Learning Objectives Introductions and students' English ability. Overview business and technical English. Basic English grammar, vocabulary and phrases. The simple two tense model for success Session 2: Communication Skills Effective communication skills. Role-playing exercises for business scenarios (e.g., meetings, negotiations, email communication). Expand English grammar, vocabulary and phrases. Session 3: Emails, Memos and minutes Professional emails, memos and minute composition Common phrases and expressions. Writing practice: Outlining, drafting and composing. Session 4: Effective Presentation The psychology, style and graphics for delivering effective presentations. Introducing, summarizing, and concluding presentations. In-class presentation practice with feedback and improvement tips. Session 5: Technical Vocabulary and Terminology Introducing technical vocabulary related to tour industry (to be determined; TBD). Industry-specific terminology. Role Play: Technical discussions. Session 6: Business Meetings The structure and language used of business meetings. Role-play: meeting participation and facilitation. Expressing opinions, agreeing, disagreeing, questioning and making suggestions. Session 7: Negotiations and Conflict Resolution Negotiations in business. Role play: Conflicts resolution. Vocabulary for diplomatic communication during negotiations. Session 8: Business Writing: Reports and Proposals Corporate vision, reports & proposals. Writing practice: Summarize your corporate vision, a recent report and a proposal. Report group review & feedback. Session 9: Cross-Cultural Communication Cultural differences. Effective cross-cultural communication. Role Play: Cross-cultural challenges and discussion. Session 10: Wrap-Up and Final Presentations Review Student PowerPoint presentations. Group: Feedback and evaluation. Note: Topics and content for each session are flexible and can be adjusted based on company needs and how students' are progressing. To make the material more relevant and engaging, please provide real-life materials.
Technical writing · Presentation skills · Business writing
Trusted teacher: Welcome to the World of Writing - Unleash the Power of Freelancing! As we embark on this educational adventure together, I want to take a moment to introduce our writing class and emphasize the invaluable skillset you will gain. In this class, we will explore the art and craft of writing, diving deep into its various forms, techniques, and practical applications. But beyond just developing your writing abilities, I want to emphasize that writing is a skill that can truly be acquired and perfected with practice. As we progress through our time together, you will come to realize the true power and potential of freelancing. Freelancing, in the realm of writing, refers to the ability to work independently, choosing projects that align with your interests and passions. It enables you to enjoy the freedom of exploring different genres, collaborating with diverse clients, and reaping the rewards of showcasing your talent to the world. I am dedicated to helping you unleash this freedom and tapping into your unique creative potential. Throughout the course, you will learn techniques to captivate readers, convey compelling messages, and master the art of storytelling. Whether you dream of becoming a professional writer, an influential blogger, or simply want to enhance your communication skills, this class will provide a solid foundation to fuel your ambitions.If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to support you every step of the way. Wishing you a remarkable and transformative experience with writing!
Writing · Essay writing · Technical writing
Sure! Here's a sample English tutor lesson plan that can be adapted for beginner students to advanced English students: Lesson Plan: English Tutoring Session Level: Beginner to Advanced 1. Warm-up Activity (5 minutes): - Engage students with a warm-up activity to set the tone for the lesson. - For beginners: Introduce vocabulary through flashcards or a matching game. - For advanced students: Initiate a discussion on a current topic of interest or provide a short reading passage for comprehension. 2. Grammar Focus (15-20 minutes): - For beginners: Introduce basic grammar concepts such as verb tenses (present simple, past simple), articles (a/an/the), or basic sentence structure. - For intermediate to advanced students: Focus on more complex grammar topics, such as conditionals, reported speech, or phrasal verbs. Provide explanations, examples, and practice exercises. 3. Vocabulary Expansion (10-15 minutes): - For beginners: Introduce new vocabulary related to a specific theme (e.g., family, food, daily activities). Use flashcards, visuals, and real-life examples. - For intermediate to advanced students: Explore advanced vocabulary related to specific areas of interest or industries. Engage students in discussions, role plays, or writing exercises to practice using the vocabulary in context. 4. Listening Comprehension (10-15 minutes): - Choose a listening activity appropriate for the students' level. This can include dialogues, interviews, TED Talks, or short audio clips. - Provide comprehension questions and encourage students to listen actively and take notes. 5. Speaking Practice (15-20 minutes): - For beginners: Engage in guided conversations using simple questions and prompts related to the lesson's theme. Provide feedback and correction as necessary. - For intermediate to advanced students: Conduct role plays, debates, or discussions on various topics to encourage fluency and accuracy. Provide feedback on pronunciation, grammar usage, and vocabulary. 6. Writing Exercise (10-15 minutes): - Assign a writing task appropriate for the students' level. This can include completing sentences, writing short paragraphs, or responding to a given prompt. - Provide guidance, suggestions, and corrections to enhance their writing skills. 7. Wrap-up and Review (5 minutes): - Summarize the key points covered during the session. - Address any questions or concerns students may have. - Assign homework, if applicable, to reinforce the lesson's concepts. Remember to adapt the lesson plan based on the individual needs, interests, and language proficiency levels of the students. Flexibility is key in tailoring the lessons to ensure effective learning and progress.
English · Technical writing · Toesl test preparation
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Chemistry for High School and University exams (English) (Almere Stad)
Loreta A.
I reached out to Loreta because I had to learn a long list of topics in chemistry in order to prepare myself for university, in a relatively short period of time of being only about half a year. Loreta was able to prepare classes for me that not only made it easy for me to understand, but they contained everything I needed and whenever I had issues with something that I didn't understand, she was really helpful and patient with me. She was an awesome teacher for the short period of time she helped me, she made the classes fun and I think if I had a teacher like her in highschool I would've had a much easier time preparing for uni :) Overall I had a great experience with her and I can't recommend her enough
Review by ZSÓFIA
Portuguese (PT/BR) online or presencial by a Portuguese native teacher (Loulé)
I really enjoyed my first lesson with Márcia. She is really helpful and runs the lesson with lots of encouragement. Her method is flexible, she has an intuitive grasp of individual needs and structures the lesson accordingly. I look forward to my next lessons with her.
Review by STUART
Native speaker. Learn Easy! Spanish Conversational Fun, Games, Role Play and Latin music! (New York)
Claudia is a very kind and helpful person. She has very enjoyable classes through learning with music, cooking, games and textbooks to help improve my Spanish in a fun environment. She is a great teacher!
Review by LIAM