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19 speech teachers in France

Trusted teacher: Private lessons / intensive Latin dance training (Cuban salsa, porto / LA salsa, bachata, merengue, chacha, zouk antillais, African kuduru-dance, Brazilian zouk *) (* = it's THE dance of the moment that paradoxically has nothing zouk or anything Brazilian - today it's pop music for two, mixing creativity, sensuality, air fluidity that plays a lot with the movements of bust, head and body undulations.) METHODOLOGY Learn dance and let talk about your body / emotions, make the difference in the evening ("social dancing") or prepare an event (wedding for example): Focused on pedagogy, technique and pleasure, the dance space offers personalized and individualized courses of Salsa (porto on 1, Cuban), Bachata, Merengue, Kuduru-African dance, Zouk Antillais, Zouk Brazilian (pop music) (...) according to your desires. Objective: to adapt to your request and your desire. In the eyes of many neophytes, a couple who dance well performs spectacular figures. To dance is to tell / live together a story, to produce beauty in movement and to make the steps, the attitudes and the connections between the various actions aesthetic / harmonious. This fluidity is born of emotion, felt and transmitted. Simplicity, communication, listening, sharing, emotion, valorization of the other: it is, in addition to technical knowledge (body expression, rhythmic, visual), what you will improve during this training at evolutive levels. In a friendly atmosphere, you will be taken in hand whatever your initial level. Objective: a combination between on the one hand, intuition / feeling / improvisation and on the other hand, technique. It is possible to take the course in couple or solo. According to your desire, it is possible to propose 70% of a 1st dance, 30% of another complementary dance, the bases of the one influencing the other. Whether you are preparing a "choreography" for a special event (wedding, birthday, work, etc.), a show or simply looking to improve your skills to impress on the dance floor, the final learning of these courses consists in : * perform a beautiful interpretation of the music with appropriate movements, in addition to performing a dynamic work that involves a footwork and body movements adapted * execute an appropriate technique that will allow you to shine quickly on the dance floor, relying on the strong point of private lessons * Set up style, movement, footwork, and adjusted body coordination, allowing for rapid dance progression, while taking advanced base steps and a variety of movements, allowing you to not only acquire a sensual style but also to improve his own improvisational abilities, focusing on the characteristics of modern dance. * work on your balance, your musicality, your body strength (...), while having fun, while you train and radically improve the coordination of your body. In summary, these courses are at the beginner level (basic steps with some general variations), intermediate (faster speed and more concentration on technique, body mechanics, control, footwork, posture, balance and more complex movements) or advanced (for slightly more experienced dancers). Statistically, the progression following these private sessions is quickly noticeable, from 2 or 3 sessions *. (* study 2020) To respond to requests received, it is indeed possible to offer this course (birthday, party, christmas, event ...) to the person of your choice. TEACHER / TRAINER In Europe, Latin America or North America, our teacher has specialized and worked for more than 17 years in the field of dance, in renowned international institutions, with for words the individualized pedagogy, and the careful methodology , all anchored in a pleasant and jovial moment. LOCATION, SCHEDULE - Locations: Geneva - Lausanne - Friborg - Neuchâtel - Montreux - Basel - Sion - Sierre - Morges - Bienne. But currently and until further notice, only by videoconference in accordance with national recommendations on Covid. These sessions also seem to be perfectly unanimous since they have the advantages of live (example: quality of the interaction), without its disadvantages (example: loss of travel time) with additional advantages (example: notes that can be re-read on the chat). In this context, the videoconference sessions for which you asked me to seem to suit everyone perfectly, take place very optimally and generate a certain enthusiasm (and a certain enthusiasm). That is why, at your request, I continue to offer this option. Take good care of yourself and yours! PROGRAM A la carte program: evaluated and adapted to each need.
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Trusted teacher: Plus de 5 années passées à coacher les plus ambitieux : - étudiants du supérieur (prépas, grandes écoles fac etc.) visant les plus grandes écoles - étudiants préparant des concours prestigieux tels que : TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS et GMAT - lycéens et élèves désireux d'obtenir la meilleure mention possible - Professionnels, salariés, managers, Directeurs avec des « Ateliers Carrière » (CV en anglais, Lettre de motivation et simulation d’entretiens à visée internationale ou d’expansion de marché avec implantation à l’étranger). * Formations en entreprise, me contacter * Je propose à tous mes élèves seuls ou en groupe : - un SUIVI minutieux (évaluation du niveau, programme, objectifs à atteindre) - des CONSEILS précieux (toujours joignable hors des cours et très disponible pour mes élèves) - ainsi qu'un COACHING hors pair afin de les amener vers la réussite qu'ils souhaitent tant atteindre, que ce soit pour des postes internationaux, des entretiens en entreprise, des concours d'envergure nationale ou tout simplement le Bac. Toutes ces étapes cruciales et déterminantes dans la vie concernant l’avenir professionnel et personnel sont UNIQUES et font que l’on se doit d'avoir un SOUTIEN SUR-MESURE et SANS FAILLE! Je suis donc là pour vous aider dans les notions essentielles à assimiler mais également dans votre MOTIVATION à les apprendre et dans les STRATÉGIES à adopter. Statistiques : - TOUS mes élèves ont atteint l'objectif qu'ils s'étaient fixé avant notre 1er cours (réussite de tel concours, note à atteindre, école à intégrer, poste à obtenir) MISSION 100% REUSSIE - Mes élèves prennent en général +6/10 points dans leur moyenne ! - 100% des élèves ayant suivi plus de 10h de cours avec moi sont SATISFAITS et m'ont recommandée au moins 1 fois à leur entourage. - Les cours en groupe visent à se parfaire, les cours individuels servent, eux, à SUR-PERFORMER ! Ainsi, si vous souhaitez vous fixer un objectif qui vous semble aujourd'hui inatteignable, n'hésitez pas à me contacter afin de ***** FAIRE DE VOTRE OBJECTIF UNE REALITE *****
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Improve your speeches in public and in meetings / Brussels (Brussels)
Charlotte is a superb instructor. I took classes with her at her home for several months to improve my public speaking skills. During each session, Charlotte helped me work on my tone and delivery through various public speaking exercises. Charlotte asked me to prepare short written assignments before our meetings, so that I could practice delivering my script using various speaking techniques during the class. For these assignments, Charlotte was very engaged and made sure that the assignments would assist me in my specific professional goals. She did this by tailoring the subject matter to my professional work - mostly legal and political matters - and she pushed me to consider what I wanted to achieve from my audience with each speaking opportunity. Charlotte, however, is not only a skilled professional. She is also a tremendously kind, energetic and dynamic person to work with. She made me feel comfortable sharing my vulnerabilities, which made the process of receiving constructive feedback a fun and welcomed experience. She encouraged me to practice my public speaking in French - which is not my first language - and made me feel at ease. She is kind, understanding and an incredibly nice person. If you are looking for a professional who is dedicated to helping you improve, welcomes your goals and ideas, and who is a pleasure to meet with each week - then look no further than Charlotte.
Review by ARIEL
English Tutoring for Adults - Beginners to Advanced (Paris)
Best English teacher that I have ever had. I highly recommend this teacher to anyone who wants to improve his English, especially in writing and speaking.
Review by FENGYI