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    Private tuition and upgrading in math-physics-chemistry for middle and high school students

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    Science and mathematics are very present in high school and high school, whatever the chosen field. I offer private lessons or personalized discounts to your expectations and needs. I can help both in terms of knowledge and methodological expectations.


    At student's location: Around Toulouse, France

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    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)

    Student level:



    30 minutes
    45 minutes
    60 minutes
    90 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    French, English

    About Me

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    I think that learning has to come from an exchange, that's why I adapt my courses to my students and their needs. However, I believe that the exercises and the study of their functioning and the associated expectations are the most efficient method to progress.


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    I have a scientific baccalaureate (S-SVT) and an excellent average in math and science (physics-chemistry and SVT) since the beginning of my schooling and I'm about to go into MPSI

    Experience / Qualifications

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    I did tutoring as part of a project organized by the CVL of my high school for two (my first and my final year) in the subjects that I propose.

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    Availability of a typical week

    9  Monday at 9:00  Tuesday at 9:00  Wednesday at 9:00  Thursday at 9:00  Friday at 9:00  Saturday at 9:00  
    10  Monday at 10:00  Tuesday at 10:00  Wednesday at 10:00  Thursday at 10:00  Friday at 10:00  Saturday at 10:00  
    11  Monday at 11:00  Tuesday at 11:00  Wednesday at 11:00  Thursday at 11:00  Friday at 11:00  Saturday at 11:00  
    12  Monday at 12:00  Tuesday at 12:00  Wednesday at 12:00  Thursday at 12:00  Friday at 12:00  Saturday at 12:00  
    13  Monday at 13:00  Tuesday at 13:00  Wednesday at 13:00  Thursday at 13:00  Friday at 13:00  Saturday at 13:00  
    14  Monday at 14:00  Tuesday at 14:00  Wednesday at 14:00  Thursday at 14:00  Friday at 14:00  Saturday at 14:00  
    15  Monday at 15:00  Tuesday at 15:00  Wednesday at 15:00  Thursday at 15:00  Friday at 15:00  Saturday at 15:00  
    16  Monday at 16:00  Tuesday at 16:00  Wednesday at 16:00  Thursday at 16:00  Friday at 16:00  Saturday at 16:00  
    17  Monday at 17:00  Tuesday at 17:00  Wednesday at 17:00  Thursday at 17:00  Friday at 17:00  Saturday at 17:00  
    from 19€At student's home

    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.

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    • Instructor since May 2019

    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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    Private lessons in Mathematics - Methodology - School support
    Student engineer, gives mathematics courses for all levels of school, ranging from the 6th to the baccalaureate in Terminale, through the Brevet in 3rd. Work methodology advice, personalized support according to the student's profile.

    Private lessons of Maths / Physics / Chemistry / English
    Graduate engineer in 3rd year having done 2 years of preparatory class integrated. I got the TOEIC and FIRST (cambridge) level B2. I have already practiced homework help in an association in Toulouse so I know how to make a student understand a concept. I can give courses in math, physics chemistry and English up to bac level S

    Mathematics course college-math sup, college physics course - Tle S
    Provides mathematics classes for high school, high school and math students and physics courses for high school and high school students up to Terminal S. It's been four years since I regularly give private lessons to several different students in Toulouse and Lyon and I also have in a social home in Lyon. Courses may be to learn the basics or enhanced support courses to prepare for preparatory classes for example.

    Private math course and English course
    I am bilingual English and have dual French and Australian citizenship. I could therefore, on the one hand, focus learning on grammar and conjugation rules but also offer students, if they wish, a more cultural approach (films, books, politics, social). I prefer to adapt to the setting that the teacher will fix in class, however I remain flexible. In mathematics, I have a CPGE ES level. So I can help students until terminal L ES. I prefer not to offer my services to students in S sector since the economic path, even in the higher, does not quite address the same themes. However, for others, I like to work maths in the most entertaining way possible. Indeed, I am convinced that the difficulties that meet many students in this matter are due to blockages that they impose themselves (I understand nothing, it is useless). The whole thing is to take the plunge.

    Mohamed Paris
    Private Course in Mathematics-Physics-Science
    Having done a scientific baccalaureate Mathematics, followed by science studies, I had a lot to do with mathematics throughout my training. I will be happy to share this knowledge. My way of working: everything depends on the student. If the student understands his course and has difficulty solving exercises, in this case I focus a lot more on solving the different exercises and exam topics. Otherwise, if the student has trouble understanding his course at school, in this case I give priority to course comprehension. I'm moving to the city of Toulouse

    Private lessons in Life and Earth Sciences and English
    Hello, My name is Willy-Anne and I am a recent graduate of a master's degree in environmental ecology and biosciences (ENSAT). I propose to carry out school support in life sciences and Earth for young people from primary school to high school. I also propose to support students in faculty in the areas of ecology (animal and plant), conservation biology and hydrology. As a first step, I assess the student's needs and gaps and then establish a program: -Upgrade (if needed) and mastery of the basics - Deepening on the last courses and studied notions -Help and organization for the success of the evaluations Other subjects: For primary school students, I also offer my help for the various scientific subjects as well as in English (European English degree course).

    Tuition Math / Physics
    Second year student in engineering school in Toulouse (ENSEEIHT), I propose to make available my knowledge for college and high school students. I had a training in preparatory classes in the MP stream (Math / Physics). I have an important experience in the field and I travel to Toulouse to give the students.

    tutoring in math
    student at the Enseeiht, engineering school in Toulouse, I offer tutoring in math class and also homework help

    Private lessons in chemistry, physics and mathematics
    Currently in physics chemistry option license at Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier University, I propose academic support in science subjects (mathematics, physics and chemistry) from primary to final year. My schedules are very flexible since I am in college. I studied at Ozenne High School where I earned my bachelor's degree fairly well with an average of 13.8. I can go to give these courses or to welcome the student to my home (cottage area).

    English, Mathematics, Economics, and Chinese Tutoring
    For English class, I will be able to teach for daily conversations, school promotions, and tests (TOEFL, SAT, GRE, and GMAT). For mathematics class, I can cover all fields including algebra, geometry, calculus, and real analysis from the elementary school level to undergraduate level. For economics class, I can help on introductory and intermediate levels of microeconomics, macroeconomics, and industrial organization. Every class is organized with preview and homework, as well as quiz if needed. The course content has to be communicated before the real class starts in order to utilize the time and experience of students. For parents looking for multi-lingual speakers to teach their kids, it is a perfect chance because I am also a Chinese native speaker and Chinese has to be studied from a very young age to be mastered in.

    Tutoring in maths / physics
    Student in L3 fundamental mathematics and former student of prep and school of engineering offers courses in mathematics and physics for all levels. I want to advance the student based on the following points that I think are essential for a good knowledge: -Verification of knowledge -Explain the essence of the course and highlight existing links between the various chapters of the program. -Presentation of the other notions of the course in the form of corrected exercises. -Exerices ranging from the direct application of the course to the most original and constructive by trying to present in a synthetic way and compliant some pretty accessible theories. -Recapitulation of the course and summary of the essential knowledge of each chapter.

    English course for high school / high school students
    English has established itself as the language of the international par excellence. If you travel abroad, settle in a non-French speaking country, or live in a multicultural environment, English is very often a shared linguistic field. If it is easy to master the basics quickly, this language has an incredibly rich and nuanced vocabulary ...

    Private lessons
    Holder of a degree in Economics - Management - Finance, I put myself at the disposal of students or students who would have difficulties in mathematics, French or English (I can also support in other disciplines, to see, out Science subjects). The support will fully adapt to the needs of the person (homework help, preparation for homework, theory, etc.). The goal: to progress and fill in its gaps ... and maybe begin to appreciate this famous material that gives you so much trouble?

    Tutoring and private lessons in Biology / SVT
    Hello, graduated in Cell Biology and Physiology I propose lessons to strengthen knowledge in SVT (high school level) or Biology (University). The sciences of life and earth are disciplines whose difficulty lies mainly in the retention of a large amount of information. I intend to teach you adapted methods that will allow you to return the information correctly through didactic and logical means.

    Mathematics and physics course (middle and high school)
    After an experience as Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Simón Bolívar University and after completing two Master research programs (Mechanical Engineering), I am currently a PhD student at Ensiacet (INP Toulouse). I am available in Toulouse to give courses in mathematics and physics but possibly other scientific subjects or homework help for primary, college or high school students.