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Adrien Jean Marquez-Velasco: Responsible and co-founder of the Encyclopedia of Happiness: an association for the spread of well-being and happiness, and an organization of courses of Awakening and Personal Development (CEDP). Professional of well-being, happiness, law of attraction and coaching for 1 and a half years, I give coaching regularly to increase the confidence and well-being of my clients: a fundamental key to be happier, succeed in all areas of his life, and finally know his true mission of life. (Diplomatic training with David Laroche, Olivier Roland and Franck Nicolas 2016-2017: best French-speaking coaches) The principle is simple: we will watch the best videos (translated) of the best professionals of the world of Awakening and Personal Development according to your affinities (a base of 200 videos) and we will analyze carefully what is explained and taught, is what we can retain and what are the different exercises that we can apply every day of our lives to increase our potential, our awakening and our success. The Awakening and Personal Development courses are the most innovative, interactive, playful and inspiring courses you can follow. And above all, the courses that will lead to the best results as quickly as possible for professionals and also especially suitable for students looking for results and absolutely wanting to pass their exams! We have finally chosen a late course availability every day until 10 pm and on weekends also to allow as many students as possible to have access to these innovative courses.
Self-improvement · Personal training · Life coaching
Stage «Rock The Casbah» of All Saints' Day 2017. The course is aimed at young people between the ages of 12 and 17 who wish to spend an artistic week around current music and graphic design techniques (silkscreen, stencil, etc.). This course is open to all, from the uninitiated to the confirmed musician. The number of places is limited to 20 young people. This course offers: - play music collectively and individually; - learn to play with others, pay attention to musical balance (all must agree); - create their own visuals using different tools; - practice stencil and screen printing techniques; - reproduce the visuals created on different supports (paper, fabric, wood, etc.). - learn and perfect all instruments (bass, drums, vocals, guitar, percussion, piano, etc.); - explore his voice, sing to many; - create compositions where each brings his musical touch, his feeling; - inventing, creating, transforming sounds; - to learn and improve the use of machines (synthesizers, samplers, loopers, etc.); - playing a solo part, trying to improvise; - inventing sound landscapes, varied atmospheres; - to work on his instrument and to approach different styles; - preparation of a concert in a professional broadcasting hall. The course offers the ideal conditions for a true immersion of the young people in the world of the creation and the artistic expression around the sound and the image. "La Boîte à Outils" inscribes its projects in an approach of sensitization and discovery by privileging the playful pleasure and practices of collective artistic creations. Each young person can find his or her place and participate, at his or her own pace and rhythm. The aim is to allow everyone to feel the shared pleasure of collective practice, whatever its technical level. Our project promotes awareness and openness in various artistic fields, through a playful and sensory approach. He proposes to the young person to take a new look at the music. It allows the discovery of collective artistic creation: learning to listen and play in harmony with others, find a place in a group, test self-confidence, have an awareness of respect for the individual, learn new techniques through various workshops. It is an open project that is built with young people, their ideas and their experiences, allowing the development of their artistic taste and their critical spirit. Our program of activities revolves around the expectations of all. It is also a project conducive to meetings and exchanges where teenagers can fully participate and participate in all the workshops and activities offered. The role of the animators is to accompany each adolescent towards a greater instrumental mastery, a better listening in the service of a more personal expression, while remaining attentive to the character of each one. It is essential that everyone has invested and expressed himself, having held a personal place in the project, equal to his means and respecting the differences of character. Framing ------------------ 5 frames: 1 director (DEFA, musician and graphic designer) 3 animators (BAFA, musicians and music teachers) 1 animateur graphic arts (professional silkscreen prints of the workshop La Turbine in Toulouse) The supervisory rate is one adult for every 5 participants. The educational teams of the stays are made up of graduate animators and artists with strong practices in their respective fields (professional musicians, music teachers). Dates and prices -------------------- The course takes place during the holidays of All Saints' Day, 5 days from 23 to 27 October 2017. Number of seats: 20 seats Price: from 110 to 290 euros, depending on the quotient familial (contact us) Stay in day school. The prize includes an internship, supervision of activities, loan of equipment and membership of the association. We accept checks vacances (National Agency for Chèques Vacances). For more information: Geographic location ------------------------------- The internship takes place at the Espace Job in Toulouse, in the district of Sept Deniers. This place hosts various cultural, artistic and neighborhood associations. It is dedicated to teaching and artistic education, to the creation, to the diffusion of shows, to festive and multidisciplinary events as well as to the times of exchanges and debates. The Espace Job includes a 135-seat auditorium, various activity rooms, music halls and a recording studio. --- Join us ! The association "La Boîte à Outils". Stays declared to the Departmental Directorate of Social Cohesion of Haute-Garonne.
Singing · Bass guitar · Guitar
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Arabe - Anglais - Français (Lecture, Écriture, Oral) ! (Toulouse)
Rami is a wonderful teacher. He is thorough, kind, and committed to helping his students get the most out of their lessons by working with them to develop a plan. I am taking Arabic lessons with Rami and I recommend him with enthusiasm!
Review by KATHRYN
Français Langue Etrangère, cours de français pour adultes (Toulouse)
She is a great teacher, I took a couple of classes in July while I was in Toulouse and I could learn a lot within the time. She was always very well prepared for class and I could improve my speaking skills a lot. Thanks!
Review by FABI
Aide aux devoirs, cours particuliers et de méthodologie (Castres)
camille is very professional, patient & puts a lot of effort into explaining while allowing the student time to speak also. I bought 10 lessons with her as she is just this good! :) definitely recommended
Review by AMY