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Trusted teacher: Lovers of rhythm, song and percussion of the world, you are at the right address! The universe of rhythm and drums of the world attracts you ... you are novice or want to improve, you are looking for workshops in private or group lessons, ... Welcome! Multi-percussionist on stage and in the studio, teachers and performers for twenty years, I offer introductory or advanced modules to percussion from around the world, for adults, teenagers and children and whatever your level. (individual, group and internship courses) The educational objective makes it a point of honor to explore general notions, developmental points and instrumental techniques, depending on the chosen instrument, the cultural context associated with it and your feelings. My approach is to allow you to establish an intimate contact with your own dynamics of play, by listening and reproduction, by opening the channels of the sensitive, to find and make vibrate the musicality that is in you and to transmit this direct experience , in condition of interpretation. Percussion lessons always involve several instruments and levels: For all levels: congas, bongos, bata drums, cajon, bendir and tär (frame drums), djembe, dundun, drums and minor percussions (accessories: shaker, triangle, karkabou ... And also for novices & intermediates: Indian tablas Point essentially addressed for a musical and psycho-sensory immersion work: the roles of rhythmic instruments in contemporary, ethnic and scholarly music, and the metrics of each musical current. the strokes specific to each instrument and a playful rhythmic solfeggio (visualization, learning and interpretation of rhythmic sequences by writing and / or voicing) the poly-rythmie around current musics and world music (African, Caribbean, Indian and oriental traditions): simultaneous combination of rhythmic cells, sometimes of different size, to form a rich, well-rounded and harmonious phrase. groove and inner pulsation (or inner partition) guided improvisation and discovery of one's own interpretive fiber. orchestration or arrangement of instrument families in an orchestra. the song and the breath, the setting in voice and in space of the rhythm, to refine the sensory language of an adequate dynamic gesture. I provide on request personal work media (CDs, scores, videos). Apart from stage music, I also work for live shows (storytelling, theater, circus, pantomime, contemporary dance ...), documentary film and audio-visual. I frequently intervene in musical awakening for early and middle childhood (maternity hospitals, schools, leisure centers) and also in specialized settings (day hospitals, IME) and at home, as part of mediation actions in art. therapy. Hoping to share with you my passion for teaching and the melody of rhythm. Stéphane Musically !
Percussion · Computer generated music · Music teacher training
Trusted teacher: Hello, *** Are you a beginner or intermediate guitarist who is in a phase where you feel lost, completely discouraged and where the lack of results reigns despite many efforts put in place? Or would you just like to learn the guitar in a fun and friendly way? *** Are you tired of spending HOURS searching for information on the internet only to get meager results in the end? *** You want to UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU PLAY instead of always repeating the same shots, and DEVELOP YOUR FREEDOM on the instrument in order to please yourself quickly? *** You are looking for a PROFESSIONAL GUITAR TEACHER who is really INVOLVED in your progress, who has already proven himself with more than 200 students and who explains to you WHAT to work, WHY, HOW and at what FREQUENCY while providing you with work supports recaps (pdf file and guitar pro)? *** Would you like to OVERCOME YOUR MAIN DIFFICULTY (rhythm, technique, theory, ear or improvisation / composition) in a minimum of time? *** Are you a blues, pop / folk, rock or metal guitarist and you would like to have a work plan specially adapted to your musical goal and your schedule? *** Do you have a tight schedule, get impatient at times and the lack of results makes you feel like you're not cut out for music? Do you need a coach who motivates you during the learning process? ... then you are the person I can help get explosive results on the instrument. ATTENTION: ONLY 2 SEATS AVAILABLE !! So don't wait any longer to book a time slot and discover how to go to the next level without the hassle and without going through the solfège box thanks to the RTTOM method. Musically, Guillaume.
Guitar · Music theory lessons
Young graduate of AgroParisTech, a major engineering school, after two years of preparatory classes in BCPST (biology, physics-chemistry, earth science, math sup, math spé) and a Baccalaureate with honors, I propose courses individuals in the following disciplines: - Maths - Physics - Chemistry - SVT (biology, geology, biochemistry ...) - Computer Science - Statistics - Management I enter my 4th year as a private tutor after having followed a dozen students from college level to the Bachelor level. My methodology is based first of all on an analysis of the student's working method and level so as to adapt as best as possible to his requirements. I pass on my work methodology to the student and my experience so that he succeeds in his school career. I can also help the student in his future direction. A typical course is as follows: - Discussion with the student on the current chapter (difficulties, questions, theoretical deepening, perspective of learning in the real world ...) - Theoretical oral questioning (on the key points of the official program) - Realization of different exercises (to check methodology, writing and application of knowledge) - Deepening the chapter or getting ahead of the program I can carry out refresher courses, specific accompaniments (especially for the TPE / TIPE to prepare the BAC) or private lessons in small groups. Possibility of giving courses at my home on the center of Poitiers or move me, I have the license B and I am conveyed. My schedules are very flexible and can be discussed week by week with the student. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Physics · Chemistry · Math
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French lessons for beginners and advanced. Class support (Poitiers)
Esmeralda is an excellent teacher. She takes time to go over any points which I find difficult and show lots of examples to explain the point in different ways until I fully understand. She takes the time to figure out what I need help with most, and then prepares specialised lessons for each topic. And she is also very open for me to request and bring along anything I have found which I may need additional help with. Finally, she is most of all a very patient and kind teacher, who does not make me feel embarrassed or anxious when I make mistakes or need help. I would definitely recommend her classes to anyone looking to improve their french skills.
Review by BROOKE