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Amandine - Lille23€
Trusted teacher: Hello, じ め ま し て て (enchanted) My name is amandine. I will be your Japanese teacher. I went to do cultural exchange in immersion when I was a teenager in foster families and I came back enriched by this culture and its language that I like to convey to who wants to be interested. I have been talking about it for 10 years. I am able to prepare my students for exams such as the Japanese option or the JLPT. What is important for me is to approach the language in a playful way according to the needs and the capacities of each one. That's why I offer personalized courses in my home. I can do it in small group for more conviviality or individually for child and / or adult. I hold the JLPT Level 3. Here's how I work: The first course, at my home, allows me to discover you and your objectives / desires in relation to the language (travel, examination etc ...) 30mn-1h is enough, it's time for you to ask me all your questions then we see together your availability, your pace of learning and if I agree with you. If you are interested, we can set up balance sheets to see where you are. It may be that I sometimes prepare lessons in a "different" way to see the method that suits you, all of which I explain to you in person and always require your agreement beforehand. I noticed for a better assimilation that a course generally lasts 2h however you can shorten this time if it is too intense or if it requires too much concentration for you. It happens that I give you "exercises", I recommend you do them. If they are not done, we will take time together to do it on the spot. I am someone organized and involved. Those who embark on this apprenticeship must be serious and motivated. For those who choose to learn webcam: This is a first for me. I therefore recommend conversational or help exercises for pronunciation, prefer a course of 30mn-1h. I will find a way to send you exercises. As it is new please be understanding, I will do the best for it to be a rewarding experience. I have already spontaneous and voluntary interventions in primary schools to share my adventure and interest in Japan. In French, of course, but with the conviction that the passions are made to be shared and to produce in each of us seeds of curiosity.
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Découvrir et apprendre. Se débrouiller en Japonais (Lille)
Après plusieurs cours avec Amandine, je pense enfin à lui mettre un commentaire :D N'hésitez plus à prendre contact avec elle, ses cours sont très intéressants et elle n'hésite pas à les adapter à ce qui vous motive le plus. J'aime particulièrement que les cours soient remplis d'anecdotes et de petites astuces qui donnent l'impression de vraiment progresser. Foncez !
Review by ROMAIN