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Italian (for students) · French for adults - fsl · English as a second language (esl)
Trusted teacher: Young student in Master Communication, English is my second mother tongue. From my own experience, I find that the sooner a child is confronted with a language and the easier it is to use it once an adult. Having grown up in a sibling of 5 children, I am the only one to have accepted since the CP to be sent every year to my family abroad for holidays, Great Britain, Ireland, Switzerland and North America. Therefore I assimilated very early the bases of the language and at my entry in 6me I already spoke a very correct English contrary to my brothers who today still have trouble and this despite bilingual parents. The fact is that they have never really assimilated these bases because they have always had the choice between French and English to express themselves. I am not saying that we must force children to speak English, but rather to help the child to surpass himself in order to make himself understood. I assume that a child who is certain that you do not understand what he says will always find a way to communicate with you. My learning of the language is mainly through play, music, cinema but also reading, in short all that children have always used to see and hear or do in French. The aim is to expose the child as much as possible to the language so that he can record the different sounds and urge him to guess the meaning of the words according to what they already know in French. An example that works well for little girls, listening to and singing Disney songs in French and English. First, to teach them the basics, then to give them all the tools to express themselves and finally to slowly take them to trust their linguistic ability so that they can surpass themselves and start, by example Telling his day. To help children in their learning, I suggest that parents buy a cartoon (for vocabulary) in English, a nursery rhyme (for pronunciation) in English and an illustrated book (for spelling) once a month. I recommend 2 courses per week for a real effectiveness, with a different rhythm according to the age of the child, 2x1h on 2 days of the Kindergarten to the CP and 2h of a blow from the CE1 to the CM2.
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Cours d'Alto à Paris 8e - Professeur particulier depuis 10 ans - Tous niveaux tous âges (Paris)
Professeur gentil, aux méthodes douces, il est sérieux, sait rassurer/encourager ses élèves et les motiver, sans qu'il ne tombe dans une facilité exagérée. Il peut être exigent et patient à la fois. Son amour de la musique se transmet de façon naturelle. Malgré son très haut niveau musical il sait aussi communiquer simplement et s'adapter à nos besoins. Je suis ravie d'avoir choisi ce professeur et je vous le recommande.
Review by ISCIA
Cours de chant tous styles et de français par professeure diplômée (Asnières-sur-Seine)
Profitant du peu de temps libre que m'ont laissé mes études, j'ai voulu avoir un aperçu de ce à quoi ressemblait un cours lyrique, et je n'ai pas été déçue ! Le contact avec Lauriane a été très bon, l'initiation très plaisante, instructive et intéressante ! Je recommande sans hésiter !
Review by EVA
Apprendre le violoncelle et la musique (Levallois-Perret)
Expérience concluante - cours tout à fait adapté à l'âge et à la personnalité de notre fils. Merci beaucoup pour votre professionnalisme !
Review by KORTEZA