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Hello, I'am a currently a french student, doing a gap year as a wine salesman. I offer you my different class to share my knowledge and skills. I teach in 3 different type of course: Language course: -French -English I give homework after every class, and give feedback and report for the point to improve. Also I will make the class adapted about what you want to learn (if it is for a trip, for business ect...) Business course: -Marketing -Leadership and Management theory -Economy -business plan These class are to give my different knowledge and skill from my academic cursus but also my professional experiences. According the field, it can be very useful to success in a company or for the entrepreneur who want to launch a business. Others: -Cooking class and gastronomy -Oenology(wine) The cooking class is for every level of cooking. I adapte the class according the cooking level so from the children to the adulte. The cooking class will focus about European gastronomy, you will learn the main popular recipes, the different knowledge of cooking ,different way technic and tips used in restaurant. Every thing in a funny environment. The oenology is focusing about the wine knowledge (classification, type of wines, varieties ect...). There will may be some wine tasting!!! This class will make you an expert about wine. All the class that I provide are for the beginner to the intermediate (and expert for the business and others courses). If you are interested and want further informations, feel free to contact me, so we can discuss your goals and needs,
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Hello, Currently a student in Applied Foreign Languages ​​at the University of Grenoble, English and German are my specialties. I can accompany schoolchildren in their homework, but also review with them the important points of grammar and vocabulary. I can make them work the oral expression, now essential for the baccalaureate exam. Because I know how difficult a language can be to learn, I always give my students my own mnemonics. Here is how a session unfolds: - Help with homework: Exercises given by the teacher (of the school), revisit uncertain points of grammar and / or vocabulary. - Preparation of cards, mnemonics or the method suitable for the pupil to retain his lessons. - Conversation and / or text with the grammar point of the lesson. There is no more homework, vocabulary and grammar are understood? No problem ! We can therefore attack a more in-depth program: - Conversation on different subjects: Habits, last week, the future, dreams, regrets ... Work of the pronunciation. - Advanced vocabulary: Economics, clothing, health, housing ... - Oral Comprehension: Watching videos by taking together the difficult points together. - Written comprehension: Reading of newspaper articles, resumption of delicate passages. - Writing: Methodology, spelling, writing on familiar subjects. - Learning irregular verbs. I remain of course attentive to the needs and desires of my students, in order to advance them in a way that suits them personally. For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact me, I would be pleased to answer all your questions. Attention: The availability will change as soon as I have received my timetables in early September. See you soon, Star.
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I am in my 3rd year studying Russian at university. Valentyna is a brilliant tutor, helping me improve my level in all aspects (reading, speaking, writing, etc.) in a fun and interactive way. I would definitely recommend her!
Review by ELMIRA