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Valentyna - Dijon18€
Trusted teacher: Hello everyone! I am native Russian speaker and I have a master degree from the National linguistic university in a very specific skill of teaching the Russian language to non-Russians. - I have been teaching Russian for many years to adults and children from all over the world in the classroom and via Skype. Also I have been working as an interpreter in the Ukrainian embassy. - I’ve been living in various countries where I taught Russian. My English is fluent, so in our lessons I will explain everything to you in a very understandable and easy way. - I guarantee positive and relaxed atmosphere in our lessons. - Our lessons will always be well organized, well - planned and well structured. - All the lessons are tailored exactly to your individual needs to help you succeed. - I am focused on result and in our lessons will incorporate very interesting multimedia, photos, videos, power point presentations, and maximum conversational activities. - I will help you to achieve the necessary level of communication in the shortest possible time, since I know the secret of the optimal sequence of material presentation. You will finally begin to speak fluently in Russian. We will learn correct Russian grammar and vocabulary, speaking and you will get to the next level of Russian in no time. By the End of the Course You Will: - You will begin to speak fluently in Russian - Get to the next level of Russian - Significantly improve your Russian pronunciation - Easily construct grammatically correct sentences in Russian - Learn tons of Russian words and phrases on many different topics - Feel confident speaking Russian - Understand native Russian speakers with ease I look forward to meeting you!
Trusted teacher: Singing lessons: Vocal technique & interpretation. For who ? How to orient yourself in relation to your desire to sing? For all of you who want to sing, learn, improve. For fun, to improve your skills & improve your level. To prepare a particular service, a surprise, a contest, an audition or an examination? To have an impartial and professional opinion on your approach to singing and managing your voice. To come to trouble with your voice: embarrassment, aphonia, afraid to speak, lack of power, breathlessness, hoarse or thin voice, hoarseness ... To improve the "life" of your instrument pro: Lawyer, Doctors, Speakers, School Teacher, Therapist ... How? The singing lessons allow you to discover your voice and to go to the end of your possibilities. So, we discover a little, a lot ... Through various vocal exercises, you will learn how to manage your natural resources, to dominate your voice, to work it entirely, to dose the power, to manage the nuances .... To understand the various stages of learning, we can define 3 major steps that are 3 different but complementary aspects of vocal learning ... and as many small (!): 1 / PURE VOICE TECHNIQUE How to learn to tame your voice and the effects on the voice (annoyances, anxieties, stress, jitters, fear panic, anger, fear, lack of self-confidence etc ...), master nuances & power, manage the effects of stress & anxiety on the voice ... The part of pure vocal technique, consisting of various vocal excercises called vocalises and adapted to the level of the student but also to his vocal typology, essential to any future evolution and for any singer is the "vocal skeleton". 2 / APPLICATION OF THE VOICE TECHNIQUE IN THE DIRECTORY Here in this step, the direct application of the learning of the pure technique that we have done with vocalizations and other vocal exercises as specified above. We work for (the technical part and the learning of the pieces where we have to refix the points of reference clearly) to make a link between the two thus allowing a playful and concrete evolution in the song by the practice of the repertoire that we like ! 3 / INTERPRETATION & STYLISTIC & VOICE PLACEMENT OF THE DIRECTORY At this stage, the finishing is done, although the deep work is only beginning and it is here that several parameters are introduced to get there: The vocal technique, the musical setting up (by solfegic knowledge then placement with piano accompaniment etc ...), the postural management & gestures of the singer in order to stem the "parasites" and the precise research of style and how to stick to the best! An exciting part that crowns & rewards, even if it's still a disciplined and structured job, the efforts provided before ... I offer you INDIVIDUAL singing lessons totally personalized, adapted to your needs and your objectives, fun but serious, productive & progressive to ensure also a listening of the singer, his aspirations & ambitions that he can feed and improve the choices artistic, while setting a compulsory labor discipline to any desire for progress and success. Worked directory: LYRIC SINGING (Opera, Operetta, Comic Opera), French & International VARIETIES, JAZZ, GOSPEL, RN & B, MUSICAL COMEDIES, SACRED & PROFAN SONGS, French MELODIES / LIEDS .... I can also propose to the singers / his confirmed to pro, a particular & personalized preparation of their repertoire, setting up musical & vocal (with piano accompaniment), choice of the pieces, work of gesture, control of the posture and intensive preparation for: COMPETITIONS, EXAMS, CASTINGS, AUDITIONS, ROLES TO SET UP ... TO HAVE A CONCURRENT RESPONSE AND WORK TO SOME OF THESE QUESTIONS OR "STATES" AND MORE THAN OTHER THINGS, DO NOT HESITATE, PHONE!
Well-singing and well-being are intimately linked. Knowing how to sing requires great vocal flexibility, a free and controlled body and a rigorous work of pleasure and relaxation. Beginner or advanced singer, eager to build a solid vocal technique or in search of relaxation, I propose to help you achieve your goals through simple and fun technical tools, valid for all types of repertoire. Each session breaks down as follows: - vocal warm-up session through a short series of exercises. -Work of breath and posture, control of the air column. -Study of tunes / songs, on a technical and stylistic level. A first evaluation / discovery meeting will allow us to better understand your voice (tessitura, level ...) as well as your objectives. Lyrical Song / Musical Comedy / Song Possibility of home courses Paris and Ile de France This method is also very suitable for young children (from 8 years) About me: Canadian, classical deformation, 1st prize of lyric singing, 1st interpretation prize of the CNR of Saint-Maur des Fossées, B-Mus McGill college, I studied with Mady Mesple, Régine Crespin, Marilyn Horne and Nicole Fallien from whom I developed my passion for teaching and transmitting the Art of Song. At the same time, I pursue a concert career. Feel good, Sing well. Beautiful singing and well being are intimately related. Ompl sing sing sing equally equally equally equally flexibility equally flexibility equally flexibility equally flexibility equally flexibility equally................... Whether you are a beginner, an advanced student, or anger to build and reinforce solid vocal skills or simply in search of some mind / body relaxation, I'll be able to follow you in the pursuit of your goals work with all kind of musical genres. Each session will be divided as follows: -vocal warm-up using a short set of exercises. -breath control and body posture, mastering column of air and pitch. -technical and stylistic arias / songs study. In our first session together, we will do a primary evaluation (tessitura, training level, etc.) and review your goals. Lyrical and operatic singing / musicals / pop songs. At home sessions ok for Dijon / Côte d'Or This method is highly appropriate for young children (8 years +) About me: Canadian, classically trained in CNR of Saint Maur des Dômes, I won first prize in Opera and Stage Performance. I also studied music at McGill College (B-Mus). Some of my most influential teachers were Mady Mesplé, Régine Crespin, Marilyn Horne and Nicole Fallien. Nicole Fallien, who is still my voice coach has been detrimental in my passion for teaching and transmitting the great Art of Singing. In parallel to teaching, I pursue my own performing career.
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Russian tutor Skype. Speaking, grammar, new words conversational phrases (Cork)
Valentyna is an excellent teacher. She is always extremely well-prepared. The level of her lessons is very well pitched: each lesson builds on the work of the previous lesson and I am always challenged throughout the lesson. This means I have learned a lot in a very short space of time and I can see the progress I am making. Valentyna is also very friendly and the atmosphere of the classes is very good. I highly recommend learning with Valentyna
Review by BRIAN
Learn French in Dijon! (you need french as a pragmatic tool) (Dijon)
Coach Sam
Sam was adept in finding out my requirements and how best to achieve them. She was well prepared with material. I can highly recommend Sam and will arrange further lessons in the future.