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You are in the first ES or in the final year of ES, you have difficulties in SES and you want to fill your gaps, so register now to teach with me! I propose courses of SES INTERESTING, INSTRUCTIVE and ENRICHISSANT, so that you progress as fast as possible in this discipline My main goal is that your average in SES progresses by 3, 4, 5, 6 points see more! How will I achieve such progress? I will help you first of all to acquire a RIGOROUS, ACCURATE and COMPULSORY methodology in Comprehensive Exam and Dissertation to prepare you for the baccalaureate exam. I will also help you to memorize the course and especially to understand it well. I will make sure that you take tastes to the SES! You prove that this is a subject that can be really interesting! Thanks to me, you will finally take a liking to the economic and sociological news of our society! My main objective is above all that the student have a good command of the course. The good mastery of the course will allow the student to have his own sociological / economic reflection. Finally, this sociological / economic reflection that the student will have built will allow him to respond in a precise and concrete way to a sociological / economic question. Me and the SES: Apart from the ES bachelor's degree that I obtained in July 2016, I do not have a specific diploma in SES. Nevertheless, sociology was my favorite subject in high school and during my high school years, I managed to have relatively good grades in this subject (17/20 at SES). In addition, I keep learning in economics and social sciences because it really is a discipline that I like. Currently, I am in my second year in business school (master degree targeted by the state), which allows me to study marketing, a discipline similar to sociology. I think in the future to do a master's degree in sociology. My goal is to do a job that combines sociology, entrepreneurship and marketing so that I feel fulfilled. Course run: A few days before the class, I will contact you to find out which chapter (s) in particular the student would like to study. I will make sure that the student understands his course with the help of my explanations and a review of the course. Once the student has a good mastery of his course, I will make him do exercises of applications of sociology / economy or exercises of sociology / economics TYPE BAC like the EC1, the EC2, the EC3 or Dissertation. I will have the student perform exercises prepared by myself (multiple choice questions, sociological questions ...), first and foremost to make sure that I understand the course. Why choose me as a teacher? First, I will distribute to the student my own SES course that I have created using SES booklets and my SES Terminale course. My course is very interesting to review because it is above all the most important points to know for the baccalaureate. In addition, my course is very EASY to understand! I am only 19 years old and I am making my age as a teacher a strength because I will adopt a similar reflection to the student and therefore this one will understand the course more quickly and will master it also more quickly. I will provide the student with EFFICIENT, SIMPLE, and SUCCESSFUL methods to successfully complete the SES Baccalaureate exam! I will bring additional knowledge (names of sociologists ...) to the student which will make him stand out in the SES baccalaureate exams of all the other copies! I will make sure that there is a nice and pleasant atmosphere during the school so that the student is in good working conditions and feels at ease.
Social studies · Economics for students · Sociology
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