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113 private teachers in Clichy

Trusted teacher: This course focuses on the abilities, needs, investment and especially the desires of the student so that he gets results in accordance with his personal goals. The level is, so to speak, incidental. The repertoire is so dense and beautiful that it adapts to all of us. My idea is to think that the student is an architect of his artistic creation, harpsichord being his tool and inventiveness his raw material. The course is structured around three fundamentals needed for the harpsichord: technique, style and musicality. The student is offered two additional lines of research: - If the latter wishes it or if the study of the instrument requires it, we could have recourse together to the historical treaties, which prove to be sometimes labyrinths in the eternal quest of the baroque musician in search of the authentic practice. They nevertheless have the advantage of being very exhaustive and varied: they are inexhaustible sources of ideas for any harpsichordist. - Introduction to basso-continuo. True art that was born at the dawn of the seventeenth century and still knew a few bursts two hundred and fifty years later. This discipline, systematically attached to the harpsichord in conservatories today, makes it possible to apprehend the instrument not as a soloist but as harmonic base of the music. The bass-continuo is well-done including developing the harmonic ear of the musician, to appeal directly to his knowledge of musical training, his skills of improvisation, accompaniment and even his scientific spirit applied to an artistic discipline of the makes its essence very mathematical. The continuo also gives the student confidence and allows him to overcome a timidity often recurrent among young musicians, which then impedes the expression of their musical ideas. Let's not forget that the harpsichordist of the past was, without a discriminating hierarchy, a true polymath in the field: solo musician and accompanist, good singer, composer, improviser. Yes ... a lot of work in prospect for us all!
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Christophe - Paris35€
Trusted teacher: Hello, Do you want to learn guitar and have fun? - try with a passionate teacher = 1 / learn faster, 2 / Become more quickly autonomous to allow you later to navigate and play the pieces you find on the net, 3 / correct your mistakes to avoid being blocked. COURSE OVERVIEW Learning the guitar may seem complicated, technical and time-consuming at first. For advanced students you know what I'm talking about. My goal is to take this out of your head and get your desire to learn the guitar, step by step with your sights in sight: the pieces of your dreams. I practice guitar since the age of 8 and has been teaching for 3 years. 22 years of guitar later, I'm always followed by professionals to continue the progression of my game I went through several styles: classical & flamenco, Rock, Pop Rock which allows me to adapt to your musical expectations. My goal is to make you evolve whatever your level using the right positions & techniques, to allow you to evolve easily and quickly on your guitar. You are a fan of: - Rock - Pop - Flamenco guitar - Classic We can see together all the bases to walk with pleasure on your guitar: - Agreements - Arpeggios - Improvisations & solo - Rhythmic - Reading tablature - Reading Scope (on request) - Solfege (on request) MOST 1 / I adapt to your style 2 / You want to play a piece of your choice: let's do it! :) 3 / I adapt all the partitions to your level 4 / I edit the scores on Guitar Pro 6 I accept CESU checks, With pleasure! Musically yours, Chris! course - 3 years of experience as a guitar teacher - Teaching: Classical Guitar, Folk, Flamenco, Electric (for beginner to intermediate level) - My goal: to allow you to take pleasure quickly and give you all the keys to evolve quickly and from home on your guitar! You give the taste to spend your evenings on your guitar!
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Classical, Folk, Electric Guitar Class in Paris (Paris)
I took the class because I had a problem with the way I play (the technique). - He will see what you know already, and start from there. - He gives a few tricks at a time, and relies heavily on repetition between these tricks. His idea is to form the right habits and to learn to play without thinking. -He will probably not begin with the style you want (eg: I wanted spanish guitars but started with basic chords). This is normal because there is an overlap in techniques between different styles and sometimes it’s necessary to begin with another style. -The time will pass faster than you think, and you won’t be that tired (your fingers will hurt though). - I improved objectively after just the 1st lesson. -He charges differently depending on the location. Basically, I would NOT recommend him only if I DIDN’T want you to learn how to play guitars! You can take the class and feel safe, you’re in the hands of an awesome teacher!
Review by JINAN
Singing lessons for detuned and not. Asnieres sur Seine (Asnières-sur-Seine)
I'm from Malaysia, and recently I travelled to Paris I signed for personal class with Enrico! I must say he's really professional and really supportive in teaching vocal techniques. He help me to teach on how the right way for breath control and singing high notes. I will highly recommend him for any others who wants to study vocal techniques from him. Thank you so much!
Review by NEHSAN
Foreign language course, English, Spanish, French (Paris)
great experience! we only had couple of hours of conversation, as I wanted to take the rust off my French during a trip in Paris. she was very open, easy-going and at the same time very helpful in pointing-out prononciation, words that I didn't know, etc. I'm sure she's great for classes over a longer time period too. highly recommended.
Review by RARES