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3 didgeridoo teachers in France

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Jathb - Paris28€
Didgeridoo · Children's music
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Raphael - Paris52€
Trusted teacher: Yes it is possible to play didgeridoo even if we have never made music before! Raphaël will teach you the technique of the fundamental note, better known as the "drone". Then, you will try to blow into several didgeridoos to determine which one will suit you best during your lesson time. It is this step which will make you understand the importance of the note which will correspond to you to start playing without paining too much… because yes, we do not have to suffer to play didgeridoo, or music quite simply. The principle is therefore simple, it is a question of decoding the instrument in its listening as well as in practice. Step by step, you will understand that your body is a laboratory that you will be able to discover and explore. As the lessons progress, you will master this wonderful instrument more and more without having the impression that you suffered !!! Whether you are a beginner or already experienced, Raphaël offers the simple curious as well as the most passionate of didgeridoo among you, adapted private lessons, thanks to a simple and effective method for over 20 years! Group or personal courses, the sole purpose of which is to make you discover and then explore all the fields of the possible offered by this outstanding instrument. No fuss, the prices are adapted to each person's situation because the idea is to make you advance personally in the quest for your vision and without judgment. Passionate and fascinating, Raphaël likes to transmit what has been transmitted to him. Over the course of his lessons, his joie de vivre will make you want to play and share your experience with your friends and loved ones ... so don't hesitate to contact Raphaël ...
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