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Trusted teacher: Overcome your fears and unlock creative inspiration to finally get to the end of your writing project. Let yourself be guided and finally realize your dream of writing. ➤ Overcome your fears. ➤ Discover the secret to writing 100% fun and 0% blank pages. ➤ Awaken this writer's flame that has been dormant in you for a long time. ➤ Build unwavering legitimacy and overcome the fear of failure, lack of time and procrastination that keep you from moving forward. In short, put an end to the fear of writing! Isn't it difficult to be consumed by the desire to write your project and not succeed in doing it? Break forever the insurmountable wall that prevents you from writing today. It is a matter of combining improvements in form with improvements in substance. For this, the sessions can for example take place according to your needs as follows: a) Comments / proposals on the text that you will offer me b) Writing exercises based on a statement. c) A series of precise and pragmatic recommendations and their application through style exercises. Whether it is a novel, an essay, song lyrics, various texts, a biography or simply a report for professional or school purposes, it is about offering you elements personalized pedagogy: - Study your text - Build text, song lyrics etc - Calmly polish the style - Research and develop your lexical fields - Differentiate between writing for oneself and writing for others All this by combining theory and practice: Writing work from exercises then as part of a personal project. During the sessions, you are guided in your writing project. The trainer accompanies you and teaches you the preparation method, gives you writing tools and helps you work on your style and your imagination. The objective is multiple, including a reflection on one's own literary path, an introduction to the basic tools of style work and exercises on description. Learning objectives: - Identify your writing path. - Mobilize your imagination. - Learn and master the practical writing tools. - Broaden its reflection on creation and professional and personal writing. - Create and develop one or more projects. Trained in a European Grande Ecole & Ivy League University in the United States, specialized and has been working in Europe and North America for more than 16 years in this field, in reputable international institutions , also intervening in forums and conferences. - Locations: Geneva - Lausanne - Friborg - Neuchâtel - Montreux - Basel - Sion - Sierre - Morges - Bienne. But currently and until further notice, only by videoconference in accordance with national recommendations on Covid. These sessions, for which you have asked me, also seem to be perfectly unanimous since they arouse a certain enthusiasm (and a certain enthusiasm). Indeed, they have the advantage of face-to-face sessions (ex: quality of the interaction), without its disadvantages (ex: loss of travel time) with additional advantages (ex: the entire session transcribed in writing on the chat). That is why, at your request, I continue to offer this option. À la carte: evaluated and adapted to each personality.
Writing · Creative writing · Technical writing
Welcome to the exciting world of journalism! This is a totally new and different kind of journalism course. It will surely thrill, excite and challenge you-lead you to UNDERSTAND real journalism. Have you ever wondered how good news stories are written? Where reporters get stories from? What makes a good journalist? How news stories are structured? In college classrooms these are taught as theories-often leaving students bewildered, with very little understanding of what they are supposed to do. This e-course is entirely different-it is all together UNIQUE! A trail blazer! The informative, eye-opening lessons make plain the real meaning behind today's journalism. Our lessons answer the "unanswerable" journalistic challenges many journalists face today. With the assistance of your tutors, you'll study the clear, plain, simple truth of journalism-and why a few really understand it. All you need to study with this e-course is ...your HARD working spirit. You will find these lessons stirring, vitally interesting-not dry or dull. They simply sparkle with interest. The Practical Journalism e-course is a guided course designed purely for educational purposes to help you quickly grasp the concepts of journalism, and help you write publishable news stories. The end result and success of this 'marathon' e-course depends upon your diligence in reading and studying all the lessons posted on here and also sent via email, alongside other materials that you may get to supplement our material. The course contains eight modules. The lessons will be posted here one at a time, along with other related information and an assignment to quiz you on the material in the lesson. A timeframe will always be provided for these assignments. The e-course is designed to last one month, as we intend to train over 1, 000 journalists/writers every year. Therefore, we call for total seriousness, discipline and hard work on your part. We'll expect speedy writing of assignments by all course participants-this course is NOT for the 'faint-hearted'!
Journalism · Creative writing · Writing
Trusted teacher: I’m Craig, a theatre director and dramaturg who has worked with some of the UK’s leading theatre companies. Our sessions will be collaborative and supportive enabling your play to reach its full potential. We will discuss your work in detail and I will offer a bespoke response to your script and support you in developing the work further. Sessions will be held online on either Skype or Zoom. I am currently offering three strands of support/tutoring: A One-Off Session: I will read your script before a one-off feedback session with constructive and practical support on how to enhance your play’s concept, story, theme, characters, and dialogue. Three Session Package: I will offer notes on a first, second, and final draft of your script in three feedback sessions. We’ll cover the same areas as in a one-off session but I will also support you with redrafting and getting your script ready to be read by industry professionals. From Idea to Final Draft in 10 Sessions: Complete support as a tutor and dramaturg from the first idea to the final draft. We’ll begin with sessions on the fundamentals of playwrighting including: Character Dialogue Structure Subtext Theatricality Then I’ll support you every step of the way in drafting your play, after which we’ll look at the best places to send your work and discuss strategies for building a sustainable career as a Playwright. The Tutor: Craig Gilbert is currently the Amplify producer at Nottingham Playhouse (The Stage Regional Theatre of The Year 2019) where he supports the development of new work and new artists. Prior to this, he was the New Works Associate at the Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse where he acted as the in house dramaturg for the award-winning Everyman Company. He was the lead tutor on the Everyman Playwrights Programme, students from this course have gone on to receive professional commissions and have been shortlisted for major playwrighting prizes including the Bruntwood Prize and Verity Bargate Award. Craig has also worked as a director and dramaturg with some of the UK’s leading companies including Soho Theatre, the Royal Court, and the Young Vic.
Creative writing · Playwriting
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English Literature for All Levels, Beginner to Advanced (Karlín)
Joshua is very knowledgeable and patient and has good control over how he allocates his time. Today I had my first lesson and he was very well prepared and organized. Joshua is competent, professional, and methodical. I am looking forward to learning more about English literature. Highly recommended!
Review by AG
Conversational English: Conversation Practice and Improvement (Mennzel Bou Zelfa)
This little Post in order to say that I appreciate Amin as a Teacher. He has a nice approach when he teaches. I value the insights and guidance he provides. I am grateful for his support. Thank you so much Amin.
Review by VICTOR
Creative Writing, expert support across fiction, screenwriting, copywriting and school qualifications (Paris)
Thank you for the session! It's been excellent and valuable. I have learned a lot of helpful information, and Amy has answered all the questions that I had related to English grammar and copywriting.