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Vishakha - Paris29€
Trusted teacher: Hello, I have finished Masters in Financial Economics and Masters in Corporate Finance and Banking from EDHEC Business School, Grande Ecole. I offer courses to help students excel in Corporate Finance, Accounting, Strategy and Management. I make it a point to provide easy examples and explanations to help students remember things; specially for students who don't have english as their first language. The courses will be designed to help the student overcome his/her weakness in a particular subject. Additionally, I also focus on communication and soft skills for holistic development and easy admission into universities. I understand university education in and out, for any help in joining one, or surviving one; Vishakha to the rescue :) Each successful student is a smile on my face :) Bonjour, J'ai obtenu un Master en Economie Financière et un Master en Finance d'Entreprise et Banque de l'EDHEC Business School, Grande Ecole. Je propose des cours pour aider les étudiants à exceller dans les domaines de la finance d'entreprise, de la comptabilité, de la stratégie et de la gestion. Je me fais un devoir de fournir des exemples et des explications faciles pour aider les élèves à se souvenir des choses; spécialement pour les étudiants qui n'ont pas l'anglais comme langue maternelle. Les cours seront conçus pour aider l'étudiant à surmonter sa faiblesse dans une matière particulière. De plus, je me concentre également sur la communication et les compétences générales pour un développement holistique et une admission facile dans les universités. Je comprends les études universitaires à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur, pour toute aide pour en rejoindre une ou en survivre; Vishakha à la rescousse :) Chaque élève qui réussit est un sourire sur mon visage :)
Project management · Business accounting · Finance
Trusted teacher: After having been a research engineer at the Ministry of Research and INRA (which allowed me to have acquired solid skills), I want to pursue an independent career by offering, among other things, a neat and fast offering services in the use of the computer tool and the Internet (get the basics, google search, downloads, screenshot, use of a link ...): Diagnosis and disinfection of the computer mac, windows, protect it: By eradicating viruses, adware, malware, Trojan horse, ect ... know how to use an antivirus, firewall, spyware, anti-spyware, install a blocker advertising when your pc reams, performance problem or displays a lot of ads or organize his files and files. As well as conflict resolution by keeping my cool, bugs, blue screen problem, black screen, pc that plants. Installation and configuration software, printers, operating systems and update programs and system, system reinstallation. You are having trouble with LAN / WAN, Cisco, cabling, WIFI from your PC or you do not have internet access: reparamétrisation and security of your BOX internet, installation router, repeater, box cpl Also additions of peripherals: (printers, scanners, video projector, camera, tablets) - Photo: organize and store your photos, edit them, share them. Scan your documents. - Video: Learn how to edit videos, insert music, effects, transitions and images into them. - Add updated GPS maps, Data transfer. Burn CD and DVD (Iphone to itunes ...) - Software Problems, Office Tools (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Communication Software (Skype ..) - Initiation to online messaging (emails with Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo etc.), backup, format, reinstall your computer with your drivers and software ..... etc from your external device data, or else cleaning or recovering accidentally erased data on hard disk, usb stick, MicroSD, memory card if conditions permit. Use open source software (free and high performance) Learning about Adobe Photoshop I adapt to your operating system (Windows, Apple, Linux, IOS or Android) or you discover. Google SEO (meta-tags, sitemap, Google Business), Tools: Filezilla I also take care in a fun way, to give the taste for interactive, intensive programming courses, weekly or exceptional also with explanatory comments helping to arrive more serenely for an exam (or hiring tests etc ...) if you have gaps, possibility to work with people dyslexic or other via a personalized support plan: - frontend: php, html and css - backend: javascript responsive website etc ... - The use of various tools (Git, svn, Jenkins, Virtualization ....) Being involved, dynamic, perseverant, rigorous, conscientious, meticulous, patient, conscientious, precise, diligent after analysis of your needs and your objectives, I propose a personalized solution in a user-friendly way answering your expectations with the patient. I will use my natural quality of listening to the simplest possible words while avoiding to leave as much as possible in the technical language or to explain again what he would not have understood with other words for example. I let the student be free of the project, the speed of his learning, relax the atmosphere when it is necessary. It allows me to be able to move you much faster and with passion. I can come home, bilingual French-English for documentations. Accessible in the Toulouse conurbation. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.
Computer science
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Business School exam preparation, masters, MIM, Grande Ecole (Paris)
I was totally lost and desperate in accouting until I took lessons with Vishakha. She really explained me well the concepts, theories and we went through the exercices to make me gain confidence. On top of that Vishakha was really patient and found the rights words to make me understand accouting. I really recommend this wonderful teacher !
Review by DELPHINE
Private lessons in Mathematics, physics and computer science (Saint-Ouen)
Hamza tutored me in multivariable calculus. He was very prepared and helpful. He’s friendly and has a good way to explain topics.
Review by KIRSTEN
Learn Blender ! Discover the great functionalities and master 3D modeling and animation. (Paris)
Thomas is excellent. His explanations are clear and easy to understand. He is passionate about his work. I strongle recommend him.
Review by JULIE GIL