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2 world history teachers in Puente De Vallecas

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Holder of a Literary Baccalaureate with honors, a Bi-license 2 in History and Political Science from the University of Paris I - Panthéon Sorbonne, I then obtained a License 3 and a Master in Contemporary History at the University of Brittany -South (Lorient). This master's degree being devoted to a dissertation on contemporary religious history (60p, 14/20), I was then selected for an Erasmus year at the University of Friborg to specialize in religious sociology. I have proven experience as a facilitator, educator and teacher (private lessons and classes), for several years. Beyond my studies, I constantly read new books and articles because in addition to History, I am also passionate about genealogy, political news and the human sciences in general. Like the teachers who inspired me and lit the flame within me, I know how to demonstrate a spirit of clarity and synthesis driven by the passion that drives me to contribute to forging responsible citizens in the service of the Common Good. I know how to build a relationship of trust and rigor with the learner to identify, assume and overcome possible difficulties together. Son and brother of English teachers, I made several language trips abroad very early on (Ireland, USA) which taught me to express myself, according to many English speakers, without an accent. I maintain my bilingual level thanks to numerous films in the Original Version and regular travel. I have worked several times as an interpreter and private teacher, with success. Thanks to my studies, my options in literature, linguistics and philosophy, my passion for classic authors and poetry, I write French without spelling mistakes and I only ask to transmit to you these rules which are those of the game the tastiest there is for the human spirit: expressing the best of oneself in the service of others.
World history · European history · Medieval history
This 8 session course (60 minutes each session) has three interrelated goals: have students understand the basics of Middle Egyptian hieroglyphs, make students aware of the variety of reputable non-print/ print sources that are out there for Egyptology/ ancient history overall, and enable students to be able to go into a museum or exhibit of Egyptian artifacts and translate common phrases of five fold royal titulary, pronouns, Offering Formula, etc. In sum I want students to be able to apply to a so-called ‘dead language” real world examples. This will be accomplished through discussion, lectures, and relevant PowerPoint slides. I will use PowerPoint slides to show students examples from real life objects that match up with the grammatical lesson theme for that week. Keeping in mind that different students have different learning styles and methods to have content ‘click’, for most of the weeks I have also put optional links (to web sources or youtube videos) that either restate and/or give further info for that week's grammar theme. Depending on student preference and desires multiple choice quizzes are also possibilities. I will teach hieroglyphic words/phrases having to do with monarchy/kingship, members of a family, masculine and feminine versions of words, and words/phrases commonly found on private/royal stelae that concern offerings to deceased. Just like my other offered courses, students can choose to take all eight or just select the themes that draw them in the most. We do not have to follow the order listed in the content breakdown. Content Breakdown Class 1: Introduction to the Language and Its Format Assigned reading Class 2: Uniliteral signs/ Structure Things Mentioned in Week 1 Class 3: Biliteral/ Triliteral Signs in Detail Class 4: Nouns Class 5: Nouns continued with focus on Offering Formula Class 6: Pronouns Class 7: Adjectives Class 8: Full Just Objects Review and/ or challenges to student to translate during that 60 minute time chunk
Writing · World history · Archaeology
🏅📚📈Welcome to Olorundemilade's Comprehensive Social Sciences Classroom! Are you ready to embark on an enriching educational journey through the realms of Mathematics, Government, Financial Accounting, and a wide array of engaging social sciences subjects? Look no further! Join me, [Your Name], in a dynamic and interactive learning experience designed for students from primary, secondary, and even undergraduate levels. Subjects Taught: Mathematics: Delve into the fascinating world of numbers, problem-solving, and critical thinking. From basic arithmetic to advanced calculus, we'll conquer math together, making complex concepts easily understandable and enjoyable. Government: Unveil the inner workings of political systems, governance structures, and civic participation. Explore the foundations of democracy, political ideologies, and global affairs to develop a well-rounded understanding of our society. Financial Accounting: Learn the language of business and finance. Master the principles of financial accounting, financial statements, and financial analysis, equipping yourself with essential skills for financial decision-making. Social Sciences Electives: Economics, History, Geography, Sociology, and more! Dive into a variety of social sciences, understanding human behavior, societal structures, economic principles, and the interconnectedness of our world. Teaching Approach: My teaching philosophy revolves around fostering a nurturing learning environment where every student's unique abilities are acknowledged and nurtured. Through interactive lessons, real-life examples, and hands-on activities, we'll make complex topics accessible, stimulating curiosity and encouraging critical thinking. Goals: Instill a love for learning in each student, making education an exciting and fulfilling journey. Build a strong foundation in the core subjects, enabling success in academics and beyond. Cultivate critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills essential for higher education and career pursuits. Encourage active participation, collaboration, and respect for diverse perspectives. Get ready to unlock your potential, broaden your horizons, and thrive academically in a supportive and engaging learning community. Let's embark on this educational adventure together.
Business accounting · World history
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We are very happy with mister Jonathan, he is really very sincere with his work.Not seen such a credible teacher.can say much more but only words will not merit his work .his is really appreciable person.
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