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Trusted teacher: Dear student/Querido alumno My name is Denise I’m a Mexican Spanish as foreign Language teacher (ELE Español Lengua Extranjera as acronym) certified by "Escuela Internacional Cervantes" with a Bachelor in Spanish Literature by the University of Nuevo León Mexico (UANL). I started teaching and tutoring Spanish at a very young age helping my colleagues from High School achieve better scores and later I formalize this activity while finishing my university studies. For the last six years, I’ve been teaching Spanish in America and Europe to a broad variety of students: children/teenage tutoring, in-company adult students, online orientation and freelance translation for diverse projects. I follow a flexible method adapting to the student’s level and wishes, working together in an amicable way. During our classes the student will receive exercises, activities and extra resources as a plus for their class time. My tools are diverse: textbooks, videos, podcast, newspapers, etc. Suggested textbooks are the following: Gramática de uso del español. A1- b2 Teoría práctica. Ed. S.m. Aula Internacional Levels 1-4 We can discuss politics, arts, fashion or your favorite topic in order to develop your verbal or grammatical skills. I invite you to contact me in case of further doubts and I hope to help you in your new language project. ** Since my schedule is constantly changing due to the needs of my students and labor life, I strongly recommend to first send a message to me and discuss about your timetable possibilities, the one depicted below is an estimate. This to give the best experience and service possible. Denise
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Trusted teacher: My English class is designed for a diverse group of students, encompassing general learners, those preparing for the IELTS / OET exam, and young learners, I follow a multifaceted approach. The overarching goal is to cultivate proficiency in the four fundamental language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. For general students, the curriculum concentrates on building a solid foundation in grammar, vocabulary, and effective communication. Varied texts and writing exercises are employed to enhance reading and writing abilities, while classroom discussions and oral activities bolster speaking and listening skills. In the context of IELTS or OET Exam preparation, the focus shifts to refining techniques specific to the exams. This involves honing academic writing skills, practicing time management for reading passages, and developing strategies for the speaking and listening components. The class becomes a dynamic space where students not only expand their language capabilities but also acquire the tools necessary for success in the IELTS /OET examinations. For young learners, the emphasis is on creating a lively and interactive environment. Storytelling, games, and creative exercises are integrated to make language acquisition an enjoyable process. Cultural elements are woven into the lessons to provide a holistic understanding of English language, making the learning experience both educational and entertaining. In essence, my English class caters to the diverse needs of my students, fostering a comprehensive and engaging approach to language acquisition for learners of varying ages and proficiency levels. Get in touch with me and let's discuss your language goal. Book your English learning class with me today.
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Helping Business Administration students around the world (Sohag)
I recently had the privilege of being taught by an exceptional finance analysis instructor. Her teaching style is truly commendable. She possesses an extraordinary ability to convey complex financial concepts with utmost clarity and patience. Her dedication to ensuring i comprehend the material is truly admirable. She consistently goes above and beyond, taking the time to address individual questions and providing additional support until ei feel confident in understanding. What sets her apart is not only her excellent teaching skills, but also her profound professionalism and extensive experience in finance analysis. This is evident in every lecture and assignment. Her practical insights and real-world examples enriched our learning experience and provided valuable context to theoretical concepts.
Science and math tutoring for primary and secondary school students (Şişli)
I am pleased to share my positive experience with Mavi. Mavi's professionalism and deep knowledge of mathematics. Mavi's teaching approach is organized, clear, and engaging. She possess a remarkable ability to simplify complex concepts, making them accessible to all students. The personalized attention given to each student's learning style ensures a comprehensive understanding of the material. What stands out about Mavi is not only her expertise but also their commitment to creating a positive and inclusive learning environment. Students benefit from a supportive atmosphere that encourages collaboration and open communication. In summary, I highly recommend Mavi as a math teacher. her professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to student success make them an invaluable asset.
Review by ANTONELA
Spanish for Expats and Travelers. Improve your skills. (Puebla City)
I was a bit nervous about starting online classes at first, but Deeni quickly put me at ease. She's incredibly warm and friendly, making it easy for me to open up and be myself. Not only that, but she's a fantastic teacher. Deeni plans our lessons carefully and keeps me in the loop every step of the way. I actually look forward to our hour-long sessions and genuinely have fun during our classes. Deeni has made online learning an enjoyable experience for me. I highly recommend her for Mexican Spanish lessons.
Review by MARISSA