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Justyna - Vienna, Austria41€
Trusted teacher: I am a native speaker of Polish. I attended a Polish primary and secondary school and recently obtained a C2 exam. During our lessons, I'll help you develop your skills (oral/written, and not only). I'll also try to help you improve your pronunciation and understand those complex noun cases and verbs. I assign homework and after I receive it, correct it thoroughly additionally providing a lot of remarks/examples if they are necessary. I worked at a language center between 2009-2016 where I was a director of studies and taught mainly English as a foreign/second language. Since 2005, when I first started teaching Polish, I have taught children and adults on a variety of language proficiency levels and with a variety of needs, mainly individually. I constantly seek progress, meaning that I study further through reading books/articles concerning didactics/methodology and learning difficulties (chiefly dyslexia), observing other teachers as well as attending seminars (online or face-to-face). During my lessons I use : - Skype/Whatsapp/Messenger to connect with you, - Google Docs to keep notes, which you can check at any time and they are yours to keep, - sketch board me to make mind maps to show connections between ideas, etc. - books, PPP, word docs, diagrams, pics, etc. - pronunciation/spelling/grammar games, - authentic materials were taken from websites. I adore my profession and desire each and every one of my students be satisfied with the lesson. That's why I make sure the atmosphere is stress-free and nice. I also want my lessons to be as effective and close to real-life needs as possible. Therefore, I make sure they are well-prepared, although they can be altered at any point, should such an opportunity arise. I like explaining things in a variety of ways as well as make use of dictionaries, diagrams, etc. When it comes to students who want to obtain certificates, I am very demanding. What can I teach? - I would love to help you improve/develop all language skills (speaking/writing-listening/reading + grammar/vocabulary/pronunciation), - I can prepare you for state certificates such as A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, - I would love to help you with homework and assignments (literature, history) from school and university (but please contact me about that IN ADVANCE).
Polish · World history
Hello! ! With fluency in Russian, English, Polish, and Belarusian, and ongoing language learning in Arabic and German,I have a passion for language that knows no bounds. Originally from Belarus, I've spent the last 5 years living in Poland, and have recently relocated to Qatar. Beyond my language skills, I also have a degree in International Relations from the esteemed University of Warsaw, with a particular interest in migration. Additionally, I have a keen fascination with Arabic culture and the Arabic language, and enjoy sharing my knowledge and insights with others. With my broad knowledge base, natural curiosity, and engaging teaching style, students are sure to find our lessons both informative and enjoyable. I have extensive experience teaching English, Russian, and Polish to students of various ages and backgrounds. My teaching methodology revolves around creating a fun and engaging learning environment for my students, which incorporates a variety of activities such as discussions, listening to podcasts, and reading articles. I focus on using practical language skills that can be used in everyday life, I also prioritize ensuring my students are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in real-world scenarios. Additionally, I tailor teaching approach to individual students' needs and learning styles, so I am dedicated to providing a personalized educational experience that is both effective and enjoyable for students. Overall, my approach to teaching appears to be student-centered, emphasizing student engagement and practical language application, and tailored to individual needs and learning styles.
Russian · English · Polish
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Learn (modern) Greek for everyday use, university, tourism with FUN and passion / (ancient) Greek for school and university
Justyna is a graduate of the University of Athens and she is very much qualified to deliver Greek courses. She has great teaching skills and more than 10 years of experience in teaching the Greek language. Her communication skills are also commendable, and she can find the appropriate way to establish a very effective communication with the pupil. She is very meticulous and attentive to detail and she speaks always in a positive tone. The quality of her work is impeccable, and she has also elaborated here own teaching material (for example, PowerPoint presentations) to facilitate the on-line courses. I was very much surprised to see that even the Greek sounds of letters in her PowerPoint file were created with her own voice! With regard to the online courses, she has also the right technical skills to use the various online tools and software (e.g. Google tools), something which is not evident when working with other teachers. She is very flexible in terms of the time of the courses and she is accepting the various time constraints which may derive from the day-to-day schedule of the pupil. She is always in time for her courses and very accessible as well as reliable concerning all the necessary arrangements. In terms of attitude, she is very enthusiastic, an element which has a great impact on the pupil to actively follow up her during the whole duration of the course. She is also very dynamic in the way she delivers the courses, and she does not forget to praise the pupil when necessary. She is always assertive, independently of the learning pace of the pupil. Last but not least, I think she has the right ratio of humour in her courses in order to make the one hour passing with her as pleasant as possible. I highly recommend her from my experience so far.
Polish as a foreign language course with native
This was the first time I used an online platform to find a language tutor, not only because I never trusted it's efficiency, but also because I usually assume everything is a scam: "better cautious than sorry". However, the lack of in person Polish tutors where I live and my growing fixation to learn Polish, gave me no other option, I asked myself: Why not give it a try? ... At least before it all becomes only a "wishful thinking" sort of thing...I did, and I loved it. I booked online lessons with Ewa and I will continue to as long as I need them.
Review by GEORGEA
German private lessons for beginners and intermediates. (Etterbeek)
Klaudia is a very positive, encouraging, warm teacher who is well organised with her lessons. The learning objectives were based on the specific knowledge I asked her to teach me and she was flexible to incorporate other elements that I needed along the way. Her grammatical knowledge of both German and English is exceptional and I would 100% recommend her to anyone.
Review by KELLIE