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18 math teachers in Séville

Trusted teacher: Hello everyone! My name is Soundouss and I am 18 years old. I offer private reinforcement classes for primary school children and, in some cases, also for those in first and second year of ESO. I understand that sometimes the problem is not a lack of effort, but a lack of effective study strategies. In my classes, I will teach students how to approach subjects efficiently. In primary education, I am prepared to address a wide range of subjects, including languages, with a focus on Spanish (Castilian language) and English. In secondary education, for first and second year ESO students as well. I am committed to helping students reach their full potential and build a solid foundation for their academic future. If you are interested in my private classes, do not hesitate to contact me! Together, we will work to achieve your children's academic success :) By the way, during the second year of high school, I achieved an average of 10, and my total average in high school was 9.7. In the selectivity, I obtained a 12.7. ———— Hii, I'm Soundouss, and I'm 18 years old. I'm excited to offer private Spanish lessons for beginners. If you're looking to start your journey into the beautiful Spanish language, I'm here to help ;). I'll guide you through the basics of Spanish, providing a solid foundation for beginners. Whether you want to learn conversational skills, basic grammar, or simply get started with the language, my lessons are tailored to your needs. Learning a new language can be an enriching experience, and I'm here to make it fun and accessible for you. If you're ready to embark on this exciting journey, feel free to contact me for private Spanish lessons. Together, we'll explore the world of Spanish!
Math · English · Spanish
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Eduardo - Seville35€
Trusted teacher: Soy Eduardo, un apasionado Matemático Peruano y el orgulloso Fundador de Matemática Sin Fronteras. Me caracterizo por reunir una combinación única de habilidades y atributos que me distinguen en mi campo. Mi nombre se asocia no solo con el mundo de las Matemáticas, sino también con la Excelencia en la Enseñanza. 🌟 Me conocen por mi dedicación y responsabilidad, lo que me ha valido una sólida reputación como un Maestro Paciente que abraza la oportunidad de guiar a mis estudiantes a través de los desafíos Matemáticos. Mi capacidad para establecer una conexión personal con cada alumno refleja mi compromiso con el éxito individual de mis estudiantes, creando un ambiente de aprendizaje acogedor y de apoyo. 👨‍🏫 Una de las claves de mi éxito como educador es mi comunicación clara y efectiva. Tengo la habilidad de tomar conceptos matemáticos complejos y desglosarlos en explicaciones comprensibles que hacen que la materia sea accesible para todos. 📚 La puntualidad es una virtud que valoro profundamente, demostrando mi respeto por el tiempo y el compromiso de mis estudiantes. Mi amplia experiencia en la enseñanza en línea me ha permitido perfeccionar mis habilidades pedagógicas en el entorno virtual, garantizando un aprendizaje efectivo y sin fronteras. ⏰💻 Enseño matemáticas en todos los niveles, desde la educación escolar hasta el nivel universitario, lo que subraya mi versatilidad y profundo conocimiento de la materia. Mi dedicación y enfoque en la educación matemática son evidentes en mi trayectoria exitosa como educador y líder en el campo de la enseñanza en línea. 🎓🌐
Math · Calculus · Algebra
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Marta - Seville20€
Trusted teacher: I have been an art historian and teacher for 7 years. With special dedication to teaching languages, scientific subjects and preparation for Selectivity, I have worked in a Secondary Education institute, in extracurricular class academies, as well as giving private classes and conversation classes in Spanish to foreign students. Currently, I am an applicant for interim secondary education institutes, so I have extensive experience. I have a Master's Degree in Secondary Education Teacher Training and Language Teaching, as well as the C1 level of English and the B1 level of French ACCREDITED. I teach ALL SUBJECTS from Primary to High School, specializing in Languages, Mathematics and Spanish Language. I consider myself an understanding teacher with the difficulties that the student may have, that is why I give 100% of myself in my classes so that all their doubts are resolved. I am competent, strict and organized. In my classes there is no room for despair, "I can't" or procrastination. In addition, I like to keep a daily follow-up of the student (so that learning is continuous), so apart from my face-to-face classes, I always correct exercises and resolve doubts through WhatsApp to my students. Depending on the subject to be reinforced and the age of the student, I carry a load of homework or another: from personalized stories to identify the classes of words (synonyms, determiners, nouns...) with their respective questions to deal with reading comprehension to translation sheets of some text, spreadsheets/algebra... etc. For my most curious students, I always bring songs, series or movies in a language that is difficult for them to make a comment/summary about it. To reinforce Selectivity objectives, I have exam models that are taken and corrected with my help. - - - Do not hesitate to tell me if your child has difficulties in making the most of his study hours or doing homework. Together it will be a piece of cake!
Math · English · French
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Private coding / programming lessons with python (Paris)
Highly recommended teacher!!! Matias teaching methods are great. Very clear and concise. Doesn’t waste your time explaining meaningless background information and always lectures with the intent to help you understand the material. He’s helped me understand content for my master course on Python and is one of the best lecturers that I’ve had. Your passion and dedication is beyond words! Thank you for getting me through this hard quick semester, I honestly would have never passed if it was not for your help! Thank you so much once again!
Review by JURIS
Low budget French courses (beginner - intermediate - advanced) - Online French lessons (La Marsa)
Ranim & Rayen
Rayen made an effort to contact me prior to the lesson to determine my level and inquire what I wished to focus on. She also called at the agreed upon time. These may seem like minor details, but not all teachers do these. She had appropriate level material ready to share and go over for the lesson. She made corrections as needed and readings were repeated as necessary. My only suggestion would be that she speak a bit more slowly. but this is a matter of individual taste.
Review by CHUCK
Math, Physics, Chemistry, Science Tutoring for children and teenagers. IB, IGCSE, AP (Barcelona)
Mavi is an excellent teacher with great pedagogical skills. She is giving math and chemistry lessons to my daughter, who has made an incredible progress in both subjects since Mavi became her tutor. With the valuable support of Mavi, my daughter is tackling successfully her academic challenges as student of the IB programme.
Review by JOSE LUIS